Alter Bridge Vs. Creed Comparisons

artist: Alter Bridge date: 11/09/2005 category: music news
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Alter Bridge Vs. Creed Comparisons
Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips has a simple message for all those critics who compare the band to some members' former creation, Creed. "I think they can go f--k themselves, basically," Phillips says. Phillips, along with Alter Bridge's guitarist Mark Tremonti and bassist Brian Marshall, made up most of the original Creed lineup, but now they want to make a new statement with Alter Bridge. The trio picked up former Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy only a few weeks after Creed disbanded. Kennedy understands the comparisons, but thinks that soon enough Alter Bridge will be enough of a name on their own. "That's inevitable, I mean it's three quarters of the original lineup with the main songwriter in that band, of course it's going to be compared," he says. "We're doing a good job at establishing that this is definitely not that, that this is a new entity." As for their beginnings, Phillips says it took about 45 minutes for himself and Tremonti to decide to create Alter Bridge and another month to recruit Marshall and Kennedy. Kennedy said there was no question for him on whether he wanted to join the band. "Once I heard the songs and got down there and met the guys, it was a no brainer," Kennedy says. "I wasn't sure what they would be like as people. I think that was my biggest concern. They'd had such success -- I was concerned that there would be egos or something that I couldn't relate to. I just wanted to double check there and it was all fantastic." For now the band are still working to promote their debut album, "One Day Remains". Thanks for the info to ChartAttack.
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