Andrew W.K. Enlists Marky Ramone And RHCP's Chad Smith to Break Drumming World Record

His drum marathon ended today, but he didn't expect it to cause so much physical pain. Watch videos from the event here.

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Andrew W.K. has set a world record for the longest drum session ever.

The hard-partying rocker set out to drum for 24-hours straight at the MTV Music Awards, starting yesterday, with some help from other stars including Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, Zac from Hanson and even the actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

The drum marathon proved to be more of a challenge than he expected. "Every emotion and every feeling from the most excited and happy to the most - I don't wanna ever say I was sad, but in severe pain - like real physical pain," he told MTV News after the event. "I didn't anticipate that at all."

One thing that didn't bother Andrew at the event was his lack of sleep. "I actually never got tired because there was so much adrenaline and so many people that were especially giving so much energy. It really felt like a team effort," he said.

Watch Andrew WK set the record for the world's longest drum session here:

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    Cuba Godding Jr. is having the time of his life hitting that cowbell.
    Why didn't they have WIll Ferrell play that cowbell? He was there, so they have no excuse!
    What are you talking about? Will Ferrell plays for the chili peppers, he was totally there
    He was there, but Will Farrell (with the help of Christopher Walken) is the man who made "More cowbell!" a thing. He played that fabled instrument on Don't Fear the Reaper. The fact that he was relegated to a drum kit is infuriating.
    I got to see him only in the very last half hour. He was playing this same weak ass beat over and over again, missing a snare hit every five or six measures, and the guy looked like a goddamn zombie. This dude is a ****ing maniac for doing this! haha
    I watched the first 4 hours and last 2-ish hours (at work ). The entire final hour he played that same weak ass beat. Probably because he was exhausted. During most of the time that he was alone, he just pokes around at the toms lightly, probably conserving energy (wisely). When guests like Questlove or Chad Smith came by though, he definitely got into it. They had some good jams.
    I really admire the guy on the cowbell cause he manages to look badass while playing a cowbell for 24hrs