Animals as Leaders: 'We're Not Perfectionists'

artist: Animals as Leaders date: 01/14/2014 category: music news
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Animals as Leaders: 'We're Not Perfectionists'
As instrumental prog metallers Animals as Leaders are cooking up the spring release of their new album, guitarist Javier Reyes discussed the band's recording approach and work ethics.

Despite what most would expect from such a technically advanced act, Reyes insists that the trio is by no means overly pedantic. "I don't think we're perfectionists," he told Tone Deaf. "It may seem like we are but I don’t think so. When we first started, we were trying to read critic reviews a lot because it was exciting that people cared. But I've definitely stopped caring about what critics say. We're just trying to do what we do. We're stoked that we can keep doing it and we'll keep doing it as much as we can."

Discussing the new album that "should be released around March-April," Javier vaguely described the group's intentions with the fresh material. "I think it starts off as an idea, an aesthetic that we want to try and achieve, an Animals as Leaders sound," he explained. "It's hard to say. I don't think there is an overall goal. We try and write what sounds good to us, and what Animals As Leaders is to us, or just what we think it is.

Finally, the axeman focused on the band's North American tour with Meshuggah back in early 2013, giving Kudos to Swedish djent masters as one of the finest live acts out there. "I learned a lot, and then I learned that they invented some of the heaviest music you could ever write, in 1996 or something [laughs]," he said. "I was just stoked every day and being a fan girl watching Meshuggah. Pretty amazing."

Animals as Leaders are currently busy tracking and wrapping up the new effort. As Reyes noted during a separate Loud magazine chat, the band is most excited about implementing a "new technique," as well as using "real drums," something the trio hasn't done in the past.
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