Anthrax: 'We're Hoping Lady Gaga Will Cover Our Song'

"She's a huge metalhead, she knows her s--t," Scott Ian adds.

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Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has recently expressed hopes that Lady Gaga would cover one of his band' tunes, praising the pop star as "a huge metalhead."

"We are actually hoping Lady Gaga will cover an Anthrax song," he told NME. "'Cause we know she's a big fan, and Charlie [Benante] is actually friends with her, our drummer, and so is our bass player, Frankie [Bello], actually.

"And she is a huge metalhead," Scott continued (via Blabbermouth). "She knows her s--t. She knows all about Anthrax and she knows things that we don't even remember. So I jokingly said once, 'Tell her to cover one of our songs and put it on iTunes.' [Laughs]"

During a separate Kaaos TV chat, Ian noted that not much new has happened when it comes to the band's new album.

"Nothing's finished," he kicked off when asked about "Worship Music" follow-up. "There's more ideas than 12, probably about 16 or 17. Nothing's finished at all, everything's in some state of construction - some are closer to being finished, some are just an idea. It's just a work in progress."

Asked about plans to hit the studio, the guitarist replied, "There's no plan. Just like 'Worship Music', when it's ready, it's ready."

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    Don't know why everyone who goes on about her being a metalhead or whatever thinks they're going to convince everyone else of it. Based on her music, she just comes across as a run-of-the-mill pop star, and an overly-eccentric one at that
    for about 20 years pop music has been full of boring, sterile, over glorified karaoke singers like britany spears. christina aguilera, god awful boy bands like nsync and backstreet boys and then a few years ago lady gaga came along. Yes her music isnt for us but it was never meant to be for people like us but at least she is a talented musician, writes all of her songs, actually embraces sexuality instead of banging on about being some pure virgin waiting for the right man. She wears suits made of meat! Thats the sort of weird eccentric shit the pop music has been missing for a long time. And she really is a huge hard rock and metal fan which is another great thing.Someone part of mainstream pop culture who doesnt look at rockers and metal fans as a bunch of greasy losers who need to grow up and get a hair cut. I cant stand her music but I get the feeling that in another 10 or 20 years time, when katy perry is a washed out ex pop princess who has gained weight and cant sing any more, lady gaga will probably drop the pop shit and actually start doing some real interesting shit given the fact she can write, she can play, she can perform and where her musical tastes actually are.
    Thank you for having the guts to say that on a rock/metal oriented site where people will probably down vote you. But I personally 100% agree with you.
    I agree with everything you said, except Christina Aguilera is a pretty phenomenal singer as well as being a pretty good role model (sometimes). I think she writes a decent amount of her stuff, but I don't really care because it's mostly terrible. Still though, she's an incredible singer and doesn't really deserve to be lumped in with Britney Spears.
    What kind of bullsh*t mentality is this? "She writes pop! There's no way she can be a metal fan!"
    I write metal, but heavily enjoy rap music. Why can't people involved in a certain genre like other genres?
    Gaga must be trying to expand her demographics because I feel like there has been way to many articles about this same thing already. I don't care if she is a metal head. Until she makes a metal album then I would care.
    Tomorrow's news: Varg Vikernes says Lady Gaga is a trve kult norwegian black metal fan , and will be featured in the next Burzum record.
    I really dont care what Gaga listens anyway, i just dont understand why a bunch of dudes from metal bands are now saying she is a true metal fan or something like that.
    Or... they are taking advantage of a pop star with a large following to get their music out there.
    Could it be because they've met her and discovered she's a true metal fan or something like that?
    Lady Gaga is overrated, overplayed pop sensation for the teeny boppers of this generation. But! Back when she was only Stefani Germanotta, she stripped to Black Sabbath and wrote some cool music too (IMO anyway...)
    I just hope for waking up one day and realising all of that Gaga crap was just a nightmare.
    I can't really name any songs these guys did besides, "Madhouse" which leads me to believe that gaga's version might me think different of the original when Gaga queefs out a cover of it.
    I can't really name any songs these guys did besides, "Madhouse" which leads me to believe that gaga's version might make me think different of the original when Gaga queefs out a cover of it.
    This girl is the most elusive female I've had the pleasure of trying to contact in awhile. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Sam Behrman.
    By the way, this is her playing the practice room. She's off time in parts and her highs and lows (vocally) need a better median when switching between the two. But this video is going on 2 years old. I'm sure she's fixed those issues.