Alter Bridge Tour With Halestorm and Shinedown Announced

Europe tour starts in the middle of October.

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Alter Bridge have announced that they will be launching fall tours of the UK and Europe. Halestorm is set to join them on both treks and Shinedown will be part of the UK leg.

The UK tour will kick off on October 16th in Nottingham and will include stops in Birmingham, London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester.

The European tour will begin on October 24th in Paris and will conclude on November 16th in Lisbon. "Thrilled to be returning to the UK with Shinedown and Halestorm later this year," said Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy. "I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the part of the world that embraced Alter Bridge from the start."

"We are truly honoured to be playing with Alter Bridge in the UK this year," adds Shinedown's Brent Smith. "We are such big fans of the band, and admire them greatly. Rock'n'roll is a way of life for all of us in Shinedown, and we are so excited to be apart of such an amazing tour."

"I'm so excited to be sharing the stage with our friends in Shinedown and Alter Bridge," notes Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale. "I'm so lucky to be the 'little sis of rock' on this tour. All of these men have been so influential to my life, and are tremendous performers. Anyone attending one of these shows better be prepared to leave the building barefoot, because the lot of us are gonna rock your socks off."

10/16 - Notthingham, UK - Nottingham Arena 10/17 Birmingham, UK - Nia 10/18 London, UK - Wembley Arena 10/20 Cardiff, UK - Motorpoint Arena 10/21 Glasgow - Hydro Arena 10/22 Manchester, UK - Manchester Arena 10/24 - Paris, France - Zenith 10/25 - Brussels, Belgium - Ab 10/27 - Berlin, Germany - Huxleys 10/28 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega 10/29 - Stockholm, Sweden - Arenan 11/03 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Heineken Music Hall 11/04 - Dusseldorf, Germany - Mitsubishi Electric Halle 11/05 - Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof 11/07 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer 11/08 - Munich, Germany - Kesselhaus 11/09 - Zurich, Switzerland - Hallenstadion 11/11 - Rome, Italy - Atlantico 11/12 - Milan, italy - Mediolanum Forum 11/14 - Barcelona, Spain - Es Razzmatazz 11/15 - Madrid, Spain - Arena 11/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum

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    Can't believe this band is getting so big.. If there's a band that's deserves it, it's them! Hardest working musicians out there, and so very talented!
    Here's hoping this tour comes to the US as well! I've seen all 3 and each puts on an incredible show
    Man, I wish this kind of tour took place in the LA area. Heck, even though Alter Bridge is my absolute #1 favorite band, I don't even mind if they supported Shinedown (who are bigger in the states than AB), since I know they can bring the goods. Halestorm have great energy, as well. Oh hell, all three bands can bring the goods. Europe is so damn lucky.
    Bought tickets to the Cardiff show nearly a week ago. If Twitter's good for anything, it's finding out about concert ticket presales. I'm really looking forward to this, especially with Shinedown supporting (Yes, I like Shinedown >__>).
    Alter Bridge is great, but why in the world would they pick two of the most shallo, generic mainstream bands today to tour with? They're way out of AB's league. EDIT: By the way, I didn't do all the downvoting FYI.
    Well, I don't know. Maybe, because Halestorm has toured with Myles/Slash/Conspirators before and AB figured that they have a great live show performance and that it is time to showcase that to the Alter Bridge audience? Shocking concept, I know. As for Shinedown, I think it is a matter of respect for the band and their music. Another shocking concept, it seems unfathomable. What you call shallow, generic, mainstream bands, others, like me, find bands like Shinedown and Halestorm to have a form of inspiration/motivation and a brand of music that people like to listen to that is different from the AB sound and that AB wants to showcase that to their audience.
    Wish they added Newcastle to that list. Myles and mark were in Newcastle for slash's tour last October and was awesome. Suppose could drive to Manchester, just don't fancy the 6 hours of total driving
    I would like to add a hell yes to the comment from nightwalker. Durham man myself, and a complete metal head. This is one of the tours I am annoyed at because I am a fan of all three and Lzzy Hale is an amazing vocalist with such a great energy, and Shinedown is another great band. I only recently going really into Alter Bridge, but Myles Kennedy is another massive vocalist for me, and I've been a slash fan for 25 years, but I am jealous I can't get to this. Those who are complaining, stop whining and if you have the chance to see 3 amazing bands, then do it. I would love to be in your shows