Andreas Kisser Hoping to Reach Rammstein Status With New Band De La Tierra

Sepultura guitarist excited about performing songs in his native tongue.

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Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser recently discussed his De La Tierra project, a groove metal four-piece consisting of prominent South American musicians performing in their native tongue.

Chatting with Loudwire, Kisser expressed hope to reach the "worldwide phenomenon" status of Rammstein and be able to tour all parts of the globe without compromise.

Asked about future plans, the guitarist replied, "Release more albums, and play as much as we can everywhere. Not only in the Latin world but really break the barrier of the language."

Touching on the German metallers, Kisser added, "Somehow like Rammstein, using German and being a worldwide phenomenon, they play everywhere, without changing their native language, you know? So, I think it’s to go everywhere really, just to cross that Latin world, but take it everywhere. Go into different festivals, like Sepultura does, not only for the Latin audience."

Apart from Andreas, the band consists of Andres Gimenez of A.N.I.M.A.L., Sr. Flavio of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Alex Gonzalez behind the drum kit.

De La Tierra's self-titled debut is out now via Roadrunner Records. Check out the "Maldita Historia" video single below.

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    He don't really talk about fame, but more about the fact that rammstein got successful without singing in english, he just wants to tour the world singing his Mother tong, from what I understood !
    this is some really good stuff actually far better than the stuff sepultura's been churning out lately although i don't think they'll ever be quite on the same fame level as rammstein
    Step 1: Light yourself on fire. Step 2: Light someone else on fire. Step 3: Light everything on fire.
    Nnnnooott a chance. Portuguese sounds brutish and is not gonna catch on in the west.
    But he's Brazilian. Wouldn't his native language be Portuguese and not Spanish? I'm confused.
    ugh..... thing about Rammstein is their music sounds unique, great, and just oozes of authentic German metal. Something we don't get a lot of out here. Not to mention, I could give a shit less if Till sang in German or gibberish. His voice works so well with it. Unfortunately, this band does not sound unique, they sound like everyone else, with the only difference being the language it's sang in. Good luck De La Tierra, I respect the idea, but it's gonna require more than what you got at the moment to pump Portuguese metal into the mainstream.