Anselmo Doesn't Know Why Vinnie Paul Is Scared of Him

Singer talks about difficult relations with former bandmate.

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Philip Anselmo has been speaking with Loudwire (via Blabbermouth) about the ongoing rift between him and Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. As Anselmo notes, his missed having a friendship with his former bandmate: "I am a music fan. I hate reading about f--king my favorite bands arguing or inner turmoil or anything like that, especially under these circumstances. It's kind of unfair to the fans. "I'm sick of the fence riding, or the fence in general, because it took all of us to break the band up. "The truth is, when I was doing terribly, and I realized that Pantera was dissolving and [Vinnie Paul and Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell] had moved on and they were doing Damageplan, the first thing I did was call Vince. And he was, like, 'Man, this is what we're doing.' He was actually pretty cool about it. And he said, 'It's good to hear from you.' And I said, 'What do you think, man? I wanna talk to Darrell.' He goes, 'Man, I don't know. He's really upset with you.' And I called [Darrell]. And he was short, he was to the point. He said, 'We're sick of waitin' for you. We're gonna go ahead and do Damageplan.' And that day I knew Pantera was over." Anselmo also noted that he has been unable to reach out publicly to the drummer: "There was no public attempt, really; it was just [me being asked about it in] interviews. It was really just interviews. "He's surrounded by security guards. Man, if I showed my face, Jesus Christ... "I don't know why he's scared of me. He's got this fear. I think it all comes from deep love, really. 'Cause when you love something, or somebody, so much and things go backwards, that if you love 'em that much, then eventually the word 'hate' comes in, and you can hate 'em even worse. So... "I know the dude loves me. I know he does. And I miss him."

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    Sewage Rat
    What a face!
    Right?? Imagine him making that face and saying, "I don't know WHY I scare people!"
    Imagine him making that face and saying "I know the dude loves me. I know he does. And I miss him."
    I really wish they'd just settle their differences. I grew up obsessing over Pantera and I love everything they've all done (except Hellyeah) but it'd be amazing to hear the 2 of them back together killing it. Phils voice needs those trademark machine gun blast drums behind him.
    Just a thought, but is Rex still on speaking terms with Vinnie Paul? If so, why doesn't he act as a sort of mediator between him and Phil?
    Irwin Navarro
    IF ever Pantera does reunite, who'll fill on for Dimebag's spot? Dave Mustaine? Zakk Wylde? Synyster Gates?
    I'd like to see a bunch of guitarists take over guitar duties. All those you mentioned, and then maybe Robb Flynn, Kerry King, Scott Ian... I think it'd be killer if Ace Frehley joined in since he was Dime's favorite
    Please not Kerry King, I'd rather not hear Pantera's solos get butchered.
    Synester Gates? Really? I know he's got all kinds of talent, but he's so boring. Oooh look at me, I can play a million notes a second! Good for you. Now try make them all count.
    Gates would be a good fit. He's nailed both Pantera songs Avenged covered. He's got the melodic side and fluency of Dime's playing that dudes like Wylde lack. Vinnie Paul is friends with the guys. Phil and The Rev even covered "Walk" with Metal Skool... so I'm sure it would be approved by everybody involved in Pantera... except for the oh-so cool Avenged hating m3t4l headz that troll internet forums, much like half of this site.
    They shouldn't reunite. Especially with that Gates dude on guitar. I really wish the reunion comments and rumors would stop.
    Off topic statement: I just wished that Phil Anselmo and the band could've adapted more of their "The Great Southern Trendkill" tracks because that album is still something that the other eight albums can't touch. Ever. Bad or not, good or not, the album showed the dark side of Pantera and boy was it a fun trip to endeavor when you first plug it in the stereo man.
    NEW ULTIMATE GUITAR ARTICLE: Phil anselmo is very lonely because he has no friends.