Arch Enemy Singer Talks Being Vegan: 'Tasting Something Isn't Worth a Lifetime of Torture'

"I'm lucky to be alive and well and I only wish the same for others," says Alissa White-Gluz.

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Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz recently talked about being vegan, explaining how she was born and raised in a family of vegetarians, ultimately tracing her vegan roots back to childhood days.

Chatting with Peta2, Alissa said that her mother made sure to clarify early on about the way the food we're eating is made.

The singer got more involved with the issue during her early teen years, making a "conscious decision that I was gonna absolutely minimize any amount of suffering that I would induce on any other living being."

"I'm definitely vegan for ethical reasons, but all of the other benefits, like the environmental benefits, health benefits are a happy bonus," Alissa said.

"The second on your tongue is not worth a lifetime of torture. That fleeting moment of tasting something isn't worth somebody else's life and you actually don't have to sacrifice any taste to go vegan anyway, since there's such a wide variety of delicious food included in the vegan diet," she added.

Discussing the matter of "humane slaughter," White-Gluz called the term an oxymoron, stressing that "there's no humane way to slaughter a living being."

"Think about the term 'humane slaughter' and try to apply it to a human being. Would you ever think that if somebody was murdered, but they died instantly from a bullet to the head, that it was OK because it was a humane murder? Absolutely not," she said.

"People ask me if it's hard to be vegan? Absolutely not. It would be hard to not be vegan."

In a separate Facebook post, Alissa added, "Although we just scratch the surface here, the reason I'm so passionate about living vegan is because it benefits the environment (fauna and flora), humans in other parts of the world, animals and my own health. I've been vegan for 15 years now and I have yet to find a lifestyle that gives as much back to the planet. The way I see it, I am lucky to be alive and well and I only wish the same for others.

"The facts are there, it's just a matter of accepting reality and choosing to be a part of the solution instead of the problem," the vocalist concluded.

