Amon Amarth Singer: 'It's Easy to Sound Like Ozzy, His Voice Is Flat and Nasal'

Johan Hegg discusses covering Black Sabbath singer.

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Amon Amarth vocalist Johan Hegg touched on the matter of Ozzy Osbourne's distinctive singing style, calling it fairly easy to cover.

Hegg reached the topic while discussing the band's latest album "Deceiver of the Gods" and the four-track covers EP featured in the special edition pack. Directly asked by Metal Kaoz about singing like Ozzy and using any special effects, Johan commented:

"[laughs] No, it was just me and, in fact, it was kind of easy to sound like Ozzy because his voice is kind of flat and nasal."

Elaborating the whole covers idea, the singer added: "This is one of the things that come up when you're talking about ideas of what to do and you know, there is a current trend with bands trying to sound like the band they looked up to like Ghost wanted to sound like Mercyful Faith and stuff like that. So, we thought to do just for fun a set of tribute songs and not covers because everybody is doing those. So, we came up with six or maybe seven bands that we'd like to try and write similar music..."

Do you agree with Hegg on this one? Is singing like Ozzy an easy task or is there more to it than meets the eye?

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    Well done with the misleading headlines again UG, you've made it sound like Johan was dissing Ozzy.
    They've got the main ingredient of journalism covered.
    The fact that a dude with an ICP logo currently has the gold medal is a crying shame.
    HitmanJenkins It's actually from this article. And I worked hard for this gold medal damnit.
    Its also easy to sound like Amon Amarth. Just play like shit. God do they suck.
    Amon Amarth don't play like shit. They just play pretty par-for-the-course/mediocre Melodeath with lyrics about Vikings that are so entry-level, you could swear a 13 year old who just finished the Norse Mythology unit in his Language Arts class wrote 'em, and then never bother switching it up or improving their music, because everyone already hails them as absolute geniuses despite being fairly average.
    Everybody knows Ozzy isn't a good singer, he just has a cool voice. Well, he had gotten good around Sabbath bloody Sabbath and Sabotage tho, but still, he has never been much of a singer in my opinion. More like a... vocalist.
    Jacques Nel
    Well it may be easy to sing like Ozzy, but it's not as easy to achieve all he has and become as much to metal as he and Sabbath are.
    "four-track covers EP" "set of tribute songs and not covers" Do you guys even read the articles you write?
    I'd definitly agree, although I like almost all the bands with singers that sound like Ozzy
    Also don't forget sHeavy. Their singer tries a bit TOO hard to sound like Ozzy.
    (btw got a Sleep poster next to my computer since they're the greatest Stoner Metal and Stoner Doom band in existence) Speaking of Sleep. WHY IN THE EVER LIVING FUCK DID ULTIMATE-GUITAR NOT MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT SLEEP ANNOUNCING THEY'RE GOING TO BE MAKING NEW MUSIC!? (sorry for the all caps there. just a bit peeved about that is all) That and Electric Wizard have announced that they're getting ready to release their eighth LP which has been long overdue because of ****ing Rise Above Records not letting them do anything with it. And threatening to sue the band if they even used the name Electric Wizard.
    It's embarassing. Sheavy are great, and homegrown, but damn he really focuses on imitating Ozzy.
    Ozzy never had to be a great singer,he just had to write good music and he was among the first if not the first to bring the metal.Amon Amarth are f#@cking great live!cant wait to see them again.
    Here's how to sound like Ozzy in a way that isn't straight up ripping Sabbath off.
    The vocals may not be a complete straight up rip off of Sabbath. But the music sure sounds like it.... Also I'm a really big fan of Orchid and I'm saying this.
    Easy to sound like ozzy, but nobody likes him for being a particularly exceptional singer. I'd like to see anyone imitate his charisma or &^%$ing insanity
    Aryan Death Man
    try having the impact ozzy had on Metal
    Was he bagging out Ozzy? No. He was saying "His vocal style is pretty easy to cover" Vocal style is only a small part of being a frontman on the level of Ozzy, writing lyrics, your stage antics, etc all make up just as much...Plus even Ozzy thinks he can't sing. (I personally disagree)
    Ozzy solo post RR = shite , Zakk and his pinch harmonics are as entry level as Amon Amarth's lyrics ! Let's face it Ozzy in the 80's was just cock rock crap , in the 90's was mundane pap and currently just likes to take a nap . OTHER BANDS PLAY MANOWAR KILL !!!!
    Why is Amon Amarth on here? It's got nothing to do with guitar...
    But singing like Dave Mustaine and Zakk Wylde is also easy! Just close your nose, and you're done!!
    It's not easy to sound like Dave Mustaine... you need to either sound like Mickey Mouse or you need to have your balls hammered very hard... and I mean, VERY hard.
    To be honest, this Will Ferrell/Chad Smith jokes are getting a bit old now. UG need to sort it out, Chad doesn't even play guitar.
    UG, why do you need to try to be like TMZ or TYT and try to be misleading and starting shit?