Andreas Kisser: 'The Beatles Are Everything and They Did Everything'

Sepultura axeman shares his thoughts on the legendary band.

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the British Invasion, BraveWords spoke to self-confessed Beatles fanatic and Sepultura legend Andreas Kisser about his love for the Fab Four. Sure, it's a far cry from "walking these dirty streets with hate in my mind," but the revered guitarist has actually jammed many times with massive Brazilian Beatles tribute act Clube Big Beatles.

"Like you said, I was very radical in the beginning, listening only to metal and stuff," Kisser begins. "The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were just a little too far out there for me. But my mom had the old Beatles albums, Bee Gees and lots of samba music, and my father used to listen to a lot of country and Brazilian music and stuff. When I was very young I listen to 'Help' (1965) a lot, and that's the album that I know the most, because it was easiest to play. It was also easy to sing, so was very sticky. But then I started to listen to the Beatles more, and respect them.

"The Beatles are everything and they did everything. Like 'Helter Skelter' from 1968 is one of the first heavy-metal riffs ever made at least in my opinion. I do love the Motley Crue version though. But to go to Liverpool with this Brazilian band, and to play such us historical place where John Lennon used to study, where Ringo Starr played for the first time with them. So the guys from Clube Big Beatles suggested my name for the wall of fame there and somehow they accepted it.

"The owner of the Cavern Club didn't even know what Sepultura was. He started asking people in his circle about us and they thought he was crazy that he didn't know about us. So was great to get recognized for all the stuff that I've done with Sepultura and everything else, because in Brazil I play and jam with many different people, from country music to blues to pop rock to classical. It's that diversity that the Beatles had is what I try to do. It's such an honour because I'm the first Brazilian to have his name on The Cavern Club wall. It's something that you would never dream, it's so unbelievable. But there's such a vibe at The Cavern Club. I've played on so many different stages around the world but at that small little venue I was actually nervous."

"'The White Album' (1968) I think is insane, the way they approached it. They didn't tour anymore during those days, so they were free to do anything. The George Harrison stuff is great - 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' and 'Something' - they are so simple, but so beautiful. You just listen to those notes, and you think that they are simple but no and you question; is he a virtuoso? Yes he is a virtuoso. He can put the right note at the right place."

And it's sad that he's overshadowed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. And he was called "The Quiet Beatle" for a reason. But when he died the entire world mourned his loss.

"Well it's pretty hard to compete with Lennon and McCartney," Kisser closes. "I love the Paul McCartney solo stuff as well, especially 'Band on the Run' (1973), which I think is an amazing album."

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of globe-sweeping Beatlemania, the US Albums, a new 13CD Beatles collection spanning 1964's "Meet the Beatles!" to 1970's "Hey Jude," will be released January 21 by Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/Universal Music Canada. The Beatles' US albums differed from the band's UK albums in a variety of ways, including different tracklists, song mixes, album titles, and art.

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    They were ahead of their time Helter Skelter was an early foundation for heavy metal and Tomorrow Never Knows sounds like a song that could of been released in 2008 or something
    First time I heard Helter Skelter was a Motley Crue cover. I had to look up the original and by god it's so far head of it's time it's unreal
    The Beatles are were so far ahead of their time that modern culture still hasn't caught up to them yet. The greatest band of all time.
    There were plenty of acts around the same time doing things years ahead of the Beatles. They were a great band but come one now.
    I always prefered the Stones to the Beatles and they were contemporaries. They were great but the other bands that started with them rarely if ever get the same recognition.
    I was about to post literally the exact same thing. Most people who call them "overrated" haven't listened to or taken the time to appreciate what they accomplished so long ago in such a short period of time.
    In my opinion, The Beatles are boring, there I said it.
    So a band that changes with every single album is boring? A band that changed music completely is boring? Holy hell...
    Wrong place to have an opinion, apparently. I don't particularly like the Beatles myself, though I do understand and see the influence.