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    "It would be hard not to be a vegan" Clearly she has never been to a grocery store or a restaurant. Surprisingly easy to not be a vegan
    If you look away and ignore things which you convinced yourself are none of your concern, everything is pretty easy.
    Wait a sec, isn't Angela also a vegan? And Michael is a vegetarian. Just saying.
    Yes, you're absolutely right - Alissa White-Gliz and Angela Gossow both are vegans, and Michael Amott is a vegetarian. By the way, a lot of famous people are vegetarians and vegans - you can search for the lists in the internet. And there are especially so many vegans among rock and metal musicians.
    Carcass, which was Michael's previous band used to all be vegan in the early days too. A lot of people within the Punk scene are vegetarians and vegans as well.
    Travis Ryan of Cattle Decap is a vegetarian too, though I prefer the logic behind his decision. He is much less self righteous and narrow minded than this chick.
    I can see the moral point that vegans are making, but I don't agree with it. I think that we should emphasize humane conditions for animals, both during killing and during their raising. I'm really against these places where they raise 100s of cows or chickens in the same small barn and never let the animals out, all while filling them with hormones and antibiotics. That's cruel to me.
    Try 10.000s of cows or chickens per farm. Also it doesn't work for everyone to consume as unbelievably much meat as we do and at the same time raise all those animal in "happy conditions"... UG is definetly the wrong page to argue reasonably about a topic like that, though
    No kidding. Any civil rights or ethical issues should be brought elsewhere
    Bad news, 'these places' are 'most places'. Companies do the bare minimum as giving animals a nice life costs more money. They can slap a 'free range' sticker on a packet when the animal still spends the vast majority of its life in a cage.
    Yeah it costs a hell of a lot money to just have the cows outside by themselves... The only thing they really need is space and water. It becomes expensive because they "have to be fed right". They can manage just fine by themselves in the fields. Just put a fence around it and they'll be fine.
    But this is a modern issue. 200 years ago, the sacrifice of livestock wasn't something available for everyone, and in several groups around the world, it meant a really big deal and called for celebration and communion. Industrialized capitalism changed everything.
    You know what, vegans don't bother me at all. As long as they're preaching to the choir or people already on the fence, what harm are they doing? This interview was done with PETA for Christ's sake, so this is just a lazy way of digging up controversy.
    Well if she doesn't want to hurt animals then why is she eating all of their food?
    Grain is specifically grown for feeding animals. Even if this weren't the case, it's not like meat eaters don't eat vegetables, dumbass.
    I eat a lot of steak and burgers. Please tell me more of these Veg-E-Tables you speak of.
    People Eating Tasty Animals
    That made my day
    lol, I like her as a heavy metal vocalist, but COME ON! "Choosing to be a part of the solution instead of the problem"??? pffft, what a freaking self-righteous, crap-filled, high and mighty way of thinking. People eat animals. Always have, always will. If you choose not to, whoopty-do! good for you! But don't say shit like that about normal people who do.
    She does have a genuinely decent point about this but it is still only an opinion and while many may agree with her I do not. We have been hunting since the dawn of man and will continue to do so until our end.
    While I agree with your last point, there's a big difference between hunting an animal in the wild and factory farming.
    Yeah but could we keep up with human demands today if we stuck with the good ol' hunting rifle. Not trying to justify it, but population size has forced us into factory farming.
    I think it's funny that people claim how "unmetal" being vegan is. So what, performing Metal music comes with a lifestyle attachment now? Is Rob Halford not Metal because he is attracted to men? And why does being "metal" as a person or set of ethics matter? The music is what's important. If Rob Halford wants to sing about being gay, that is what metal is now. If Cattle Decapitation wants to sing about how eating meat is wrong, that's what Metal is now. What counts as Metal is what the true artists make it. If BTBAM wants to be vegetarian (which I'm pretty certain all of them but the drummer are), and sing about getting beat up by football players (which they do), then that's what Metal is to them. If certain things "aren't metal" because they're lame or socially unacceptable at least in the metal community, then I don't want to be Metal either.
    how do you spot a vegan at a barbeque? dont worry, theyl let you know
    So you don't unnecessarily prepare food for them. Assholes right? Some vegans are annoyingly preachy, but most are not. Naturally you will only notice the preachy ones though.
    I had a colleague at college who used to order Big Mac's without the beef, lol.
    "When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life" It's called the circle of life. Go watch Lion King. As a creature designed to eat meat, it's only wrong that we don't eat meat.
    Why are some of you so bloody agressive? All day long I hear "vegans are militant", "vegans tell everyone they are vegan and come up with their moral shit". But what I read from omnivore-living people is always the same bashing, grow up kids! I eat plants, XY eats meat, as long XY doesn't attack me, I'm absolutly ok with it! Eat what you prefer to eat, but don't be a ****ing douche!
    It's not being a douche. If she didn't mean for people to give their opinions on her lifestyle she shouldn't have gone public giving interviews about it.
    She's hot...but i could never date a ****ing vegan!
    Why not? As long as they're not forcing you to become vegan yourself it's alright. Most vegans I know aren't the complete dickwads stereotypes make them out to be, they're pretty chill with me eating meat.
    Plants and vegetables are feeling pain too, so let's not eat anything at all and watch ourselves die. I mean, it's better to minimize any form of suffering than to survive.
    She's just another person who thinks she's a ****ing saint just cause she's Vegan.
    This. By all means, be vegan or whatever, but don't preach it and absolutely do not use it to obtain a moral high ground.
    Don't think she's using it to obtain a moral high ground. She is passionate about causing less harm to animals and reaching out to others to do the same. It is wrong how animals are treated as commodities and it's frustrating when people say "don't preach" about this. She is "preaching" for other sentient beings to be treated justly. This isn't like religion where you are being preached to because somebody wants you as an individual to find salvation or whatever (in which case you have every right to ask them not to preach if you're not interested in this), this is appealing to fundamental justice not to treat animals as property and is comparable to human oppression of the past (and present) based on humans that are somehow "different".
