Alter Bridge Vs. Creed Comparisons

Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips says critics who are set on comparing the band to Creed "can go f--k themselves".

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Alter Bridge drummer Scott Phillips has a simple message for all those critics who compare the band to some members' former creation, Creed. "I think they can go f--k themselves, basically," Phillips says.

Phillips, along with Alter Bridge's guitarist Mark Tremonti and bassist Brian Marshall, made up most of the original Creed lineup, but now they want to make a new statement with Alter Bridge. The trio picked up former Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy only a few weeks after Creed disbanded.

Kennedy understands the comparisons, but thinks that soon enough Alter Bridge will be enough of a name on their own. "That's inevitable, I mean it's three quarters of the original lineup with the main songwriter in that band, of course it's going to be compared," he says. "We're doing a good job at establishing that this is definitely not that, that this is a new entity."

As for their beginnings, Phillips says it took about 45 minutes for himself and Tremonti to decide to create Alter Bridge and another month to recruit Marshall and Kennedy. Kennedy said there was no question for him on whether he wanted to join the band.

"Once I heard the songs and got down there and met the guys, it was a no brainer," Kennedy says. "I wasn't sure what they would be like as people. I think that was my biggest concern. They'd had such success -- I was concerned that there would be egos or something that I couldn't relate to. I just wanted to double check there and it was all fantastic."

For now the band are still working to promote their debut album, "One Day Remains".

