Anthrax: This Is Our Most Underrated Song

"It's probably the most radio-friendly song we ever had, but because of that 'heavy metal stigma' that is always attached to us, we don't get a fair shake in radio."

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Anthrax: This Is Our Most Underrated Song

Drummer Charlie Benante was asked by Songfacts to single out what he sees as the most underrated Anthrax song, to which he replied:

"This last album that we put out [2016's 'For All Kings'], we had a song called 'Breathing Lightning.'

"It's probably the most radio-friendly song we ever had, but because of that 'heavy metal stigma' that is always attached to us, we don't get a fair shake in radio.

"It definitely was eligible for that type of thing, because when that song was being added to radio, I saw all the other songs that were on the charts and I thought to myself, 'Well, this one has more accessibility than a lot of these songs.'

"The reason why these bands that are on the charts with songs is only because they've had radio prior to that. So, I just think that this whole way the music business is run and structured - especially nowadays - is just completely wrong."

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    Fuck radio. All they want is a current flash in the pan song they can spam for the next month in the hopes that their advertisers get a few more dollars.
    Radio is still a good way to introduce new, upcoming artists.  Doesn't water everything down like the Internet does - like looking for a needle in a haystack online - and I can't be bothered weeding through it.  That said, yeah, not a lot of good new tunes on radio these days. That's why a lot of stations are still playing music from the 90s and early 2000s.  I was convinced there'd be another major breakthrough wave of a new music by 2010. Still hasn't happened. That's why people keep saying rock is dead. Hope they're wrong.
    Nobody under the age of 40 listens to terrestrial radio. I do think Sirius still has the power to break bands, but FM radio is dying on the vine. Stations are still playing songs from the 70s, 80's and 90's because that is their audience. There have been numerous musical breakthroughs in the last decade, but your local station is playing Freebird for the 10,000th time because that is what their audience wants. If new music sold ads they would play new music, but believe it or not, the geriatrics who still listen to the radio have no interest in new music. Regardless of how good it is.
    Well that's business. You want to make the most money? Play what's popular, there are plenty of stations that play older music from specific genres, they just don't make nearly as much money. If you don't like pop music, maybe stop listening to pop stations?
    They made it to Satellite though. That is where I first heard Breathing Lightning. Great song that still sounds classically like Anthrax. 
    Idk about underrated songs with these guys, but their most radio friendly song was 100% definately Safe Home off of We've Come for You All
    Along with Breathing Lightning, I would also put I'm Alive as one of they're most underrated songs
    For All Kings is one of my favorite thrash albums. 2016 was such a great year for Tharsh. 
    Around the NYC area there aren't any major radio stations that even play current rock music, let alone metal. The only way you're getting on a radio station in this area is if your music consists of synths, dance beats, and/or features Sia or Kendrick Lamar 
    Not sure why he thinks not getting on the radio means you're underrated.  If anything, it's a compliment.
    Anthrax sucks. Its almost unbearable. Its not underrated.... that isnt even logical.
    To be honest I feel like Breathing Lightning sounds more like it should be a Dream Theater song than an Anthrax song to me.
    Catarsis, Stealing from a Thief or Inside out I would say are their most underrated songs and they are fantastic.
    Then again, its Charlie Benante who is talking. Half of the time he just spits out bullshit. In fact that only time I agreed with him was when he said that most of metalheads are closeminded
    I would say that anything off of Persistence of Time would fit the title of most underrated song. My pick would be Belly of the Beast.