Anthrax Bassist Remembers Last Moment With Cliff Burton: 'Maybe I'll See You Tomorrow'

Frank Bello shares emotional story about the final encounter with bass legend.

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Anthrax bassist Frank Bello shared an emotional story about his final encounter with late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton.

As Frank told Loudwire, Anthrax were supporting the metal titans on tour at the time, allowing them to see each other on a daily basis.

"After our show and Metallica's show, we'd go into catering and get something for the bus to eat," the musician kicked off. "So we'd all wind up in there, sit down, maybe have coffee and talk about the show or something.

"So Cliff and I would do that, and the last thing we would say to each other in a joking way [was] 'Maybe I'll see you tomorrow' and 'Maybe I will.' So I said - I started this one the last night Cliff was alive - I said, 'Hey Cliff, maybe I'll see you tomorrow.' And as he's leaving the room - the last thing - he goes, 'Maybe I will.'

"That's what's in my head right now. That's, swear to God ... God rest his soul. He was awesome in every way."

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    I have a similar story like and a close friend who i went to college with, were talking over the phone one night, he was kinda upset about a few things and wasn't planning on coming the next day. But I managed to cheer him up slightly and said to him "maybe i'll see you tomorrow then? and he replied "yeah maybe I will"...unfortunately he killed himself later that night. I'll never forget that conversation for as long as I live
    I too have a story like that. I had a friend who was pretty sick, had massive heart issues and did a lot of cocaine (not a good combination I know). I hadn't seen the guy in 2 months and when I saw him he had lost tons of weight and looked awful. I was so happy to see him and talked to him for awhile and was meant to see him the next day and said to him "See you tomorrow", he just smiled at me. He died in his sleep that night of an "accidental overdose". Never take anything for granted.
    I was at the last gig in one local club before that club closed, that was June of 2009. While hanging around outside, chatting with acquaintances, I met an unfamiliar guy. We shared some beers, chatted for quite a time (everything's hazy about that evening, due to obvious circumstances). Later that year, I went to a market to buy this and that. I entered the small dairy shop, and there was that guy, dressed in all white, and looking bored as hell. I bought what I wanted, and asked "Hey, aren't you that guy from the gig?", he said "Yeeeeah! Now I remember where do I know you from!". So we chatted again about this and that, being interrupted by old ladies coming in and out. So I said "Ok, man, gotta go back home, see you later!", he said "Yep, see ya later!". And in January 2010 a post appeared on one local forum, in the group of that now-closed-club. A guy who made the post wrote that his friend passed away last night, after drinking a few beers, going to sleep and never waking up again. The photo of the deceased attached to the post was the photo of that dude from the dairy shop. The sight of him in his working uniform is still in front of my eyes
    I was walking to the subway station with my work colleague after work back in a wednesday of March. We were joking and having fun. He didnt came in the following day... We learnt on friday morning that he commited suicide by hanging the day before. I'm still having a hard time coping with that.
    you can see genuine sorrow in Frank's eye's. i was fortunate to see Metallica & Anthrax 6 days before Cliff died. Probably the best gig i've ever been to.