Apple To Launch Pandora-Like Streaming Service?

The streaming service would rival Pandora rather than Spotify by streaming music recommendations based on your iTunes library. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 will be announced next Wednesday.

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Apple could be launching a brand new music streaming service to rival Pandora.

It is believed that the service would not be a Spotify-style subscription service which streams music on demand, but more like Pandora in that it streams recommendations based on your iTunes collection.

Apple would in turn earn revenue from iTunes purchases and advertising from its iAd platform, though it is unclear whether there would also be a paid subscription version to remove ads.

The app could be pre-installed on iOS and desktop devices, though it could be months until licensing deals with record labels are ironed out.

Before his death, former CEO Steve Jobs regularly dismissed claims that iTunes would offer any kind of streaming service. He also rejected the concept of a smaller iPad, but several rumors indicate a smaller version with a 7 to 8-inch screen will be released this year alongside a revamped iPod lineup.

Meanwhile, Apple is planning to announce the iPhone 5 on Wednesday September 12. Leaked parts suggest the screen will be taller to compete with Samsung's range of smartphones with larger screens.

Would you use an iTunes streaming service? Are you tempted by the new iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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    tbh I don't really care. I just want the bands to make more money cause at this point they don't make crap. If this is the answer then I'm all for it.
    The amount of money Spotify gives artist makes it practically like pirating with ads and low quality. Too many middle men take, be it the provider or the record company (or in most cases, both) take most of the money. iTunes isn't a very good predecessor to bass Apple actually giving good profit unfortunately, but I'll see how this turns out.
    Holy typos there. Remove the take after the parentheses, and I meant base not bass. Probably shouldn't be writing comments late at night.
    Im suprised nobody posted something along the lines of, "this is a music website, not an advertisement website"
    if it's not free who cares.i have no freakin idea what i tunes is
    Apple finding another way to bring in massive profits from other people's work while paying them jack shit,who would of thought?