Arcade Fire Issue Dress Code for Arena Tour

Fans must wear "formal attire or costume."

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Arcade Fire have issued a dress code for their upcoming arena tour, NME reports. A note on the Ticketmaster website states that purchasers of tickets will be expected to "wear formal attire or costume" to the shows, which the band is playing in support of their recently released "Reflektor" album. Arcade Fire similarly imposed a dress code onto the warm-up shows that they recently played. Frontman Win Bulter commented on the mandatory fancy dress rule at a warm-up show that the band played in the U.K, remaining defiant about the decision to implement it: "To anyone who felt uncomfortable dressing up - I'm not sorry. At least 70 percent of you are getting laid tonight ... As long as you showered. That's the secret. Boys." What do you think? Is it OK for gigs to have a dress code? Or would being told what to wear put you off from going to a show? Let us know in the comments.

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    This seems highly pretentious. If people paid for tickets, they should be allowed to wear whatever the **** they feel like wearing.
    pretty douchy if you ask me
    The way I see it, the majority of fans who go to see a band will wear that band's t-shirt, which is sort of like a dress code anyway. Everyone dresses more or less the same at gigs anyway, they just altered the rules slightly. Not a big deal.
    Nothing is more true to the spirit of rock than doing what you're told to by some pretentious douchebag.
    Arcade Fire are doing it for fun, and besides it's not absolutely mandatory. You won't get turned away if you're not dressed up from what I've heard.
    The Arcade Fire guys have since stated that the dress code isn't "super mandatory", but why would people really complain? The "dress code" is just a nice way to make the atmosphere a tad more interesting, and like you said crystalmonday, they're doing it for fun.
    I'd hate to go to a gig in a costume or formal wear. You'd sweat so much. I wouldn't be surprised if a few people standing passed out from heat exhaustion.
    In the quiet words of Rage Against the Machine, "F*CK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!"
    I like the idea, but that's just cause I like to dress up. I think it's a little much for an Arcade Fire concert though. What kills me is going to a Broadway show or an Opera nowadays and seeing people wearing shorts and flip flops. Long lost are the days of dressing up for an evening out.
    A lot of concerts have self-imposed or unwritten dress codes set by fans. I don't see why someone should have to dress a certain way to be allowed to enjoy music of their choice. Are they actually going to enforce this is the next question. I have a feeling they're trying to prove a point with it
    Can you spell 'dick heads'....? So what, they'll turn a paying fan away for not living up to their standards? Great way to encourage people to show up at live events right here.
    At least from what I've heard it's not fully mandatory. They've been doing this from their promo shows too I think. I'm not sure if I'll be doing this if I go to their show cause it's in the middle of the summer but I think it's a fun thing to try. I think people are taking this too seriously as I've seen a lot of complaining about it around the internet
    From an outsider point of view, yeah this is kinda weird, but they're fans probably think this is awesome and would be more than willing