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    You know, Tremonti has a guest appearance on the upcoming Michael Angelo album . . . . . And if Alter Bidge ever got into a war, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall would be out front kicking everybody's butt, and Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti would be in the back negotiating a peaceful surrender.
    Alter bridge+Creed=best bands ever period. by the way alter bridge does not sound like creed at all.
    Isn't this kinda late? It would be good if it came out when Alter Bridge did.
    I bet you that most people that like Alter Bridge like them just because they hated Creed and that people that don't like Alter Bridge probably hate them for the same reason I just stated.
    I would just like to clarify something that all these bashers have done since day one when Alter Bridge formed, that they suck. Well now, if they really do suck, then how come their out making $ off their music while y'all are still at home getting paid o wait NOT getting paid. It takes a lot of work to get to where these guys are, and we all know Tremonti isn't the greatest of all time, but he's a great modern day influence to those including me who want something more than just 16th notes at 200+ bpm! I'm going to give y'all a few reasons why I'm s huge AB and Tremonti fan. 1. Even after their days in Creed, they are still down to earth guys. They don't put themselves on a pedastool. You sell over 30 million records in a band and start a new one and not be consumed by that stat or all the ARENA shows they played, their happier playing small shows because THE FANS WANTED IT THAT WAY 2. For each band members ability to play the instrument. We all talk about Tremonti's improvement, but what about Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips? They can play their asses off to, but they don't in songs because sorry kids you ever notice that when artists write songs they don't play as fast as they possibly can? 3. "Melodies run the show." A quote from Mark Tremonti, he understands you can shred all day long and not get any recignition(Sp?). I mean come on, look at all the underground guys on the internet with their shred cds. They all can shred all day long, sweep pick, alternate picking, tap, even legato exercises at 200+ bpm, and their barely afloat! Record labels don't care how well you can play, they look for you to have the goods, what all of us know as songs! Sorry you don't hear a random person humming a shred line in a song, you hear them humming the melody! This is coming from a fellow shredder too. 4. New songs- Hey guys what is Scott Stapp playing at this acoustic radio shows? a few of his new toons with his new band but he's played Creed Songs! You look at Alter Bridge and you by god see all new songs! They didn't carry them over from previous success, they worked their asses off to write new ones! I'll stop it here but I have many more points I could make, so if you're curious or wanna discuss this with me i'd be happy to, AIM name is Uncfan3829 and the e-mail is Bashers just don't say they suck because you don't like them. If you don't like music which is understandable, not everyone is going to like everything for example I hate rap except for few songs and mostly because their catchy, y'all would gain a lot more respect and actual people reading your thoughts if you would provide a valid point and back it up. So y'all don't think that i'm just makin this stuff up, I have provided to links beneath here to prove my points. 1. The band bio on for the info on over 30 million records sold worldwide in Creed. Also the info in that bio on Tremonti talking about making the melodies. 2. Mtv Article on Scott Stapp on how his new songs are like Creed and how he continues to draw from the past. 3. Another Article about Stapp on MTV working with NASCAR, sickens me to know he works with my favorite sport, he only brings it down, and he sang creeds higher and the awards show, after the band broke up
    Rocker3829: just because (personally speaking) i think alter bridge sucks doesn't mean I cannot respect the fact that they're more rich than I ever will. nor am i saying that they aren't talented, in comparasion to myself. I'm not degrading anything about them except that I think their music and sound sucks. Not their talent, dedication, passion, or wealth. It's called opinions and varying tastes in music. People will trash bands you like, get over it and get past it. It's not worth the time, energy, or breath defending a band that you like. Because you're not changing anyone's mind about a band.
    ^when i saw alter bridge live, they were the best live band ive ever seen. they are fantastic. guys grow up. whether a band is 'good' or not, or 'gay' or not (in this case) is a matter of opinion. we all like different things, as its clear from this topic. so wot? theres no band out there who everyone likes. so stop coming out with lamearse comments 'oh they're rubbish'. why do we care? if we like them, we like them. if u dont, u dont. u cant have a very good debate about it because of the amount of subjectivity involved. some people need to grow up around here.
    Neon D-von
    If you're hating on Alterbridge, f*** off, because you're obviously retarded. Get any preset ideas about them being like Creed out of your head and work on improving your pathetic lives.
    Alter bridge is amazing. End of story. You toss pots that think that alter bridge sounds like creed, your totally wrong, you've probably never even listened to enough of there songs to make a decent, mature decision. There albulms rated around 9.6 on UG, most people have given it 10/10. There a brilliant band with a brilliant, talented guitarist and very very creative. Which is probably alot more than most of the shit bands like greenday etc. Go listen to them then comment, fukin retards.
    dude give Alter Bridge a chance, they've only put out one album... If yo Creed wait another 2 albums
    Alter Bridge rule man! I mean Creed were great but Alter Bridge are the best! Has anyone thats said there crap seen them live?? There ****ing amazing! Much better than what you all probably listen to! Mark Tremonti is a legend! Has anyone seen him sweep picking! He ****ing rules!
