Apple to Make iTunes Available on Android?

Reports suggest company also looking into new streaming service.

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Apple are reportedly looking into the possibility of making iTunes available on Android platforms, NME reports.

According to Billboard, the company are researching plans to create a steaming service to rival Spotify and will make an iTunes app that will be available to users of Google's Android operating system.

Apple are currently said to be in the early stages of negotiations with all the major record labels to establish whether the streaming service is viable.

Meanwhile, Twitter #Music, the music discovery service launched by Twitter in 2013, is to close next month.

The service was designed to enable users able to keep a close track on the bands and artists being discussed on the social network with tracks recommended to users based on who they follow with songs being steamed directly via iTunes, Spotify and Rdio.

However, the app failed to take off and was removed from the iOS app store on Friday night (March 21).

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    its because everyone is shifting from iphones to samsungs etc. that's coz iphones suck
    Why not? Otherwise they're limiting themselves to half the market. Either way I wont be using it. Once this iPod breaks (and it will break) I'll finally be rid of Apple for good.
    NOOOOO, leave our Android ALONE!!!
    It's not like we have to use iTunes. We can simply ignore this new app and move on with our lives. This greatly-contrasts iOS, where Apple would remove an app and replace it with their own (crappier-version) without a second-thought, ala-Apple Maps. Android-users have nothing to worry about.
    We already have this type of service on Android. It's called Spotify. That makes it all the more weird. Why would they compete with an established service by producing a service that's going to be exactly the same ? I don't see them turning a profit out of this anytime soon.
    Hamster Thrower
    I really don't like this, Itunes is a resource hog that degrades the performance (when active) of every device I have ever used it on and install resource hogging services. Also the shuffle feature in Itunes pisses me off because it does not throw out previously listen to songs so you can end up listening to and having to skip to a new song.
    Yeah, this streaming service costs 20 bucks a month. I had it on my iPhone, and it sucked. I think it's called iTunes Match. Would take at least 3 minutes for the song to begin. Don't waste your money! Just buy a 32 gb SD card and put your music on it.