Alter Bridge: 'People Say 'Fortress' Is Our Best Album'

Mark Tremonti talks response to new record.

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Mark Tremonti has been speaking with SpitsNieuws about the release of Alter Bridge's latest album, "Fortress." As Tremonti notes, while he knew that the band had more fans, he wasn’t expecting the album to be such a success: "We didn't go into it thinking that [it would be our most commercially successful album]. We just knew that we have more fans than ever before, just because we've been touring and building ... everywhere around the world it's been getting bigger slowly but surely. We knew that we'd have more people listening to see what we were going to come up with next." Tremonti also notes that he and singer Myles Kennedy are of the opinion that "Fortress" is one of the band's best albums: "Everybody's saying that this is our best album which is a great thing to hear because you wanna feel like you're improving as a band with each album. With 'Blackbird' and 'ABIII,' me and Myles always felt that 'Blackbird' was the better album than 'ABIII.' We both think that 'Fortress' is one of our best, if not our best."

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    I agree! The album is just great! Definitely their best in my opinion
    People say that because it's TRUE. I like ABIII and love Blackbird, but this is definately the best yet.
    I wasn't a big fan of Alter Bridge before, but Fortress blew me away. Everyone, particularly Tremonti, stepped up their game big time.
    Didn't like first time I listened to it, but it grows on me every time I give it a listen.
    It IS. The main problem with their past albums was inconsistency - mostly awesome songs with several fillers on each album, and some riffs that were ruined by a regression into Creed like pop melody (see "One by One"). But I was only sniffy with one of the songs off Fortress, and "Cry of Achilles" is one of the very best rock songs I've heard in a while. I seriously LOVE Fortress, probably album of the year for me.
    Were you listening to the same albums I was?
    Please. Some of the melodies on One Day Remains were just Creed leftovers.
    And "AB III" just may be "Blackbird" left overs . . . we all know it is the same exact guitarist, right?
    Never really listened to Alter Bridge cause I am a closed mind butt hole. Just listened to the first couple tracks... I have to say... They have gained a new fan
    IMO I like "Blackbird" and "AB III" better than "Fortress". I can listen to those albums straight through, but I found myself skipping some tracks on "Fortress". Though I do still think the majority of the album is stellar.
    Fortress is possibly one of my favourite albums of all time, definately one of AB's 2 best, and possibly their best. Blackbird was great but the album lacked an overall tone or direction in comparison to Fortress which is, with the exception of All Ends Well, really dark and seething and that really works. Everyone played way above where they have previously and I was delighted to hear less mud from Tremonti's tone. Outstanding albums, incredibly musicians, amazing people.
    All of Alter Bridge's albums are fantastic. I go back and forth between which is my favorite. I think it really comes down to whatever I'm listening to at the time. I'll pop One Day Remains into my disk changer after not having listened to it in a while and it won't leave my player for a month. Watch Your Words is one of my all time favorites of theirs and it's way underrated. So when I finally think I've settled on a favorite album, I'll get really invested in a different one and change my mind. Blackbird is tough to top. I think the title track will always be my favorite song of theirs. Coming Home is another fantastic song that's underrated. On the whole, I think Fortress is the most consistent and well rounded album. Cry of Achilles is mind blowing and Fortress was the first song since Blackbird that I thought could really stand up against it's title track. Although, Words Darker than Their Wings could have been a contender if only it had a killer guitar solo somewhere in it. Maybe they just didn't feel like the song catered to a solo break. I know I'm going on and on...but right at this moment, I think I'd have to say Fortress is my favorite album of theirs...even though I've been side tracked listening to Tremonti's album "Cauterize" for the past couple months.