Apple Delays Major iTunes Update

iTunes 11 was promised for October. Now Apple has moved its own deadline, saying it needs a little more time "to get it right." And what about those rumors of an iTunes streaming service?

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Apple has delayed the launch of iTunes 11, which it had promised to release in October.

The media player, which is often critiqued for its cluttered design and bloated feature set, is due an update which simplifies its interface and improves iCloud integration.

"The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right," Apple told CNET.

Additions to the software include better playlist building and a powerful new mini-player. You can see the full iTunes 11 announcement in the player below.

Rumors of an iTunes streaming service akin to Pandora or Spotify continue to swirl. Bloomberg reports that negotiations with the major labels are expected to close by mid-November, with some sort of iTunes radio service to launch in the first quarter of 2013.

Watch the full iTunes 11 announcement here:

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Did you used to use iTunes but jumped ship? Would a de-cluttered version tempt you back, or is it too late? Let us know what kind of media player you currently use in the comments.

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    Was it really that confusing in the 1st place??? I no every company in the world is trying they're best to make systems easier and easier for us but give it ten years ppl won't be able to take a shit before consulting an app on how to safely remove your pants!
    Okay, as a product design student, maybe I can help explain a bit here. Apple doesn't do that kind of simplification. Apple's design traditionally has had exceptionally simple and beautiful user interface design that instead of holding hands, simply is easy to understand. Good UI design should make the correct decisions easy and obvious. If you have to have to consult an app on how to use any product, that product is badly designed. The drive to simplify design has been there as long as there has been design, and it's not going away.
    I hate iTunes. Honestly, IMO its the only thing that hold apple products back, ultimately its what makes the android stuff more convenient. So many times I just want to plug my iPhone into the computer and drag and drop my media/content into a folder - just like a flash drive or external hard drive. No, it has to be "managed" through iTunes and creates all kinds of headaches. Everything else works great and fine, convenient and reliable device. Thing about most Androids is that they go obsolete fast, and they are inconsistent model to model.
    That's not an issue with iTunes itself - I personally like it as my default media player. Your problem is with the Apple control over that interfacing. I love android for the fact that you can simply use it as mass storage. And androids do go obsolete fast - but that means you can pick up a really good phone fairly cheaply. Seriously, who cares if it goes obsolete - it's not a fashion accessory, it's there to be useful. Apple products don't go obsolete because they basically only ever have one of each type out at a time. No room for choice!
    No, the problem is the combination of the two - Apple forcing you to use it and the software being a headache to deal with. If you don't have your device synced up just right, you'll run into problems over and over, eventually causing you to restore and start fresh if you don't want to have that issue anymore. If you put something on it from another computer, even if it's just 3 feet away and logged into the same account, it'll tell you your device has been synced with another library and that you'll have to remove everything if you want to manage it through iTunes again. It's also constantly just randomly dropping album art off the track info for no reason. I could keep going, but that's enough for now.
    Can't argue with that - I hate the syncing too. Don't have an iPod/iPhone though so don't have that issue - it's part of the reason I wouldn't buy one either. Drag and drop/playlist copying is a lot less hassle. Mostly I only add 2 - 10 songs at a time, and syncing is a pain.
    Even before I got an iPhone I was using iTunes, I like the organization
    As long as the update doesn't cost $2,000 dollars and $500 for a 'Mini' version they can do whatever they like.
    Does it still require you to delete everything on your device just to put 1 new thing on there? If yes, congrats Apple your still useless. Winamp remains supreme. (Should note that I really have no idea what Itunes looks like these days, as I for one have never been and will likely never be satisfied with over priced apple products that dont work as good as a cheaper alternative. So why bother?)
    Get yourself foobar2000 and customize the columns UI and you got yourself an organized more versatile media player for 1/10th the size of iTunes and much less resource heavy. There's plenty of places to get digital releases if you really care about that aspect. Just keep iTunes if you need to sync to an iPod.
    All I've ever wanted with iTunes is to be able to change the color. Grey layout has gotten so dull over the years.
    They're saying how iTunes can "analyse the album artwork to give you a beautiful themed experience"... wonder what it will make of Mayhem's Dawn of the Black Hearts....
    I'm going to be very interested to see how good that algorithm is. I wonder how it'll deal with something like my most recent EP (my avatar here). Will it just take one shade of blue out of that and wash it over the whole thing?
    I like how it currently is but I've been using this for years and years so I've gotten used to it.
    Apple is on its way out.
    I completely agree with you. Steve Jobs was the only reason Apple was so successful in the first place. I mean every time a new product was offered there was something innovative about it. This time it's just better specs. They're just another tech company now.
    That's why they are the richest company in the world, right? Like them or not, you can't deny their marketing power and rise to the top (moneywise) over the last 10 years.
    Did I say any of that? No. I own the iphone and ipad. But since Jobs died they certainly have not been and will not be the same company that rose to such power.
    While I can't argue with that, Microsoft has been phoning in for years, making tons of costly mistakes...but they make so much money that it doesn't matter. I think Apple these days are in the same boat.
    True, they are a powerful, big, well-known brand. However, last year their product sales and market share fell by about 30 - 40% (look it up on Hexus). The upcoming brands are ZTE, etc. Apple are starting to lose that x-factor. Same as BB-hype has died down now.
