Andreas Kisser: 'I Don't See Any Sense in Reuniting With Max Cavalera'

"You never know if Megadeth without Dave Mustaine could happen," says Sepultura guitarist.

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Guitarist Andreas Kisser addressed his former bandmate Max Cavalera's recent comments about Sepultura without the Cavalera brothers being similar to Megadeth without Dave Mustaine. Despite noting that he respects any kind of opinion, the axeman begged to differ. "You never know if Megadeth without Dave Mustaine could happen," he told Rock Overdose. "It was the same with Black Sabbath without Ozzy. And we saw great Black Sabbath stuff [without Ozzy], or Van Halen without David Lee Roth. Or [you never know if] Led Zeppelin [could have existed] without Robert Plant or something. Some stuff happened, some stuff didn't happen. Anything is possible." Kisser also admitted that he barely knows Max these days, pointing out that he's "a totally different person today. I don't know this guy anymore, I mean, I used to know Max from the '90s, [but] he changed so much and changed his music much - he [has] a totally different band from Sepultura; what it is today," he said (via Blabbermouth). Finally, the axeman directly addressed the possibility of Max's return to Sepultura, calling it an option that simply doesn't make any sense. "I don't see any sense in our playing together again or something," the guitarist concluded. "He left the band. It was his choice to leave. He didn't fight for the name. We stayed with Sepultura, we kept Sepultura together - me, Paulo [Xisto Pinto Jr.] and Igor [Cavalera]. [We had to deal with] all the good stuff about Sepultura, and all the bad stuff about Sepultura.

"We had to rebuild a structure, to find a new manager, to find new producers, to resolve all the chaos that we were at that moment and stuff, and then here we are, celebrating what Sepultura is all about, playing music and enjoying what we do, without being slaves of our past." The band's latest record, "The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be the Heart," is scheduled for an October 29 release through Nuclear Blast Records.

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    Ekotsurugi Megadeth..but they could go the Journey route and get an Asian who can sing like Dave...and teach him to play guitar in a ****ing week. Hell, or just let Dave play while the Asian sings.
    Megadeth without Mustaine would be pointless, considering that Mustaine is the sole writer of just about everything on the albums, with few exceptions. Sepultura on the other hand? I don't know how they write so hard to say, if it's a joined effort where some of the remaining guys have been writing for years, even with Cavalera, then i don't see why not.
    I don't care. Cavalera Conspiracy is the real Sepultura actually nowadays. But it's only my humble opinion.
    Actually, Max is carrying the Sepultura flag with him everywhere. Lastly, his Soufly shows have around 40% of their setlist composed of Sepultura songs.
    Sepultura with Derrick Green is good too - Derrick is a great vocalist. But all my favorite Sepultura records are with Max. By the way, since the band's creation in 1984, Paulo Jr. is the only original member now - Andreas joined the band only in 1987.
    Kisser is just angry because his new album has the worst name of all time.