Animals as Leaders Premiere New Single 'Tooth and Claw'

"Joy of Motion" due on March 25, new track streaming inside.

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Instrumental prog metal masters Animals as Leaders have officially premiered their new track "Tooth and Claw" off upcoming record "Joy of Motion." Featuring plenty of twists and turns, the tune is available for streaming below, so make sure to give it a listen or two.

As for the new album, "Joy of Motion" is scheduled to drop on March 25 via Sumerian Records. Marking a recording debut for drummer Matthew Garstka, the record features a "new technique" guitarist Javier Reyes expressed great excitement about.

"There are definitely sounds from the first album, there's a lot of new stuff as well," Reyes told Loud magazine. "There's a new technique we're doing, even some acoustic guitar stuff. We're going to have real drums that we haven't had in the past, so I think overall people are going to be as stoked as we are."

But back to the new song - did you give it a listen yet? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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    its only one song. still a good one. not as good as some of the older stuff, but hey i'm still excited to hear the whole album
    On bored with everyone else. Not bad, but not up to AAL's first two albums' standards either. Not enough of Tosin's typical jazz influence for me.
    he prolly just couldnt fit every kind of style you like in to a 4 minute song, wait for the other 40 minutes to come out, itll come!
    So this is what happens when a good band joins Sumarian records. A little disappointing to be honest.
    Mr Winters
    Let's hope the rest of the album is more AAL and less Sumerian-core.
    Well, knowing Sumerian, if this is the weakest and most accessible song off the album, this is going to be a damn amazing album.
    Keep in mind that Sumerian signed The Faceless. I've yet to hear one bad song by them XP
    My goodness HATERS gonna hate. This is what happens when people our allowed to voice their opinions on the net. Personally I like it, and I am sure others do as well.
    Norgz94 These are just opinions and criticism. Nothing wrong with that.
    Mr Winters
    So you're saying only people who agree with you should be allowed to voice their opinions?
    People can say they don't like something if they don't like it. I see nothing wrong with that.
    Lol. Sumerian didn't write this song. QQ "Don't you know what a producer is, don't you know what an A&R rep is" QQ Yes I do and I would bet my life Sumerian had nothing to do with this song apart from choosing it as a showcase.
    My Last Words
    I think an important factor to the sound here is the fact that it wasn't just Misha, Tosin and Javier. Nolly (from Periphery) and Diego Farias (from Volumes) were involved as well, which might explain the change in style? IMO, some parts of this song are awful (0:22), but other have that classic AAL vibe, (1:23, 31, 2:30). There are some pretty Peripheryish things going on as well, but oh well. I heard the leaked song (lippencott), which sounded pretty good. Will be pre-ordering anyways..
    At least the production on this song is much better than it was on the previous efforts. Excited to hear the full album!
    im just gonna have to stop trying to enjoy this music. my brain just doesnt want to like the chord choices this band makes...
    Now if only the other Djent bands could learn from them and ditch the god awful singers. Periphery I'm looking at you.
    Spencer is a great vocalist, man.
    I agree. I think Spencer give a great amount of uniqueness and versatility to Periphery.
    I don't want to down vote this because I like Periphery, but I can't up vote it because the singer is my least favorite part of the band.
    I think he is very talented, but his voice is like nails on chalkboard, at least to me. It took me a while to get past the vocals and be able to stomach Periphery. Theres some freaking wonderful guitar parts, but solely because of the vocals they still remain only a guilty pleasure, and not a band I can really get behind. I think that last sentence came out a little more sexual than I planned.
    Really? Spencer was the sole reason i got into Periphery, hes a damn fantastic singer, just because you dont like him dont make him awful
    Whilst I genuinely agree, it's shooting yourself in the foot financially/fame-wise to lose a singer and go instrumental. Even within the metal niche, only a tiny minority will give it any time at all. And people lap up that emo/pop-punk (and painfully American) melodic singing Sponce sings in Periphery.
    I abhor that style of singing so much, it ruins periphery for me (and a bunch of other bands), it's like the Eddie Vedder clones in the late 90's (Scott Stapp, and the rest of the post-gunge clones). Why couldn't metal have picked a decent vocal style to clone, If you have to have a certain style of singer to "get fans" your doing something wrong. Originality is apparently dead in the singing department.
    Just doesn't have the same 'oomph' as their prior works. I do prefer having an actual drummer, though; as opposed to software. Powerful stuff.
    I don't hate it, but I was hoping for more. Ah well, there's still an entire album that we haven't heard yet.
    I don't know I kind of like the change of style. I felt like all of the songs on the first 2 albums all sounded too similar with the percussive tapping and stuff.
    hmmm i'm kinda in the middle on this one. I heard another track from the new stuff though that I liked so I hope the rest of the album will be more memorable than the two tracks i've heard so far
    There's a bit of Sumeriancore going on in this but parts like 1:30 have me remembering why I love AAL. Honestly though, most of the flak this song is getting from the 20 or so seconds of breakdown at the beginning that isn't typical AAL. Real talk though, I enjoyed that. It was different. It's nice when a band remains consistent but mixes it up. Also, there's a reason people are comparing it to Veil of Maya: 1. Misha did the mix/production and all of his mixes sound exactly the same. As such, he did Veil of Maya's last album, so go listen to Eclispe and tell me this production is any different. 2. The song is in Drop B, an unusual tuning for AAL and the same tuning as, you guessed it, Veil of Maya. 3. They're on Sumerian now, so everyone's looking for a reason to assume the album was "ruined" by the new label. Just chill everyone. Really, I love everything AAL has ever put out, and this track is no different. It's honestly refreshing to hear a more groovy track that isn't all over the place with a solid feel and motif. Nothing wrong with that, plus Misha's mixes, while way too similar if you ask me, are very very good. TL;DR - Anyone who isn't feeling this, I wouldn't worry about Sumerian "ruining" AAL. The album announcement/teaser excerpt was beautiful and Sumerian has a great track record of releasing the most accessible or "br00tal" track instead of the progressive/technical ones first to get all the kiddies riled up *cough After the Burial cough*
    The Spoon
    Dang, the first minute or so of this song was really incredible. The rest of it was pretty groovy and not bad. I enjoyed it. It was a little sumerian core-esque, but it had that AAL touch to it. Actually kinda excited for this album now, Weightless put me to sleep.
    well...didn't blow my mind like the old AAL, i wouldn't listen to this while trying to fall asleep.