Arcade Fire Hit Back at 'Boring Sex Lives' Criticism

Win Butler responds to negative review, says he is a "f--king rockstar" - not a gigantic dork.

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Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler has responded to a rather negative review of their latest album, "Reflektor" - reacting to claims that the band are "gigantic dorks with boring sex lives."

In a new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Butler was asked (via Gigwise) about his views on an early review of their fourth album by former Q and Not U member Chris Richards in the Washington Post - entitled: "Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor:' Still Devoid of Wit, Subtlety and Danger, Now With Bongos."

"Yeah, I read it," replied Butler, frowning. "I don't want to say it was racist – but it was mildly uneducated."

Butler went on to add that we believed that a professional music critic should know they were congas, not bongos.

He continued: "The guy who wrote it played in a band that we used to open for. It seems like a bit of a conflict of interest."

"Whatever," said Butler sarcastically rolling his eyes, "I'm a super-dork because I play with David Bowie. Bruce Springsteen wants to cover my songs because I'm such a dork. I'm not a dork," jokingly adding: "I'm a f--king rock star."

Arcade Fire will be returning to the UK and Ireland next year for a string of live headline shows close to their Glastonbury headlining slot. Dates are below.

06/06-07 - London, UK - Earls Court06/29 - Dublin, Ireland - Marlay Park

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    Win Butler? More like FAIL Butler!!!! Hahahaha! Guys... guys come back...
    That doesn't detract from the previous statement, in which he basically describes how he's King D1ck.
    True, but some people seem to be focused on the "I'm a rockstar" part which was, as evidenced in the article, a joke. Sure, the dude's a gump, but some people need to read this stuff more carefully.
    And don't forget guys, its racist if you don't know that congas are waaaaay different from bongos!
    This guy comes off as a bit of a bellend. Speaking of bellends, he should check his to see if it's really giving him a non-boring sex life.
    I liked Reflektor more than the Suburbs, but even if Butler was joking, he did it in a very poor manner.
    "Gigantic dorks with boring sex lives." I would totally laugh that off and take it as a compliment if someone said that about my music.
    How come there's no real rockstars anymore, seriously, you can't even tell any modern bands apart anymore because they all look the same playing the same "alternative" music, is it really "alternative" if it sounds the same as every other alternative band.
    Because the fans have all become politically correct sheep. If rockstars were to come back with the same attitude they had back in the 70's and 80's people would just label them as disrespectful douchebags.
    That's because most people who think they're the next Alice Cooper or David Bowie, probably are egotistical douchebags to begin with. I can't take his comment seriously when he says he's a "****ing rockstar", there's no need for that, joking or not, just move on with your life and not take note of any criticism that isn't constructive.
    Or people just hate the music. Say what you will about Andy Biersack and Ronnie Radke but they're the closest currently at being 'rock stars' without trying. And they're labeled douchebags
    Majin Gaara
    I agree. It's getting really bad. There's hardly diversity among a lot of modern bands anymore. Whether it be metal/prog/alternative. Everything has been said and done 1000's of times and back. We need new innovators of music
    it's like having an opinion on someones true personality by reading about them in a trashy womens celebrity mag.
    My only response to this arrogant piece of shit is simply to say "**** you."
    'I dont' want to say it was racist'. I don't even know what part of that washington post sentence he could be referring to...
    The review did go a bit too far, so Win was right in defending himself. Pity his defence was so bad and stupid. In other news, Reflektor really was a boring album