Anthrax Announce New Guitar Player

Jon Donais of Shadows Fall confirmed as band's permanent axeman.

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After filling in on the position of guitarist for over six months, Jon Donais of Shadows Fall was now announced by Scott Ian as a permanent Anthrax axeman.

While chatting with Team Rock, Ian stated he considers the matter pretty much closed, noting that Donais passed all the tests.

"Jon's been with us since February, and I think I can safely say he's passed the audition," the axeman said. "I know we haven't said anything official yet, but in my mind, he's the guy. I'm sure some type of official announcement - because in this world, people apparently need that kind of information so they can sleep well at night. But as far as I'm concerned, Jon is the guitar player in Anthrax."

Donais previoulsy revealed that he was asked by the band's former guitarist Rob Caggiano about filling in after his Anthrax departure.

"Initially, Rob called and told me he was leaving the band, and asked if I'd be interested in filling in," he said. "Then Scott called me and everything fell into place."

Anthrax released their latest studio effort "Worship Music" in September 2011 via Megaforce Records, climbing No. 12 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with 28,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

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    I just saw them live few weeks ago, and i just couldn't figure out who the hell he was, but now i know xD
    Hope this doesn't mean that Jon will be leaving SF, or that SF will be taking breaks to fit Anthrax's touring schedule.. been waiting a long time for them to come back to the UK.
    If this is going to negatively affect Shadows Fall, even in the slightest, I'm upset. They're easily the best New Wave band from the early millenium.
    Just dont pull a "Gary Holt" & forget about shadows fall so you can be in the big 4
    Guess Shadows Fall will be taking a break...damn
    idk. I talked to Jason their drummer at a clinic the other day and they have tour plans. their using a touring guitarist now, but shadows fall still plans on being active, with or without jon!
    damn I figured Spitz would come back, but oh well. Shitty that Rob isn't in the band anymore, but i'm sure this dude will do badass!
    Means Donais will put Shadows Fall on the back burner Which upsets me a lot
    Hell yeah!! That's just what I wanted to hear. He was great with anthrax on the metal alliance tour.
    Yawn. Anthrax blows, and they have since ATL. I was backstage at Metal Alliance (friends w/Exodus) and Scott Ian is a diminutive douchebag. Joey & Frank, on the other hand, were awesome.
    Waiste of talent.
    Waste of correct spelling/grammar skills* For real, though, are you high? Donais is a great player, and definitely fits the bill more than Rob does. Although Rob is a great player as well, Donais is a breath of fresh air for Anthrax. New energy, and he, being in a band like Shadows Fall, can bring tons of heavy riffs and solos in for Anthrax. I'm all for this.
    Hope they get some new material out soon. How impressive was Joey on the Anthems EP? The next album should be better than Worship Music since they can write for Joey's voice and not Dan's.
    Hmm, another much younger guitar player in the band. I wonder if this will be a trend (not that I'm complaining, 'cause they still kick major arse)
    saw them at metal alliance tour in portland. my first concert!! it was awesome!
    Just about the worst time possible for a roster change. But of course, Anthrax never make things easy on themselves.
    i love jon's playing, the war within was one of the reasons i decided to pick up the guitar
    Saw them last week at Brutal Assault, he played very well so I'm happy with this!