Alter Bridge Will Stop In 2012

With other commitments looming, Alter Bridge will stop touring and recording in 2012 - but this isn't the end of the band.

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Alter Bridge will take 2012 off to focus on other commitments - but will return with new material in 2013.

It follows a jam-packed year of touring, festival appearances, and promotion for their widely-praised album 'Alter Bridge III'.

Now drummer Scott Phillips says the band will use their time off to return to other projects, including his return to Creed with fellow Alter Bridge members Mark Tremonti and Brian Marshall. Vocalist Myles Kennedy will use the time to continue recording with guitarist Slash.

We've got a few more weeks on this tour, then we'll recharge for bit before heading to Europe for some shows," Phillips told The Fay Observer (via Rock AAA). "We'll finish up in Wembley Arena in London. That's going to be an awesome show and accomplishment for us something I'll look back at for years.

Myles [Kennedy] is working with Slash next year, while we'll be working with Creed next year. Then we'll have some tours, and then come back as Alter Bridge. Look to 2013 for new material.

Speaking about their forthcoming European tour, Phillips says Alter Bridge need to step up their game to stand out above the talent who are joining the group as support artists - Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman, Adelita's Way and Emphatic.

You definitely need to make sure you're on top of your game," he said. "You've only got a finite amount of time to put your best foot forward. A lot of these bands right now are at a peak they're up-and-coming artists who all have that ability to become larger acts and gain some real traction. Watch em now, before they blow up

European tour dates:

October 22 Palasesto, Milan, Italy October 24 Estragon, Bologna, Italy October 25 Atlantico, Rome, Italy October 26 Palsport, Podenone, Italy October 28 LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany October 29 Westfalenhalle 3a, Dortmund, Germany October 31 Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France November 02 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France November 04 Zenith, Paris, France November 05 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium November 06 Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, Holland November 10 Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark November 12 Godset, Kolding, Denmark November 13 Huxleys, Berlin, Germany November 14 Docks, Hamburg, Germany November 16 Kesselhaus, Munich, Germany November 17 Gasometer, Vienna, Austria November 22 LG Arena, Birmingham, UK November 23 Motor Point Arena, Cardiff, UK November 24 Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, UK November 26 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, UK November 27 SECC, Glasgow, UK November 29 Wembley Arena, London, UK

