'American Idol' Has Lowest-Rated Finale Ever, Down 32% From 2011

"American Idol" finale did score a sizable victory on Wednesday night, pulling a 6.1 rating among adults 18-49 and 20.7 million viewers.

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History shows the Fox broadcast will likely add one or two tenths of a point to its demo score and nearly one million viewers once final numbers are in, but it is still a far cry from last year's rebounded finale, which brought in a 9.2 demo rating and outpaced 2010 by more than 10 percent. Wednesday night's score was a 32 percent drop from 2011. "American Idol" did manage to repeat its typical ratings arc of the season, however, rebounding in the finale for highest scores since week two. It improved on Tuesday's performance show and last week's results, which each pulled a 4.4. in the demo, by nearly 40 percent.

The sagging finale ratings for the singing competition comes days after it was reported that the 2012 regular season ratings were down 23% from the year before. The news prompted a Fox network executive to proclaim there would be, "creative reinvigoration" of the "Idol" franchise next season.

The Season 11 finale episode crowned folk rocker Phillip Phillips the winner over 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez. It featured performances by Rihanna, Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez and more, plus a proposal by Season 5's Ace Young to Season 3's Diana DeGarmo.

The show, in recent years, is said to be predictable. Phillips is the fifth winner in a row who can be categorized under the "white guy with guitar" moniker. And his win marks the fourth time in five years that the winner is likely suited to a career in the adult-alternative radio format following David Cook, Kris Allen and Lee Dewyz.

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    Good. I think this show is dumb. After the auditions and hearing terrible people for comedy, why else would people do time to watch?
    Do time..I meant "continue", but I guess watching Idol is what doing time must be like.
    I generally turn it on now and then to see if there's any wacky people or any actual talent. This year, nothing really stood out in either category. Not really at the fault of AI about the "white guy with guitar" predictability though, that's America voting them in.
    I watched it occasionally last year after years of ignoring it. It was still the same old thing, but without any balls at all without Simon. The judges are almost never harsh on ANYONE...they're always just "inspired" and "amazed" by anyone that can hit a note. And yeah, it's definitely too predictable. I think I saw it once or twice this season, and it was the same old batch of voices...the yelling Whitney Houston wanna-bes, the "rock" dudes, etc. No wonder why none of these people have careers after they win.
    link no1
    Q: What do you call the person selling this year's American Idol CD in your local music store? A: Last years winner.
    Thank god maybe this fad is dying down. All these these talent shows that flood the tv market are just annoying.
    In all honesty I used to look forward watching this show with my family but it has just become boring, dull, idiotic, talentless (hence Jennifer Lopez hosting). Basically a fad. I'm glad its over...hopefully
    They don't have Simmon Cowell anymore, I am sick & tired of Ryan Seacrest, there's too many commercial, too much in-show advertising, and all the singers that make it simply don't wow me.
    I stopped watching once they narrowed it down to the top 24 or whatever because the only remotely good person was Phillip Phillips.
    Why Steven Tyler signed on for this shit, I will never know. The ratings were bound to tank eventually, you can't put on the same show 2000 times in a row and expect it to become any more interesting to people.
    BionicRooster wrote: They already got rid of this show in Australia! I couldn't be happier.
    Except they replaced with the ****ing Voice....