    Alter Bridge was okay and showed much potential. The guitarist is just anamazing improvisationalist, and they all just kinda mesh together. Creed always had good timing and AB is obviously the same with better solos. The new vocalist sounds like a Soundgarden ripoff, but even he could make things work on the next album. I don't hate them, but I'm also not overly impressed with them either...
    Logz wrote: Alter bridge is amazing. End of story. You toss pots that think that alter bridge sounds like creed, your totally wrong, you've probably never even listened to enough of there songs to make a decent, mature decision. There albulms rated around 9.6 on UG, most people have given it 10/10. There a brilliant band with a brilliant, talented guitarist and very very creative. Which is probably alot more than most of the shit bands like greenday etc. Go listen to them then comment, fukin retards.
    I just listened to them and they suck you Fucking Cocksucking Faggot
    creed had better songs, but those came in their later albumms, i lok 4ward to alter bridges new albumn
    both creed and alter bridge rox because of tremonti!!! but creed had stapp who has an original i think creed has da upper hand!!!
    creed was the best.... creed inspired me and because of them i became a different person. alter bridge is just a continuation but creed will always live on in the fans memories.
    Scott Stapp is a living legend, he rocks beyond all reason. They're nothing without the Stappmeister.
    creed are pretty cool...though scott stapp was a great singer but he was a jackass ALTER BRIDGE ALL THE WAY!!!
    I definitely get all of the comparisons and I guess I can kind of see all of the "gay bashing", but I haven't heard more inspired songwriting from ANYONE else on the radio. I've worn a groove in my copy of "One Day Remains" and I'm ready to hear the new stuff. Everyone will make their own judgements about them and there will never be a day when EVERYONE loves Alter Bridge, but if you're looking for music with a message and a meaning, then you should check them out. I don't see anyone else writing lyrics and melodies the way Tremonti/Kennedy are right now. I bet all the guys on here tossing "cocksucking little faggot" around wouldn't know decent music if it bit them on their tiny balls. I don't see Korn doing anything worthwhile right now, maybe they're just bored.
    i like them both. i really liked my own prison, which is way different than alter bridges cd. alter bridge is more comparable to human clay and weathered. scott was an *****, but had a great voice. hmmmmm, reminds me of someone...
    Isn't this kinda late? It would be good if it came out when Alter Bridge started.
    Not a good live band? Who ever said that should take it back. They are amazing, and Myles can hit every note just like on the album. And to call Tremonti garbage is just bullshit. Even if you compare him to Michael Angelo, he isn't garbage. But you are comparing him to today's metal guitarists...he owns them all.
    i didnt much like creed at all. although they were a good band. alterbridge is a much better band.
    Mark Tremonti's an amazing guitarist, that cant be argued against. Alter Bridge, although they are (basically) just a reincarnation of creed are, in total honesty, better musically.
    Thats a bit sad. Their a good band, but of course they'll get compared to Creed, what do you expect? The only difference is the vocals!
    Alter Bridge is a great band, Creed had lots of potential which is takin fruit in alter bridge, I like many others liked the music part of creed but hated the vocals. oh and heres that link to which all is due yet again lol http://www.iwe nttoastappconcertandwo
    creed was good, but their songs all sounded alike its a good thing stapps gone
    ok most of you make a good point, but however i still do not like alter bridge. to put it quite frankly there singer sucks! i know most of you say that he is better than scott stapp and that scott stapp is an eddie vetter impresionist, but you are wrong. he is not. creed was a very good original band i therefore i like them much more than alter bridge, but mark tremonti is very impressive in alter bridge, more so than in creed. but it is very clear that scott phillips is a little fag who doesnt care about his fans, and that is probably the reason that he was kicked out of creed.
    Tremonti basically was creed because he wrote everything, and he writes in the exact same style for Alter Bridge so sounding the same is inevitable. If they want to sound like a different band they need to write different sounding music.
    Thats a bit sad. Their a good band, but of course they'll get compared to Creed, what do you expect? The only difference is the vocals!
    and the solos, the positive attitude of the band, the theme of the lyrics, and much more complicated guitar chords, the faster more complicated drumming,just to name a few differences u missed out. plus, myles kennedy couldnt sound more unlike scott stapp. he reaches high notes like jeff buckley.
    um im sry to tell you munit but scott phillips wasnt ever kicked out of creed that was bryan marshall the bassist and scott stapp was a prick that took advantage of the power given to him
    ^yep. brian marshall, the bassist was the only one to be kicked out of creed. and munit dont say he doesnt care about his fans. i dunno wot gave u that idea.
    This is my opinion only but Alter Bridge is not a good live band at all. Tremonti is a good guitar player, and can put together some impressive runs, but the overall sound live just isn't that good. But again, this is only my opinion.
    hmmm where did u see them? cos they prefer small venues much more than big ones. i saw them at mean fiddler in london, pretty small place, and it was the greatest show ive ever been to.
    tremonti is a good player, but hes not THAT good man, his soloing doesnt make up for the rest of the band sucking as a whole. i mean he can write cool riffs sometimes, but hes not that good man, for nowdays mainstream, i guess so.
    Neon D-von
    All of you lame pieces of crap that are making fun of Mark Tremonti, he could probably beat the crap out of you with one hand while owning on guitar with the other. Instead of bashing Alterbridge, I say it's time to bash the retards that are bashing Alterbridge. (What now?!)
    ^ continued. tremonti is good for todays mainstream, but compared to any of todays metal guitarists, hes garbage. and thats not even comparing him to the legends. (rhoads, hendrix, vaughn, darrell) and thats just the ones whove passed away