Arcade Fire Tell Fans to 'Relax' Over 'Reflektor' Tour Dress Code

Will London fans be in fancy dress at Earls Court?

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Arcade Fire have issued a statement telling their fans to "relax" about the controversial dress code they have issed for their upcoming "Reflektor" world tour dates, Gigwise reports. The band caused a stir and split opinion when they asked gig-goers to come to their upcoming arena shows in formal attire or fancy dress. However, now the band have taken to their official Facebook page to remind fans that it is not mandatory, but only adds to the "fun carnival atmosphere."

The news comes after Win Butler sparked speculation that they may be headlining Glastonbury Festival next year, after dropping a heavy-handed hint on Jo Whiley's BBC Radio 2 show, when they asked about their touring plans for next summer. "Get your wellies ready," said frontman Win Butler - before Jo Whiley went on to fuel rumours about Glasto by adding: "The wellies have been bought for a certain UK festival - we know the one that has quite a reputation for rain and welly-wearing ... we shall leave it at that." Last night, the band announced a massive show at London's Earls Court for June next year. Watch the trailer below. Notably, Earls Court is also due to be demolished for redevelopment in the not-too-distant future. Will Arcade Fire be the last major act to play there?

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    I see nothing wrong with dressing fancy every now and then and even encouraging it. I mean, I rather go to any event where I see a great bunch of gals and lads awesomely dressed rather than go to a low-brow event and see a bunch of people wearing white socks and Crocs.
    The response to the dress code has been incredibly exaggerated. Did anyone really think if you showed up without fancy attire the ticket taker would just not let you in?
    Well to be fair dress codes are usually mandatory.
    Yes but at the cost of their tickets and the size of their shows, to turn back people because of a dress code at a rock-ish concert would be remarkably stupid. I really doubt they'd do such a thing. Also if I remember there were a few people not dressed up at the Reflektor shows.
    Yeah that would really screw shit up at festivals. It would still baffle me if I saw it happen at Big Day Out next year though haha
    I didn't understand all the hate. I pretty much figured from the start it wasn't mandatory, and I think it'd be pretty cool to go to a show and see a bunch of people dressed up. Beats the typical black band t-shirt and jeans, anyway.
    I don't know about you guys but I have never understood bands dressing in a certain fashion for a live show. Just wear what you normally wear. Noone cares.
    Think of it as if you're invited to a costume party, it is just like any other party except this one suggests certain dress code. You don't need to arrive with a costume to have fun, but it would be better and more fun for you and the other people in the party if you decide to actually present yourself with a costume. Or at least that''s how I see this situation.
    This pretty much. I haven't followed them very much but from what I've seen the appearance of them has been a big part of the shows for this album. And people have said the atmosphere was really great with everyone being festive. Seems like they're trying to be flashy and ridiculous in a fun way.
    i think its the metal heads tat are upset, they cant wear their ride the lightning , cannibal corpse , t-shirts , jeans and chuck taylors.
    I thought they were douchbags for setting a 'dress code' for a concert, now they're even bigger douchbags saying 'super not manditory'.
    And you're the biggest douchebag for slamming the band because you've been trolled down.
    "Trolled down"? Is that even a real term? They're trying to seem relaxed just to make the people who choose not to dress up seem like they're trying to kill the life of the party. If it's "fun" and you don't do it, then to everyone else, you're not fun. It's a douche move by a douche band.
    Don't worry too much you're replying to a Linkin Park fan... they know everything there is about being a douche. Minus the cleanliness.
    Something about these guys I just can't get into. My ex dragged me to see them and Amanda Palmer a couple years ago and it was definitely.....interesting.
    Yeah, people over-reacted to the dress code absolutely. Obviously, the venue isn't going to kick you out if you're not dressed up. BUT... Why the hell should you have to dress up for a concert? I love classical music, and even when going to the concert hall, every audience member dresses casually! Only the performers dress up! This is supposed to be rock and roll, it's supposed to be about the MUSIC. Whatever happened to the MUSIC? It's preposterous to even suggest a dress code. $@!#ing hipsters!
    Why can't auditory art be mixed with visual art? They've never had much of a rock and roll attitude. Of course it will be about the music, it's not like the dress code cancels out the music. I'm making a bunch of comments here already, but seriously, there's a bunch of bands that don't care how you dress. You can go to their concerts. God forbid a band with the resources to try something different tries something different.
    Arcade Fire are not Hipsters. They make legitimately great music and put on a great performance. However, some of their fans might be hipsters. But you can't help that. There are hipsters everywhere. You can't stop someone being a fan. Of course the dress code wasn't mandatory. If anyone thought that for a moment I hope they blush with embarrassment. Who can blame them for trying to inject a little more life and excitement into their gigs. It's good that they encourage people to come out of their shells and do something bold and fun. Going to a gig can be a very robotic experience sometimes - you go, stand there, listen, clap, leave. At least they're trying to get people to be more involved and enjoy themselves. Let yourselves go!