Arcade Fire Cover Fugazi's 'Waiting Room' Live in Washington, DC

The performance featured the giant Barack Obama caricature bobbling along to every note.

Ultimate Guitar

Arcade Fire have been doing covers specific to the location they're playing on their ongoing tour, and last night (August 17) at Verizon Center in Washington, DC they did an especially cool one. The band played Fugazi's "Waiting Room" with Win Butler wearing his paper mache mask during the performance - watch the video below. Fugazi joined the likes of NirvanaHuey Lewis and the News and Neil Young and Crazy Horse on the roster of artists that Arcade Fire have covered on the current leg of the tour.

The Canadian band also had someone in Barack Obama paper mache mask on stage, which they first brought out in April at a show in Austin and again last night in the US capital.

Arcade Fire tour lands in NYC this weekend for shows on August 22, 23 & 24 at Barclays Center with the reunited Unicorns and Dan Deacon on all three dates, plus NYC punk legends Television on night 3. Tickets to all three NYC shows are still available.

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    That's awesome. Obviously it's not as good as when fugazi did it but still. Props to them for showing some taste.
    *sigh* that President Bobblehead joke was done 10 years ago by Pearl Jam. Can't bands keep their political shit to themselves?
    I, for one, am glad they realized their uselessness and became a cover band
    Floyd Phoenix
    Tell me, when you see a band described as 'indie', do you automatically start insulting them or do you at least try and listen to their music first?
    Another reason to dislike Arcade Fire… they took the piss out of this classic. Their stage presence is just… so… nerdy.
    I will say, I was a fan of Arcade fire's first album, but have since lost interest... that's just me though. But this was actually a good cover, I duno what some of you guys are ragging on them for?