Anthrax, Pantera and Soulfly Men to Start All-Star Supergroup

Some of the biggest names in metal have lined up to form a supergroup called the Metal Allstars.

Ultimate Guitar

Phil Anselmo (ex-Pantera, Down), Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura) and Udo Dirkschneider (UDO, ex-Accept) will front the band on a tour of South America in November, Team Rock Radio reports.

They'll be joined by Jon Donais, Brian Fair and Matt Bachand of Shadows Fall, Jasin Todd of Shinedown and Aaron Rossi of Ministry. The band will be named the Metal Allstars.

And more names are set to be announced for the trip, which will raise funds for the charity Ride for Dime, set up in memory of murdered Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell.

Cavalera says: "I'm so proud to announce the coming of the supergroup. We're going to have great fun and there's going to be amazing metal. Everybody knows I love collaboration this one's going to be exceptional."

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    Great idea, but they could've been more creative with the name.
    Lee Makky
    I expected some badass metal sounding name, but the "All-stars" part makes it sound like a charity basketball team.
    I understand it's for charity and all, which is great. But my god. Metal All-Stars? Makes me cringe.
    Yeah maybe Allstars Metal(sarcasm)... Now that I think of it it does sound better.
    I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for saying this, and it's hard for me to say it because I love Phil, but if he doesn't get do something to get his voice in shape (hire a vocal teacher or something), then this whole thing is better off without him. Have you seen any of his newest shows? The guy can't sing a single f**king note for his life. I know what he's been through in his life, but still, come on...
    there was a clip from hellfest where he was singing with Voivod and him trying to keep with the voivod singer it was just painful i had to stop watching and i LOVE voivod and phil
    A band with Belladonna, UDO and Phil, why didn't they call it "Guys Who Used To Sing Much Better"? J/K, I'll be first in line to buy this one.
    it'll only be a day until Vinnie Paul comes out and says something about how he doesn't like Phil "donating" time to his brother's memorial fund.
    This is gonna be huge! Anselmo & Cavalera on one stage, how cool is that. And all that for the mighty Dimebag.
    Pretty sure the Joker beat Jason Todd to death using a crowbar, nice try UG.
    Not gonna lie, this is not going to end well. Phil has a habit of being horrendously prickly, and having a whole bunch of what are essentially metal frontmen in a group will end in some semi-decent songs and then fizzle out.
    3 great singers. Arrowhead, Belladonna is firing hot since the reunion man!
    I'll be honest, I haven't listened to the new Anthrax yet. Just going by his work alone over the years. I still love all three singers, for sure. They're just three strong examples of dudes that lost their higher ranges with age.
    funny how it says Jasin Todd of Shinedown though he's been gone for years now
    I'm guessing it'll just be a bunch of covers they play, fair old line up though, some legends amongst that lot.
    Phil Anselmo sucks. I mean he really, reeeeeally sucks. All the heroin, ego and hookers have turned him into a joke. Metal Allstars, eh? Name definitely sucks. Aside from that I see talent in this, BUT. With a crappy name like that and Phil involved, I can only imagine how cliche and stereotypical this is going to be. That's just going to make metal's reputation even worse.
    Wait, Phil Anselmo's inclusion would tarnish metal's reputation? Seriously? I think you should take a step back and have a long look at the bands that are flooding the metal scene today. There's far worse than Phil Anselmo, I can assure you.
    I am definitely a fan of Shinedown, but a member from Shinedown being in a band called "METAL All Stars"? Shinedown Metal? Really?
    Cool to see Jasin Todd in there, wish Shinedown would let him back
    I saw Udo play with his solo band back in March, and the dude didn't miss a note.
    Would seem like a lame cash-in if it weren't for the charity, this is good shit.