Anthrax Name Stand-In Axeman

Anthrax have named Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais as temporary replacement for Rob Caggiano.

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Anthrax have named Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais as temporary replacement for Rob Caggiano who recommended him for the role before leaving the band.

And as the thrash giants gear up for the release of their covers EP, they insist they're not holding auditions to find their new full-time axeman.

Donais explains: "Rob called and told me he was leaving the band, and asked if I'd be interested in filling in. Rob and I are using Skype to work on solos and other guitar parts he's being great."

Scott Ian says of the stand-in musician: "Jon is a bro and he's also a total fucking ripper. I've worked with him twice before on side-projects and he tears it up. I'm excited to have him on my right 13′s going to be a good year."

The band have stated they're not looking form outside their own network for a full-time replacement for Caggiano. They explained online: "We love you all, and are confident you shred like Yngwie Malmsteen after a case of Red Bull, but to answer all 57,000 messages at once, we are not doing auditions for lead guitarist."

Anthrax will release their covers EP "Anthem" on March 18. It includes their interpretations of "Anthem" (Rush), "Jailbreak" (Thin Lizzy), "TNT" (AC/DC), "Big Eyes" (Cheap Trick), "Smokin'" (Boston) and "Keep On Runnin'" (Journey). Ian recently said he was so impressed with singer Joey Belladonna's take on Journey that there were concerns he might end up joining Neal Schon's outfit.

Meanwhile, former Anthrax singer Dan Bush has left Blackgates, the band he formed after his dismissal from Anthrax in 2009. Drummer Paul Bostaph and guitarist Jeremy Epp explain: "Dan has decided he wants to concentrate full-time on being a father to his newborn son, along with focusing on his own musical endeavours. He'll always be family."

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    Also, for the future, I think it would be really cool if Anthrax would go with Steve Smyth as their permanent lead guitarist, very underrated guy who would be a great fit for their sound and could contribute with a lot of elements, given the current state of Forbidden as well.
    No doubt Steve Smyth can easily wear Rob's shoes for 'Thrax, though I don't think Steve would be the right choice for them. I just find his style is way off the Anthrax sound. Forbidden tend to be on the melancholic side of thrash where Anthrax is pure unadulterated fun. That being said, someone like John Connelly or Anthony Bramante would be the perfect choice. They're no virtuoso's but they definitely get the Anthrax sound. P.S. Such a shame about what happened to Forbidden. I'd hoped that things would be better for them after the thrash onslaught Omega Wave was.
    Good call, man, Nuclear Assault is a great band. I get your point, I'm just thinking that Steve's possible inclusion could bring Anthrax into some for them uncharted territory, with more chances to explore more diverse and technical phrasing. But I'm happy as long as they keep doing what they're comfortable with, and as long as you can hear it's 'thrax, lol.
    Good choice, Jon is a very talented guitarist both technically and emotionally.
    Vicryl 2.0
    they could just ask Danny Spitz to fill up atleast for a while... that would be cool..
    this guy is the shit, his solo for redemption is still one of favorites to date
    Anthem is quite a heavy Rush song, i love the performance of it on All The World's A Stage. This sounds like it'll be a great EP.
    I think they should consider hiring Erock! If you don't know him, he's a guitarist on youtube who makes "everything-meets-metal" videos, ie: Mario Meets Metal, Halo Meets Metal, Skrillex Meets Metal, etc. This is his newest video:
    Shadows Fall? Are they like some pop-punk-ballet group? Their guitarist looks like he'd be into that.
    I was really shooting for rusty to take the lead job, i think his style would bode well with theirs.
    This should be a good match, Donais is actually probably better than any lead guitarist that's ever played with Anthrax. PS - I FINALLY listened to "Worship Music" and it's GREAT!!!
    I wish they would grab someone from the Death metal world, it would be beastly as all ****