Apple Reveals iTunes Radio and iOS 7

A striking new Mac Pro design was also revealed alongside their biggest software changes in years. Do you like their new design direction?

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Apple has announced a new iTunes Radio streaming service, which will appear in the US as part of a major iOS 7 update this fall.

According to MacRumors, the app will stream recommended music and custom stations much like Pandora, and will be supported by ads unless you subscribe to iTunes Match for $25 per year, which will remove all advertising.

Elsewhere, Apple revealed a major design overhaul of iOS 7, their mobile operating system. Jonathan Ive was promoted to control all software design along with his old hardware design duties, and has made a clear mark on both iOS and the desktop system OS X. Notable changes include the sparse flat design with 3D effects, multitasking and file sharing between iPhones.

Recording studios looking to upgrade their Mac Pro computers have been waiting years for a new model to splash their money. Last night, Apple finally revealed an all-new Mac Pro in a cylindrical design which supports the new 4K high-definition TV standard, alongside a new MacBook Air model with a battery life of up to 12 hours.

What do you think of iTunes Radio and the latest iOS changes? Is it innovative, or does it borrow too much from Android and Windows phones? Let us know what you think in the comments.

iTunes Radio

iOS 7 introduction video

YouTube preview picture

The new Mac Pro

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    iTunes radio: nothing new here, behind the curve on this one iOS 7: not a huge Apple fan, but I must say, it does look nice
    Couldn't really care less.
    I can't quite understand why a person, who doesn't care about something, would voluntarily click on an article about that "thing" he doesn't care about, scroll down to the comment section, only to say he doesn't care about that thing. I just don't get it. Is it supposed to be funny or something?
    I have no idea maybe this person feels they have contributed to the world in some way but I really can't see it.
    It's probably because, he has a small dingaling and needs to compensate by being so damn cool
    People like that just want attention of any kind. Next time just don't respond to it and just down vote it if you disagree
    JAHellraiser least you said the phrase properly, instead of "Could really care less" Amirite?
    I've never been much of an Apple user, and I probably won't be anytime soon, so this doesn't affect me.
    iOS has always angered me, but they do a really good job looking sexy. But seriously folks, **** Apple.
    The new iOS looks great. Sure it's a rip of all other phones but I'm glad apple are actually making a change for the first time in like 2 years
    I have a feeling that Apple may be going the same way myspace did. people are going to forget about it soon. They're struggling for relevancy.
    I don't know many people in the music or television production industry who don't use a Mac
    This is true. but I don't see their use for much more than that. and why borrow from already established media?