Angus Young Named Australia's Greatest Guitarist

AC/DC's Angus Young has been named the greatest guitar player in Australian history by Australian Guitar magazine.

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According to, AC/DC's Angus Young has been named the greatest guitar player in Australian history by Australian Guitar magazine. Tommy Emmanuel, Cold Chisel's Ian Moss, Chris Cheney from The Living End and Rick Brewster from The Angels round out the Top Five.

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has confirmed to Classic Rock magazine that the band is working on the follow-up to 2008's "Black Ice". But he said fans will likely have to wait longer than expected, after singer Brian Johnson suggested there would be new material next year.

"You know what Brian's like. He just says things and then walks away," Malcolm said. "It'll be a little while - a year or two anyway."

He added, "I've been doing some jamming on some song ideas but I do that all the time, as do the rest of the band. We are still working. But we had a long rest between 'Stiff Upper Lip' and 'Black Ice', so I think we need a couple of years to recuperate and work on it a bit more."

During a January 2012 appearance on "The Cowhead Show", the American radio program hosted by Mike "Cowhead" Calta, Johnson revealed that health issues were affecting one of his bandmates, which may have put new album plans temporarily on hold. "One of the boys is a little sick and I can't say anything, but he's getting better," Brian said. "He's doing wonderful. Full recovery fully expected."

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    They should just call these "most popular guitarist" lists.
    KingNothing666 wrote: BigSpence wrote: tennesseehild wrote: stratomaiden wrote: lol isn'the only guitarist from Australia? damnit I was about to say that So was I! Me too!
    Really? Tommy Emmanuel doesn't ring a bell? C'mon guys, you're on a guitar site!
    What about Orianthi? OK, maybe not the BEST...but the best-looking Australian guitarist as far as I'm concerned
    stratomaiden wrote: lol isn'the only guitarist from Australia?
    damnit I was about to say that
    Really? this guy totally isnt that great of a guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel is Australia's best guitarist, heck id put him in the top ten acoustic players in the world. Besides Angus was born and spent the first 7 years of his life in Glasgow, Scotland.....hes technically scottish.
    Jeff Ling and Luke Kilpatrick from Parkway Drive would beat him any day technically. The only reason people consider him good is because he is in a famous rock band, and to be fair, he's made a couple of great riffs over the years, but come on, he is far from the best, even in little Australia. And he is scottish :L
    vppark2 wrote: Luke Kilpatrick of Parkway Drive
    No mate, Jeff Ling is the best metal guitarist in Australia for sure
    xicetraex wrote: The lead guitarist from Ouroboros is better.
    Who the f*** are the Ouroboros...
    Came here to say Tommy Emmanuel deserved the top spot. Good to see Chris Cheney up their on the list though. But yeah - these polls aren't indicative of anything but popularity
    Frank Gambale should be up there, as well as John Mackay from Children Collide.
    BluddyBoy123 wrote: DANIEL JOHNS MUTHER FOCKER!
    You beat me to it, at least someone else knows who daniel is
    I assume this is basically most well known/influential guitarist really. It should really be Tommy Emmanuel or Casey Jones
    Joe Haley from Psycroptic? COME ON?! His legato style is so FREAKIN' AWESOME and I've caught myself of gaurd being influenced by his playing, which isnt a bad thing. Or the guy's from Be'lakor as some dude mentioned in the comments are pretty sweet as well.
    vppark2 wrote: Luke Kilpatrick of Parkway Drive
    He is pretty ****ing good actually and he beats Angus Young any day. Some Parkway song's (allot more like it) are pretty edgy, technical and hard to play and learn.
    Emanuel is one of the finest guitarists in the world. PLenty of good Aussie geetarists on UG too.
    westley23j wrote: i guess its a tossup between him and Keith Urban.....
    If you mean that this is a tossup between guitarists NOT born in Australia, then yes, you'd be right
    I love Angus and AC/DC is one of my favorites, but I think Tommy Emmanuel is one of the best guitarists out there.
    I know my E A D and G chords and have a solid comand over the penatonic minor scale, so i could be austrailas next greatest guitarist
    stratomaiden wrote: lol isn'the only guitarist from Australia?
    Nah there is that dude from Airbourne as well, that band that sound a lot like AC/DC!
    but he's scottish! this is like saying "tony iommi voted greatest french guitarist of all time"
    AC/DC's Angus Young has been named the greatest guitar player in Australian history
    what a shocker. /sarcasm
    So neither Frank Gambale and Brett Garsed made in to the top 10 of this list.
    Brett Garsed and Paul Wardingham deserve to be in the list of top 5 Australian guitarists.
    Nice to see a reference to Cold Chisel. Not many remember them lately.
    Drew Goddard of Karnivool is one of the best Aussie Guitarist and songwriters in Australia atm, also chuck in Rob Maric of Dead Letter Circus
    wtf? clearly they never took Brett Garsed into consideration... and frank gambale?!
    stratomaiden wrote: lol isn'the only guitarist from Australia?
    Fuck off. Australia has alot of talented guitarists and talented bands.. like Ian Moss form Cold Chisel, John Brewster for the Angels and Grant Walmsley for the Screaming Jets.
    Tommy Emmanuel is probably the best guest guitarist in the world. I'm not hating on Angus, because Angus is one of the best rock guitarists of all time... but if you disagree about Tommmy, then do some research. You'll be VERY, VERY happy you did. trust me
    Chris Cheney is the best. Angus is the most popular, by far, but I think Cheney is a much better player and songwriter.
    WTF. No Joe Haley?!! Psycroptic is nuts! He does the whole hybrid picking style, but at like 250BPM doing the gnarliest riffs! I hope he even got a mention in that list.