Anthrax to Record in Westeros Throne Room

New album is coming...

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Anthrax are set to record drums for their next record in the Westeros throne room, Classic Rock reports.

The majestic hall in the fictional city of King's Landing is where many of the incredible storylines on hit TV show "Game of Thrones" are played out – and where the dreaded Iron Throne is kept.

Anthrax mainman Scott Ian is a huge fan of the series and has revealed the band will record drums for a new album in the throne room, which forms part of the HBO show's set in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Ian has a friend who works in HBO's accounting department and he was introduced to GOT executive producer DB Weiss – who it turns out is an Anthrax fanatic.

Ian tells the Metal Hammer Magazine show on TeamRock Radio: "I asked Dan Weiss 'Hey man, what would be the possibility of us recording the drums for the next album in the throne room?' Like we bring a mobile studio and set up the drums, mic everything and record in here. He says 'Oh my God that would be the sickest thing ever. We know the guys that can make that possible.'

"All of you out there who watch 'Game of Thrones,' much like me, probably think it is a very metal TV show. And just know, the reason for that is that one of the creators of it is a huge metalhead."

Ian says the band's 11th album will be released in 2015.

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    They should record the new album in the RV where meth was made in Breaking bad instead.
    I'd prefer using a room that sounds good for drums.
    Nothing than a couple of panels cannot solve. And despite Ian being a huge GoT fan I don't think he's deaf, just by walking into the room he may have notice the reverb time of the place.
    Let's hope so. But with drums it takes the right room, not just panels With pretty much anything else it's the same wherever you do it.
    Hope the new album is like Worship Music, that was the most awesome album of the last decade or so!
    Hell man, Game Of Thrones is EVERYWHERE now. They even have a tab of the main theme song in the new Guitar World magazine. ._. It's become literally the most mainstream possible thing in the world. You want to look like a total nerd? GAME OF THRONES! Want to look like a mainstream 20-something adult? GAME OF THRONES! I'm sure Anthrax's new record will be okay. Never hated this band.
    Hipster that much? I don't care if the show is mainstream or not, I enjoy it.
    The Virtuoso
    "You sound like a bloody woman." -Brienne of Tarth I think it's great that Martin's work is receiving so much attention. It is well deserved based on the story he has crafted in ASOIAF. I don't see why anyone cares too much what Anthrax is doing. They're fans of the show, and they saw an opportunity to do something fun on the set. Hell, I would jump at an opportunity like this too as a massive fan of the show and books. It's not like this is going to be a selling point for the album; it's just something fun that got some attention, and now people think Anthrax are using this as some gimmick to piggyback off GoT's success. They're fans and they are doing something fun. Who cares.
    Your point being?
    I'm not a fan of the show, in the slightest, and it's literally impossible to get away from people recommending it to me, everyone thinks I absolutely MUST watch it. I've had people even tell me I was absurd for disliking the show (in words less kind than those). Simply for stating my distaste for the show. Based on the downvotes I'm getting, I'm only being proved right. Either fall into line and like what everyone else does, choose not to express your distaste, or be labeled an outcast. Not to mention that my Facebook news feed is almost entirely GoT-related now. It's like you can't escape this show without completely disconnecting from society. At least in my circles... it's everywhere o_O
    Christ, I get tired of being recommended it every other day too, but you sound like a brat. "Simply for stating my distaste for the show. Based on the downvotes I'm getting, I'm only being proved right. Either fall into line and like what everyone else does, choose not to express your distaste, or be labeled an outcast." If that's something you actually believe, you're delusional. People would be surprisingly more receptive to your opinions if you didn't state them like an abrasive hipster. I mean, I can agree with you on paper and still think you sound like a douchebag, so it has absolutely nothing to do with you hitting a nerve, and everything to do with your delivery.
    Brace yourselves, Anthrax is coming! ...That can be either really cool, or really really horrible.
    why are metalheads such loser nerds? shit taste in music. shit taste in tv shows.
    maybe focus on writing and not what cheesy gimmick and maybe Anthrax can capture what they once had! P.S. Tell Scott Ian to stop being VH1's guest bitch