Anthrax Jams 'Bring the Noise' With Limp Bizkit

Bands team up for a Public Enemy cover - watch the explosive performance here.

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As Blabbermouth reports, fan filmed video has emerged of Anthrax members Scott Ian, Frank Bello and Joey Belladonna joining Limp Bizkit onstage for a cover of "Bring the Noise."

The team-up, which recreated the original collaboration between Anthrax and Public Enemy on the track occurred in Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday (June 24th).

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Scott Ian recently spoke with the Cleveland Music Examiner about what prompted Anthrax to collaborate with Public Enemy on the track, and the influence that the collaboration still has 25 years on:

"By that point, there was a new audience, and we certainly reached a lot of new people with that Public Enemy track. People who maybe weren't into what we'd done before, or who weren't metalheads. So that track crossed over for us and took us into a new zone. But it's funny, because we haven't done anything rap or crossed over since 'Bring the Noise,' yet people once again still talk about it, which shows me how special it was. 

"People still want to hear it and people still reference it all the time, and it's almost 25 years old. And sometimes we're categorized as a 'rap metal' band, when we only ever did the two songs - other then maybe screwing around with 'Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun' with the Beastie Boys as a B-side - but yeah. People still talk about it as if that's what we do."

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    I thought it was pretty cool. Seemed a bit off in parts musically but a cool jam nonetheless
    When Anthrax and Public Enemy paired up, it was awesome. This is not awesome. Maybe I'm just still salty about Limp Bizkit covering Behind Blue Eyes... not covering.. butchering.
    wait a second, Limp Bizkit is still around and still touring? wait another second, there are still people that go to Limp Bizkit concerts? I think of Limp Bizkit like I do cholera. Im like "what year is this? that shit STILL exists?"
    Ehhhh yee its cool... tho an actual cover and not just a jam would have been amazing
    Really not the same without Charlie's blast beats, but they tried, and I always respect a cover.