Anthrax Promise 'No More Line-Up Changes'

Worship Music line-up is "last and only version" of band.

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Anthrax have been no stranger to fluctuating line-ups in recent years. However, as Classic Rock reports, Guitarist Scott Ian is confident that the current group, which features re-instated front man Joey Belladonna, will be the "last and only version" of Anthrax: "I've gone on record saying this will be the only version of Anthrax until there is no Anthrax. That's how I feel, absolutely, in my heart. "I don't see why we would do anything different. This band sounds so great - we made a great record. I'm super-excited about the future of this band creatively".

The past ten years have seen some turbulent times for Anthrax. While the band's classic Among The living line-up reunited in 2005, front man Joey Belladonna left soon afterwards. He was replaced by young front man Dan Nelson, who was dramatically fired from the band to be temporarily replaced by former singer John Bush before Belladonna again returned to the fold. Now, Ian notes that their classic frontman is there to stay, and cites the "manic energy" that he brings as being the reason for the band's success.

"There's a certain maniacal energy that Joey has.That's his thing. If I compare him to our contemporaries in the Big 4, between James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine and Tom Araya you've got three frontmen that are all attached to the microphone. "But Joey's all over the place on stage. He's a maniac. I always felt that was one of the things that gave us the kick in the ass we needed to be able to break through and make it".

Worship Music, the first album to feature Belladonna on vocals since 1991, was released last year.