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    jjbarnes wrote: Misleading title is misleading.
    This, this, and more this... The title could have been "Alter Bridge to Go on Hiatus until 2013", but UG had to put in their suspenseful misleading title...
    Nooooo! What the hell!?!? I missed both of their shows in my area on the last tour because of work. Wasn't allowed to take vacation days off. I guess I'll have to wait two years (because it'll probably be late 2013 before they even consider hitting the road again) to see them.
    crystalmonday80 wrote: Thumper! wrote: Creed is the best rock band of the 00's. LOL.
    My thoughts exactly. The only reason why we stopped jumping on the Creed bandwagon is 'cos they went away, and when they returned we already had Nickelback I say they deserve another shot at being the Vanilla Ice of rock music tho, they're certainly making the effort
    Battman1993 wrote: Am I the only one who thinks Mark and co. should just forget Creed and let Alter Bridge be their main band? I mean who cares about Creed anymore? Certainly not me! I can't stand Scott and his faux-Christian bullshit anyway..but the new Slash record will be good.
    meh. well, I'm a fan of both bands. Full Circle had some good stuff on it, but Alter Bridge IS the way forward for Tremonti, Flip, and Bri Mar. Mind you, Myles is away a lot now with Slash, and will be doing a full record again, so the rest of AB do have a lot of time to kill. Might as well bring out some Creed stuff. Creed have E-rock now as a guitarist alongside Tremonti, and man he is a great player. Hopefully he may get a say on their next album, and it'll be a good one Either a Creed album, or a Tremonti side project Metal Band XD id love that yeah, i know, Tremonti solo albums comin out and all that, but ye know what i mean, another band where he plays sum Metal stuff.
    They should have stopped before they started. Horrible band that belongs in the trash with Nickelback and Creed.
    Nollemaster wrote: I shat my pants because of the misleading title, great job UG
    Me too, my face went from normal to (((( But its good to know its just a hiatus to take care of some other business.
    rocknrolldude43 wrote: Also wtf is UG's issue with putting misleading titles? Needless to say, I was a bit spooked there for a second...
    Because it gets more people to click on the article and therefore more views? I thought that was obvious.
    I got a heart attack because of the title of this article, I want UG to pay for my hospital bills.
    Title writer shall be execute. to start, alter bridge has been my favorite band since Blackbird was released and Creed before for years before that. I have to say, i agree with the guys in AB and their live show. I was kind of disappointed when i saw them earlier this summer. The DVD was probably the most amazing recorded live performance iv watched ever, but when i saw them, it wasn't the same. ...and to be honest, when i saw Creed the summer before, they blew me away!!! ...and to think i almost skipped creed just because the live footage i watched beforehand was terrible. I think alter bridge has so much talent that they aren't grasping live. (or maybe the Worcester Palladium in MA was just a bad night) Which brings me to Creed. I think the reason Creed's album and DVD were under-par was because everything was done in about a month. They rushed the process and didn't take time to make it work right. By the time i saw them, they had probably gotten back into their groove of things and could perform flawlessly. I truly hope the next creed album reflects this improvement. I would love to hear creed make another "Human Clay" or "Weathered" (insert ear-gasm). OH!!!! and i really think Creed should allow Eric Friedman to join the band officially and write the album with him!!!!! He is an awesome guitarist and played beautifully in Submersed before they disbanded!!!! I say bring him in!!!!! Finally. I am so excited for all the Creed/AB related music coming out over the next three years... New Creed, New Alter Bridge, New Slash, and new solo albums by Myles, Mark, and Scott!!!!! these guys have so much writing skills, and you can see how much they love writing music!!!! they inspire me so hard!!!!!
    lol, god UG you have got to start putting more info in your headlines. I about had a damn heart attack..
    Ok, they did this before their tour last time too. UG has ****ing horrible journalism. Such bullshit, sensationalist titles. Can't wait to hear Tremonti's solo project and Myles' new album with Slash. I also look forward to Alter Bridge coming back in 2013 for AB IV. \m/
    Right now, someone in the UG office is cackling maniacally at all the AB fans who just crapped themselves.
    What!? Say it ain't so!! While I will enjoy the other projects, I will be looking forward to what Alter Bridge brings forth on their next album. ABIII is their magnum opus at this point, imo anyways. They just keep getting better.
    I find it quite funny that I get so amped for a new Alter Bridge album to come out but when Creed puts one out I probably won't get past listening to the single off it. Strange how Myles Kennedy has that much of an impact on their music (in my opinion), awesome frontman.
    I saw AB three times on this last tour as recently as two weekends ago on this current leg with those other bands. It show how polite they are when its said that they have to be on top of their game with these other bands on the roster. Not quite. The other bands are established posers. AB blew them all away. And to think that TOAD actually headlined? Nonsense.
    I try not to be a whiney a-hole like some people when it comes to UG's misleading titles, but this one really was pretty bad.
    Thumper! wrote: Creed is the best rock band of the 00's.
    lmfao ...wait. you weren't being serious were you?
    guitarmazdur wrote: Korgull wrote: They should have stopped before they started. Horrible band that belongs in the trash with Nickelback and Creed. uhhh.... go **** yourself
    Brilliant reply. My mind is now changed! Alter Bridge is no longer a crappy radio rock band! No! They're something even better now, thanks to your amazing, intelligent response.
    I honestly dont see why this is on the home page. THIS BAND FUCKING BLOWS. I guess nobody ever told these guys that bringing back decent alternative rock was a long lost cause. Really I thought these guys quit about 5 years ago.
    Mr. J Killjoy
    I HATE YOU! I read the title and decided that life was not worth living! You sneaky bastards, had a full blown heart attack.
    holy... my heart stopped when I was reading the title... they take a 1year break, sad but ok. but wtf ug, why did you ****ed up the title??! NOT FUNNY
    meatwad91 wrote: Dude. Look at the crowd in this vid. They just stood there. I dont think they gave a crap to be there. That's kinda sad, because it shows Alter Bridge's music isn't even good enough to be liked by a crowd of drunk idiots.
    m8, it's a festival. I'm guessing a lot of people hadn't heard of the band or the song before? **** are they supposed to do? Watch videos of Alter Bridge GIGS, with Alter Bridge fans, screaming the place down, singing word for word. They're not really one of those bands that you go and get a load of pits for. You just go and enjoy the music. They're technically sound, and it's an absolute joy to watch them play these songs.
    ernasty10050 wrote: Why do they always play their songs so much faster live?
    adreniline, and Scott Philips playing the drumbeats slightly too fast. throws them off a bit. thats why Myles cant always hit the high notes. Slowing it down more lately, and they sound amazing
    this break should be AWESOME since AB started Sucking when Myles started to play with slash. But the reformed Creed Kicked major ass. looking forward to overcome pt 2! LOL
    Dude. Look at the crowd in this vid. They just stood there. I dont think they gave a crap to be there. That's kinda sad, because it shows Alter Bridge's music isn't even good enough to be liked by a crowd of drunk idiots.
    It's not a misleading title, it's to make you read the article. They are technically stopping in 2012, so it's not wrong.
    HOLY SHIT. i got so scared. i thought they were going to stop for good.....
    Im over all this bitching about misleading titles. Every single comment on every post. Get over it. There job is draw your attention to get you to read it.
    I liked Creed back in the day and still do, listened and still listen to their stuff but.....I'd rather have Alter Bridge full-time. A musician has to appreciate AB more b/c of the elements of their music. Creed is good with good music, don't get me wrong, but again, rather have Alter Bridge full-time.
    Raining Kasch
    Please, I like Theory of a Deadman but Alter Bridge is way better than any of those bands. And to Thumper!, Creed only sucked because of Scott Stapp. The rest of the guys are awesome, he's just a pretentious dickweed.
    And nothing of value was lost...*reads the article* aw crap. False alarm, back to your lives folks.
    i mean...imo it wouldn't really be a tragedy if this title wasn't misleading. i guess i can understand how creed/alter bridge might seem like rock music....if your last name is "falwell".
    Creed has its moments back in the day. Their singer is terrible live though. The best part about Creed was the riffs they were putting out, and Tremonti was responsible for that. I've heard everything except ABIII and Alter Bridge is way better than Creed