Andrew W.K. Named US Cultural Ambassador To The Middle East

Party veteran will travel to Bahrain to "promote partying and positive power".

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The "Party Hard" singer will travel to Bahrain early next month (December) to promote partying and positive power in the troubled region. He was invited by the US embassy in Manama in partnership with the US Department of State.

Andrew W.K. will begin his journey in the first week of December and will visit elementary schools, the University of Bahrain and music venues to promote partying and world peace.

Commenting on his role as a cultural ambassador, he said: "This is a tremendous invitation. I'm very thankful to the Department of State for giving me the opportunity to visit a place I've never been before. I feel very privileged and humbled by the chance to represent the United States of America and show the good people of Bahrain the power of positive partying. I can hardly wait for this adventure!" (via NME)

Last month, the party veteran delivered a motivational speech to a "My Little Pony" convention. The hedonistic rocker featured on a panel at Canterlot Gardens, a "My Little Pony" convention in Strongsville, Ohio, preaching the virtues of individuality to the audience.

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    A lot of people think this man is a joke, but AWK is actually pretty awesome. I was gutted when he was scheduled at the same time as Deftones at Big Day Out a couple of years ago and I missed him.
    He is like a heavier-musicianship, less famous version of Dave Grohl. You can't help but love 'em both, ignoring any songwriting! They're just stand up guys. Also
    This "man" is a joke. Its a manufactured persona. Theres actually a few people who have played the role of Andrew WK.
    This is why Andrew WK is awesome.
    "1) Get down on your stomach. 2) Put a magazine over your head. 3) Quickly say the word "butterball" over and over." I gotta try this...
    Insanity ninja
    I don't get why he gets so much shit. He believes in what he does, and actually makes time for fans and other people. In fact, check this out
    Exactly... he's actually in the world, trying to make it better, instead of just typing words in a box on a guitar website complaining. Sure, he's not the most original guy in the world, but again, what does it matter? We are always complaining about self-absorbed, self-obsessed narcissist musicians and here is a guy doing something different.
    My favorite is "Think about how awesome it would be today if you gave someone a surprise pair of socks!"
    Sammy Mantis
    I'm right near Strongsville Ohio. I don't know if I find it stranger that a My Little Pony convention existed in the first place, or that Andrew W.K. was a panel speaker there...
    I live about a half hour away from Strongsville, I find that strange too. I thought My Little Pony conventions were just myths...fantasies created by disturbed balding men with Cheetos-stained tank tops. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight knowing it's a real thing.
    The dude is a motivational speaker in his free time, he could do a lot of good over there
    Is this the American version of when Top Gear went to India to promote trade relations with the UK? Because that totally worked. In all seriousness, cool? If it introduces some new people to 'alternative' music or whatever, then great.
    I think people forget that he's so much more than the guy that sings Party Hard. For years now he's gone around to different schools and universities as a motivational speaker. It's clear how many of you are just making jokes about him trying to be funny on the internet, and to that, I say stop trying.
    Anyone else surprised by how many people use the word "actually" in their comments?
    If i may quote Tim Minchin's peace anthem for the middle east: You dont eat pigs. We dont eat pigs. Its seems its been that way forever. So if you dont eat pigs, And we dont eat pigs, Why not, not eat pigs together?
    I've met him and partied with him and he was a great guy, humble and smart and he parties hard
    He went to an MLP:FiM convention this year and performed a gig, he is a fan apparently (so is Seth Green and Gabe Newell).
    ...For anyone wondering the connection at the end. (The end of my comment got cut off)
    Are the people that made this decision so out of touch with reality that they think Andrew W.K could actually get the world closer to peace with "positive partying" or is it a secret agenda where they hope he gets killed out there? Either way America does seem a funny place.
    Being a cultural ambassador is more of an honorary title, cultural ambassador ≠ ambassador. He'll probably inspire a few middle eastern folks with his ways, but the US isn't sending A.W.K on a serious peace mission.
    Yeah, let's show the culturally conservative Middle East how great we are by sending a long-haired brain-dead hedonist pop/rock singer over there to preach about partying hard. It's not like that kinda shit is the reason they hate us in the first place or anything.
    I think this is an awesome idea! Showing people how to party?! That is a job I would love...all I have to do is write a song about partying eh?
    Correction: You have to write all your songs about partying.
    No kidding! I always wandered doesn't everyone else notice this? Oh my god AWK annoys the hell out of me
    How can anyone be annoyed by Andrew WK? You know what I do when I don't like a band? I make sure I never have to hear them. If you don't like his music fine but how can you bash someone who loves what he does more than anyone in the world has ever loved something? Here's what separates Andrew WK from the rest. If he were to get asked to play a state fair for a low wage most other bands would be like "ugh, alright fine i guess i'll play the state fair for 500 bucks" but andrew wk would say something like "STATE FAIR? FOR $500?? SHIT YOU CAN PAY ME IN NACHOS!! HELL YEAH LETS DO THIS!!"
    You say you make sure you are never exposed to artists you don't like? I beg you, PLEASE show us all how you are able to do this. Some kind of multimedia filter? I had heard some website actually invented a Nickelback blocker for the internet, similiar to a net nanny. You had to pay for it of course
    Although I don't doubt that to be true, I would say it's more likely he'd wanna be paid in Taco Bell. Though saying that, he has a purple Taco Bell card that gives him unlimited lifetime supply of Taco Bell. I'm not American, and now I think about it, Taco Bell probably don't just do burritos and almost certainly do nachos too, so nevermind. All that matters is he actually bought $1,800 worth of Taco Bell in one go. He's ****ing awesome. You know he couldn't eat all that and probably just gave most of it away to homeless people or something
    Am I the only one in this thread who would seriously consider playing at a state fair for some good nachos?