Anthrax May Play Another Classic Album Live

Although it probably won't be "State of Euphoria."

Ultimate Guitar

In a recent interview with DigBoston, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has revealed that the band probably won't be playing 1988's "State of Euphoria" album any time soon because Benante doesn't like it. That said, a full run through of "Persistence of Time" may be on the cards:

Explaining why did Anthrax decide to cover "Among the Living" live on the "Metal Alliance" tour instead of "Persistence Of Time", Benante said (via Blabbermouth): "I don't know. That's a good question to ask; maybe we're saving that for another time. This was the one that came up, that people asked about, so that's why I guess we're doing it. Maybe we're testing it to see how well it does and then maybe we can open up the other records, which of course, "State of Euphoria" being my least favorite, I would hate to do it."

Benante also talked about Jon Donais, the replacement for guitarist Rob Caggiano, who unexpectedly quit the band earlier this year.

"The thing about those of those guys is that they're very quiet," he said, "Jon is very quiet. If you're sitting in a room with Jon, he's there playing his guitar [and] doesn't say much, like Rob. Both good guys and both really good guitar players."

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    Sound of White Noise!
    Not without John Bush. Belladonna's voice isn't suited for that material. It was cool to see him sing Only but I can't imagine Black Lodge or Potters Field.
    I'd prefer 'Spreading the Disease', but that's still really cool. (Coincidentally, I'm wearing a 'Persistence of Time' t-shirt while writing this.)
    Would like to see persistance of time.its a solid album.state of euphoria took a while to grow on me but now its one of my least Charlies honest enough to admit he doesnt like it.
    That's a shame, State of Euphoria is a great album. Would be cool to see them perform Spreading the Disease or Persistence of Time in whole, though.