Arcade Fire Trolled Coachella With 'Daft Punk'

Band fool fans with special guests.

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Arcade Fire brought out TV host Jonathan Ross as well as two people dressed as Daft Punk as they closed Coachella Festival 2014 on April 20.

Consequence of Sound reports (via NME) that Arcade Fire's set began with the two men, who were neither the same height or weight as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, appearing on stage in the same outfits Daft Punk wore to this year's Grammy Awards and begin to play "Get Lucky."

Fan shot footage shows frontman Win Butler interrupt the rendition of "Get Lucky" and asking, "What the f--k is happening?" He also reportedly referred to the two men in helmets as Phat Dunk. See below for a video shot by fans plus pictures.

Meanwhile, chat show host Jonathan Ross was also at Coachella with the Canadian band. His voice is heard before the song "You Already Know" on Arcade Fire's 2013 album "Reflektor" and Ross tweeted pictures from his time with the band as they closed the festival.

Elsewhere at Coachella, the second weekend of the US festival maintained the frequent level of guest stars from the first weekend (April 11-13) with both Haim and MGMT appearing on stage with Kid Cudi as well as Pharrell bringing out guests including Jay-Z and Pusha T during his set. Lauryn Hill also made a guest appearance, joining Nas during his set.

On stage with Arcade Fire at #Coachella2014 . Quite a night!

- Jonathan Ross (@wossy) April 21, 2014

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    Trolling people by dressing up as a music group.... That's a Paddlin'
    oh arcade fire! first dressing up as barack obama and the pope! NEXT HAVING PEOPLE DRESS UP AS DAFT PUNK! oh you witty canadian tricksters! what will you think of next you cheeky monkeys! maybe you could dress up as arcade fire and pretend to be a decent band!
    Yo Arcade Fire...Imma let you finish, but Deadmau5 had one of the best music festival trolls of all time
    Surprising amount of hate from them. Watching the stream from their last Coachella headlining is what actually got me into them.
    Floyd Phoenix
    I was so gutted when I heard these guys were gonna headline Glastonbury... At least there'll be something else that's actually decent as an alternative...