Arch Enemy: 'Metal Fans Don't Really Take to Change That Well'

"You know, I'm the same," guitarist Michael Amott adds.

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As Arch Enemy have recently undergone a vocalist switch, guitarist Michael Amott confessed that the change wasn't an easy one, pointing out the fans' lack of proneness to change as one of the critical factors.

Asked by Guitar World on whether he was worried about the crowd rejecting new singer Alissa White-Gluz, the guitarist replied, "I was worried more last year.

"Back when we were putting it all together and I was sort of like, 'Okay, it's not going to be Angela [Gossow] singing. It's going to be this new girl. Alissa's really great, but still it's somebody different. Metal fans don’t really take to change that well."

Further elaborating the approach the band took, Amott added, "You know, I'm the same. I knew it had to be really good. We had to step it up and deliver something really special this time. So I put a lot of work into the album and the writing process. It was very very rigorous and went on for much longer than what we usually do. We did a lot of preproduction and demos."

Explaining how Angela's decision to bow out as the group's singer wasn't exactly a surprising one, Michael discussed Gossow's crucial role in the management department. "Well, she's been managing the band since 2008," he kicked off.

"It's worked out very, very well for us. It's been a lot more successful than when we were with a professional, sort of big management company. Suddenly we were making money and everything was working out for us. She's definitely really good at that and it's something she really enjoys doing as well. As far as the actual singing part, I don't think it was an easy decision for her."

Arch Enemy are gearing up to release their new album "War Eternal" on June 10 via Century Media, officially marking Alissa's studio debut. The effort was announced with two singles so far - the title track and "You Will Know My Name." Check them both out below.

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    I wouldnt say that all metalheads hate change, its just the small minority that do are very vocal, especially in online communities. Personally I love it when a band experiments, even if it is a failure, i can appreciate that at least the band is trying to improve
    ^ very true. Some people forget that the band is the one writing the music, not the fans. Most of the time it is up to the band when it comes to writing music, whether they want to experiment or not is up to them. Look at BFMV for instance, they've tried to experiment with new material, but most of their fans slag them off for 'being too mainstream'. Their newest album (yet to be released) is trying to keep those who are whining too much happy, which is not fair for some of the fans, and mainly the band.
    I think Mastodon's an even better example - you can't read a single article or watch any videos without some idiot whining about how they didn't like The Hunter and how they should just keep releasing Remission over and over again. At least Mastodon aren't catering to these people
    To be fair though, the newest BFMV albums blow lyrically and are musically sub-par. But yeah, I largely agree. Change isn't inherently a bad thing and people should be open to it.
    Iz he rel8ed 2 dave mustane? cause hes jinger nd hasunt releesed a gud album sinse his 1st!
    What the fvck does that mean? Anyway... This article also seems to be overshadowing the fact there's also a new guitarist in the band. Also, the new music and album don't sound very promising, the pre-released singles are boring and bland and the vocals are a huge step back from Angela IMO. I was looking forward to this until they announced the vocalist change
    Thats the reason our fans didn't like our recent album Temper Temper (which was a really great album if I dont say so myself). As for Arch Enemy fans, they have nothing to worry about because their new singer is quite good, and hot.
    I admit I don't listen to much Arch Enemy (I just try stay current with the news) so maybe I'm off on this, but if I had just heard the song without seeing the video or reading the article, I wouldn't really have guessed that they have a new singer, it still sounds like what I've heard of them in the past
    when it comes to music, metal-heads are the most conservative bunch of liberals i've ever seen