Apple Announces New iPad

artist: Apple date: 03/08/2012 category: music news
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Apple Announces New iPad
Apple has announced its new iPad with a new retina display and significant performance boosts. Music lovers can enjoy an updated Garage Band, which now enables up to four iPad owners to jam together in the same key and tempo. It might seem amateur to seasoned pros, but anything that lets more people experience the joy of performance is great in our opinion. Soundcloud, our favorite audio-sharing platform, has now been integrated with Garage Band. Your creations can instantly be shared online, which may pave the way for Garage Band to access free samples from the huge Soundcloud library in the future. Potentially a game changer. The killer feature this year is the new retina display, where the human eye can't distinguish individual pixels at normal reading distance. In fact, it boasts a higher resolution than 1080p HD televisions, at 2048 x 1536 resolution -- not bad, especially when it's right there on your lap. But the new display needs serious graphical power to push all those pixels around. Apple's solution is the A5X processor, with a dedicated quad-core graphics chip, putting the iPad almost on-par with traditional gaming consoles. Audio production apps could also take a huge leap forward with the power of the new A5X chip. Will we finally see a serious audio workstation like Logic or Ableton Live in the iPad? Buyers in the US will be treated to 4G mobile internet, at speeds of up to 72MB/s. That's probably faster than your internet at home. Sadly, many countries are not yet equipped with a 4G network, but regular 3G will still work. Interestingly, Apple dropped the number from its name. So it's not iPad 3, but instead 'new iPad'. We can only wonder how confusing this will be next year when a newer model comes out. Are you going to drop your money on the new iPad, or is it another year of predictable Apple hype? Share your excitement or otherwise in the comments.
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