Alter Bridge: 'People Say 'Fortress' Is Our Best Album'

artist: Alter Bridge date: 11/20/2013 category: music news
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Alter Bridge: 'People Say 'Fortress' Is Our Best Album'
Mark Tremonti has been speaking with SpitsNieuws about the release of Alter Bridge's latest album, "Fortress." As Tremonti notes, while he knew that the band had more fans, he wasn’t expecting the album to be such a success: "We didn't go into it thinking that [it would be our most commercially successful album]. We just knew that we have more fans than ever before, just because we've been touring and building ... everywhere around the world it's been getting bigger slowly but surely. We knew that we'd have more people listening to see what we were going to come up with next." Tremonti also notes that he and singer Myles Kennedy are of the opinion that "Fortress" is one of the band's best albums: "Everybody's saying that this is our best album which is a great thing to hear because you wanna feel like you're improving as a band with each album. With 'Blackbird' and 'ABIII,' me and Myles always felt that 'Blackbird' was the better album than 'ABIII.' We both think that 'Fortress' is one of our best, if not our best."

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