Arcade Fire to Start Working on New Album Today, Frontman Suggests

Band set or a major Hyde Park performance tonight in London.

Ultimate Guitar

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler gave a strong hint that the band will return to the studio following tonight's (July 3) headline show at London's Hyde Park.

Chatting with NME during this year's Glastonbury festival, Win commented, "We're in a position now where we can have an idea and the people around us to make it happen.

"It starts when you get off the road," he added. "If I ever feel bored now, it's the best feeling in the world, because I know that's when the next idea is going to come into my brain and it will start again."

During the rest of the interview, the musician praised Glasto's "purity." As reported, the group performed as one of the event's headliners, rocking the Pyramid Stage on June 27.

"Glastonbury is like the ultimate, in terms of not being a corporate weird thing, it's still got this purity to it which is very in line with how our band thinks about music," Butler said right after the Friday night show.

The band's latest studio effort, double LP "Reflektor," saw its release in late October 2013 via Merge Records.

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    hopefully they do something more like The Suburbs than Reflektor. Reflektor sounded like pretentious art music and had probably 3 good songs on it (We Exist, Afterlife and Joan of Arc)
    Awesome. One of a few bands that really do something unique and cool for rock n roll not like others who think they are the new shit and are nothing. ( Yes, im talking to you Arctic Monkeys)
    Floyd Phoenix
    Yeah I hope these guys go back to their roots, Funeral was one of my favourite albums but everything recent is just so pretentious and artificial-sounding (though writing about Greek tragedies tends to have that effect)... Still awesome live band though, only headliner at Glasto that actually used any fireworks... Not that that's what makes a good live act, but their visual spectacles certainly do help...