    I dunno, Apple has released about 6 or 7 phones in the past 10 years. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, they all release hundreds of phones every year, hoping that one of their products will be as successful as any one of Apples. ZTE in by no means is a competitor, as of right now they are only marketing phones to small time carriers like Cricket and Boost Mobile. Its true though, Apple is starting to make mistakes, they may very well be on their way out.
    Apple just managed to brand themselves very well. And they only do high-end smartphones. The other brands do a big range - sure, they won't all be successful, but it allows for different tastes. And ZTE are getting big - they make phones for companies like Orange/EE - e.g. San Francisco, etc. They are only low to mid-range phones, but that suits a lot of new users.
    the reason apples competitors release hundreds of phones isnt because they're all trying to compete directly with the iphone. apple is pretty much the only major company in the world to only sell one current phone at a time. HTC/Samsung etc sell phones across the board, some as high end competition to the iphone, some as entry level devices with smaller screens and cheaper hardware. this probably has a lot to do with why every new iphone product released makes front page news, while android releases go largely unnoticed. the reality is that apple is just another tech company with an otherworldly marketing team.
    Hes right im afraid, so are microsoft, take a look at the iphone 5 and take a look at the samsung galaxy s III, which one got better reviews?? exactly, i give apple 10 years at the very most
    The Galaxy S3 is a flash in the pan, just like all of Samsungs other phones, I'm willing to be they will have another one released before Christmas. Just look how long it took for the Galaxy note 2 to come out after the 1, it was like a span of 2 months.
    Rockeagle540 just no, people loved the SIII , people hated the iphone 5, mark my words, apple have 10 years left at the very most
    It is definitely not the same company that it was. As an artistic professional I use to rely heavily on product and software from Apple. Now they are selling gimmicks to the masses and the products I required have been dumbed down or forgotten, Now we just migrate to whatever is best this month. Sure professional artists are now a very small portion of Apple's current business and I don't blame them for selling the garbage that the masses crave, all the power to them but it is not a sustainable business model because the masses will leave them as fast as they joined them when the next big thing hits.
    That upcoming version looks fresh compared to the already worn-out interface of the current iTunes.
    I'm one of those people who don't like Apple because its software doesn't work with windows (I'm not talking about itunes). I mean software for Macbooks like Final Cut not working on windows. My mp3 player is a Zune HD made by Microsoft. The lay-out is much nicer than Apple's, which I think looks plain and it's easier to use. I really do think it's better than an ipod touch. It's also cheaper. I think Apple is too overpriced. That said, I think Steve Jobs was a great businessman who I have/had respect for, but I really don't think the company are going to maintain what they were without him. Steve Jobs was a genius. Apple is on the way out with out him.
    To get it right? Why they haven't managed it before, always improved with more bugs. I just love it when it wipes my kids iPods
    I've been using iTunes much less recently, but only cause I've been listening to .flac much more. I still like iTunes and I don't get all the complaints. I will say, it does work much better on Mac OS because when you add music it automatically sorts it on your hard drive, then you can just delete what you added. So much better than when I used it on Windows XP.
    I use iTunes as my main media player and I like it. The only thing that bothers me is syncing music and apps. No way I'm updating it because the updated version looks complicated IMO. I'll getting an Android (Sony Xperia) next month to replace my iPhone (2G haha).
    My Ipod touch screwed up after the last update. It freezes on screens so I have to click it 40 times to do something, is immensely slower, and has troubles connecting to wifi now. I reset it and it didn't solve the problem. Is there anything else I can do to fix it or do I have to wait for the next update to 'fix the bugs'?
    Exactly. You might have issues with the hardware, though, in which case you're screwed. If it's merely a software bug, restore should do it. If you're still under warranty (a year for most products) you can take it into an Apple Store and they'll look at it and fix it or replace it.
    Hopefully it adds a limiter/compressor when you put songs on the iPod... I hate it when A7X songs blows my ears off at the same volume that I barely hear anything otherwise... And this problem didn't occur when I uploaded the songs via spotify, although the spotify way of adding songs to the device sucks, but I really prefer having ears when I'm 25...
    My library is too big for iTunes..slows the sucker down so I've moved onto MediaMonkey... much better.
    Maybe they should have done that with ios 6. And then again apple is retarded...
    Hopefully iTunes 11 will not hang, take forever to load, be greedy using my stupid old laptop's memory, not create playlists for folders I'm adding, and play the first song of every album I add to iTunes.
    Id like an on/off button for when your scrolling through your music to see what you want to listen to next, then the song your listening to finishes and the list jumps back to that. That annoys the hell out of me. Theres probably a way to navigate around that but Im awful with technology...
    I actually really like iTunes. I have a Mac and I sync my iTunes library to my iPhone so I never have to drag and drop stuff. The only sort of managing I have to do is uncheck stuff that I don't want on my iPhone/don't have the space for (Beatles anthologies come to mind). Apple can make really awful dumbed down software that tries to do away with the file system (I can't for the life of me use iPhoto), but you don't really need a file system for music and it is very easy to access (on a Mac, not 100% about a PC or Linux OS).
    I've almost completely stopped using Itunes since I got into Spotify. Spotify is a dream for music, anywhere, anytime, on demand.
    I hated iTunes because I had to convert all my .wma music into .mp3 to make it work, which gave me double the amount of music on my hard drive, taking up so much space. Then I got an iPhone and now I have to use it. Fucking Apple.
    Seriously wish they would improve the iTunes/App store on the iPhone. Much more cluttered than the desktop and iPad versions.