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    I'm going to give this a few years before I call bullshit. If Joey is still around, then I'll eat my words.
    Anthrax, to me, isn't Anthrax without Joey!!! Great news, just hope it sticks!!! And 'Worship Music' was truly epic.
    The reason the rest of them stay at the microphone is because they can't hold it; they're all playing instruments. But anyway I hope this is true
    Those guys could always go the Garth Brooks, Brittney Spears, Sammy Hagar, etc. route of having a mic on a headset. I often wonder why more people don't do that. It must be that remote mic headsets just aren't where active musicians need them to be. I really don't know. Discuss!
    Id rather they not do that. David Lee Roth looked like he was in a broadway show when he had his headset on for the beginning of their tour. It just doesnt look good.
    you just cant get the dynamics of being closer or further away from the mic if you use a headset... like the trail off of a metal scream as you pull the mic away...
    (I meant that the wireless mic technology isn't where they need it to be yet.)
    I'm going to save this article in my favourites, just so I can pull it out when the inevitable happens.
    I really hope this is the case. Saw them last Saturday and they were nothing short of incredible
    I was there and I agree 100%. My only complaint was with the sound, and that Joey wasn't higher in the mix. When I could hear him, though, he sounded fantastic. After I saw the live Big 4 'Am I Evil' jams, I was worried about his live ability, but he really can still belt out the highs without issue. Scott's right that Joey really has a special live element that connects with people. I know this will sound lame, but I actually overheard some guy telling his buddies after the show, "this one time, I swear, he looked right at me!" That just shows that it still means something to fans to make that connection.
    I seen don felder this summer at a festival and when he played the hotel california solo he starred directly at me the entire solo. I think cuz i was close to the stage and his set was early in the afternoon so there was less people. And i was the only dude with long hair there so he may have sensed i was a guitar player and felt the need to inspire a young 17 year old fan. But anyway it was way cool.
    i don't mind that dan nelson is not in the band i really think rob caggiano is doing real good in anthrax but i will say is that with joey in the band they sound like what made me a fan of anthrax
    "But Joey's all over the place on stage" Kinda helps when you don't have to hold an instrument while singing, just sayian...
    Seriously how could anyone consider John Bush over Joey in Anthrax. Im tired of the clueless opinions of the late 90s early 2000s kids. Last I heard Worship Music was pretty solid and sure it had alot more to do with thier popularity as opposed to the big 4 shows.
    I Personally didn't like worship music, especially "The Devil You Know". It sounds a lot like they are trying to follow the more popular metal route. Not a problem for me though, they have TONNES of brilliant songs and albums.
    Well now that Metallica single handedly threw them into the spotlight and resurrected their career by bringing them on the Big 4 tour...the money is too good to leave the band I guess.
    That sounds harsh but it's true. Anthrax would probably still be around but without Metallica and the Big 4 tours I highly doubt they would be doing as well as they are now.
    It's such a shame though. Anthrax are my second favourite of the Big 4, but they hardly get recognised. It's nice to watch big 4 videos on youtube without fans arguing about who is the best, and you don't get that on Anthrax videos.
    Beavis: So this is the final line up of the band. Butthead: Uh no it's not. Our vocalist left us this morning...dumbass.
    Anthrax just never did much for me. Weakest member of the Big 4 IMO.
    Weakest? I dunno. But definitely not musically. In terms of technical brilliance IMHO, its Megadeth > Anthrax > Metallica > Slayer Oh and BTW, Slayer is still one of my favourites.
    I would not put "Anthrax > Metallica" on that aspect, And Justice For All is probably the most technical album made by a Big 4 band. I'd put Anthrax before Megadeth, though.
    *cough*Rust In Peace*cough*
    Marty Friedman is responsible for half of the technical aspect of Rust in Peace, if not more. I kind of talk about the band in its entirety. And go get some cough syrup, looks like you got a cold there bro.
    La Moda
    wait did I miss something? RIP was done when friedman was auditioning. all he did was lay down leads, which don't even make up for half of that albums technicality IMO
    Woah, Marty was responsible for Nick's drum-work in Poison Was The Cure and Take No Prisoner now? Thanks for the syrup advice
    If I'm honest I used to think that, but once I started listening to them more, I REALLY got into them.
    More Scott Ian bullshit. They would have loved to have Bush back but would rather have Joey come in and sing Worship Music than start from scratch with Bush. There's good tracks on Worship Music, but the one-two punch of WCFYA and TGOTE were incredible. I am amazed at the patience Bush has had with the band to put out the killer WCFYA and then do a retro-redux, get side-lined for a reunion tour that didn't bring in the money like the band hoped, and then even come back to save their ass on huge gigs after they fired Dan Nelson. I still hope for a Bush reunion, or that imagined Bush & Joey dual-tour.
    You're absolutely right. How dare these different individuals have a different opinion to you. They should all come to your house so you can teach them everything they like and everything they hate.
    I can't help it... I just can't stand Joey Belladonna's voice and I think it's held Anthrax back for a lot of their career. The ideal Anthrax would be "Among the Living" thru "Persistence of Time" with John Bush on vocals.
    This article, as well as seeing the 'Scott Ian comedy album with Brien Posehn' article sparked an Anthrax kick. Among the Living, State of Euphoria, Persistence of Time... yeah!
    La Moda
    all friedman did for RIP was lay down leads, so if you're saying that the leads make it a technical album i must be deaf. just my opinion though.
    Joey's great, glad to hear this! Never liked John Bush at all, too ARGHARGHARGH for me, whereas Joey's got a nice, melodic voice which can actually be appreciated outside of the music(I find with a lot of thrash the vocals turn me off, early Exodus being a prime example...). I'd like to see Spitz back just because I love his style, but to my understanding he wasn't too much a fan of the lifestyle, so if they're sticking with Caggiano its' all fine. All I know is, I love me some 'Thrax!
    Seen them w/ Joey last December with Testament and i gotta say, Joey sounded pretty damn good.
    Sorry, don't know why my post got put above. It should have been a response to v8rman.
    no kick rob out and get Dan back need more acoustic ssc type stuff. If Joey leaves they are done.
    I do hope that Scott is right. (Well, Dan Spitz is still missing in action, but hey, whatever.) Regardless, I didn't know that Dan Nelson was fired. Anyone mind telling me what happened to him?
    The nice thing is the Joey and John get along, so the possibility of John coming on stage is always there. Joey sang a few times when John was the lead singer. John belongs in Armored Saint, Joey in Anthrax