Alter Bridge Demand Slash Give Their Singer Back

Alter Bridge's Brian Marshall demanded that Slash give them back their singer.

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Alter Bridge's Brian Marshall demanded that Slash give them back their singer in an interview with Grand Rapids rock radio station WGRD at Rock on the Range recently.

Joking with the station's Dave Kim when Kim asked him about plans for another Creed album, AB bassist Marshall said:

"I wanna say this to Slash. Give me my singer back, dude! We're talking [about Creed activity] but we just want to think about Alter Bridge right now, and continue this momentum"

And Myles Kennedy admitted that they were pleasantly surprised by the reaction to their latest album AB III which was released late last year after a gap of three years since the hugely successful Blackbird. He said:

"The subject matter on the record was such that it might have been a negative. I'm not going to lie, yeah, big surprise, we had no idea. It's been a pleasant surprise.

"People's attention spans are so different now. We weren't sure if even anyone was going to care. The fact that people embraced the record still, after being gone for three years, was a huge surprise."

Marshall added:

"Going into it, it's our third record, we've been through some ups and downs and we kind of went into it just like, Wow, what's going to happen?'. We went in there and nailed down like 18 songs and went in to record them. It's the evolution of the band and kind of what came out."

Even with Alter Bridges hectic schedule, Kennedy has found time to write new material for Slash's next album which will feature the band's touring line-up giving him an integral role in the writing process. He said:

"Slash and I are writing the record together. We're both so busy that we're utilising technology. We're sending files to each other. It's been really cool, but hopefully we'll get together soon and flesh out the songs in person"

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    ABIII is immense. I fukin love that album. Myles Kennedy has a lot on his plate though lol. Writing for Alter Bridge, touring with Alter Bridge, being awesome, writing for Slash, touring with Slash, still being awesome. What a beast...
    ABIII is my favorite AB album, hands down. That album is one big hook from beginning to end.
    Shor-T Zero
    ABIII was great, though my favorite songs from them are on Blackbird. The song "Home" was a surprise hit for me, it's amazing. Myles, hurry it up with Slash, because I want to see Alter Bridge in Texas. ASAP.
    No offense to Slash, but find a different singer. I can't get enough AB. Just saw them at Pointfest and my ears rang for 2 days after they rocked the place!
    Vicryl 2.0
    Brian doesnt want another Creed album i guess. he was asked about it and all he ever said was about getting back with Alter Bridge.