    If she's not using it for a moral high ground, why is she going around telling everyone she's vegan. You can just as easily be vegan and not go on about it.
    She's being interviewed by PETA.... A vegan organisation. Would you be offended if she was interviewed by a climate change initiative and gave her opinion on climate change?
    People like you suck so much. Anytime someone is happy with their lifestyle that differs from some *******s, those *******s always have to shit on it. Grow up and learn to respect other peoples life styles.
    the same could be said for the vegans constantly telling other people they should be vegan, it gets more annoying than religious ****sticks trying to convert people.
    You don't have to listen to her, she's not forcing it down your throat. She's just expressing her point of view, and encouraging others who may be receptive to her message to do the same. You have the ability to not click on the article you know. It's not hard
    You also have the ability to not respond to his comment. Getting off the "morality" of being vegan (even though vegan food tastes terrible, trust me I tried going vegan for health reasons, I ended up working out more) if you guys are saying that she should be allowed to live the lifestyle she wants to without criticism, why can i not live the lifestyle i want without her criticism? This goes for every lifestyle. Gay men and women should be allowed to love who they want. Just like Christians should be allowed to say "we disagree with gay marriage." People should be allowed to say "i won't own a gun" while others say "I own several guns." Everyone just needs to lay off everyone else and we'll all be happy. I'm happy she's a vegan, but she doesn't need to go around saying that she's vegan and has a high moral standing than the rest of us. I know several vegans who are only vegan so that they can say they are better than meat eaters. That's not right.
    No, it's different. Beings with just as much interest in their life are being killed in massive numbers. There is no way you can look at this system objectively without realizing it's insane. Stick 16 lbs of food in a living compactor then slaughter it and eat 1 lb. of food. It's crazy.
    Yes because I forgot that when you're asked a question in an interview you should probably jist ignore it right? No offense, but your logic is so beyond dumb that it amazes me. Also, she never once tried to push it on others. She explained why she's vegan. That is all. And you sound like a bitter old man.
    Living things with a nervous system do feel pain. Plants and vegetables do not have one, thus they don't feel anything when cut. They do, however, react in a certain way if you cut them, but no pain. understand?
    As far as we understand they may not feel pain. If you know anything about science, in reality we make edjucated guesses on most subjects and in most cases information is not final. Also many studies do show that plants show emotions and pain, but think what you want.
    Sorry a plant has no nervous system. No one believes this. You don't believe that. It only comes up when meat eaters are getting defensive.
    Pig get stunned before the are slaughtered. No pain, they die in their sleep.
    I don't get the whole humane aspect of being vegan anyway. If you're getting nourishment, something else lost its life for that to happen. Life consumes life. It's as simple as that. All vegans do is avoid eating foods they can relate to. You can still eat fish and be a vegan, for ****'s sake.
    Some vegetarians eat fish. Vegans do not.
    Either way, my main point still stands. Life consumes life. Plant life is life. Organisms grown in a lab/factory are still lifeforms. You can't avoid eating other life if you want to survive. All you can do is avoid eating things that whimper and have puppy dog eyes.
    Wait, you model your behavior on animals? They shit freely outside too. Some eat their own species, so maybe we should legalise cannibalism. After all, life consumes life. Do you really think that the lives of plants and animals can be considered equivalent anyway? If someone repeatedly kicked a flower and a cat in public, do you think you'd be equally concerned for the flower? Plants aren't sentient to the same degree as animals, if at all. It's not a matter of life, it's of self awareness. Nobody's perfect, but at least some of us try to improve this world. You can eat meat if you want, but don't try act so righteous about it.
    If it's about self awareness, then most animals are fair game. They are not self aware. Ever seen a dog barking at its reflection in a mirror? A cat bristle at its own reflection? Similar examples can be seen throughout the animal kingdom. Yes, there are a few exceptions such as primates, dolphins, etc. B ut those are very few and far between.
    I'm not acting righteous about it. Plants and animals are clearly different, but you just said yourself, we only care about the lifeforms we can relate to. Who are you to say that a common cat (who is actually incredibly detrimental to the environment) is more important than a flower? It's the vegans who act self-righteous about the whole situation. All I'm saying is that we shouldn't judge the importance of life based on how sad it looks when you hurt it.
    especially the PETA supporting vegans, that need insulin made from animal products to live, because "they need to save the animals", so they make an exception to their little rules it's all self-righteous behavior.
    I can tell you're dumb because you had to reply to so many people to get your point across. Your point is wrong. The reality is, yes, the cycle of life requires eating other life forms. There are producers, consumers, and decomposers. We are consumers. Plants are producers. The whole point of plants is to give and the whole point of consumers is to take. It's part of the plants' reproduction cycles to have animals eat their seeds and then spread them out in their poo. The ethic of not eating meat is that consumers eating other consumers is pointless at best and mean-spirited at worst because the nutrients of animals is an off-shoot of the nutrients of plants. The reality is, vegans who share this ethic that eating animals is bad, most likely would prefer that animals not eat each other as well. Those animals can't help it, humans can, because we're smart enough to lay off the meat. That's hypothetically speaking, in reality, people are not smart enough to lay off the meat. In fact we're so dumb about it that we've turned the natural process of animals eating meat to survive into concentration camps of torture just to eat an absurd amount of meat. Life was never meant to be this way. vegans are opting out of it. And before you say I think I'm better than everyone else, I'm actually a meat eater myself. The only reason I want to quit is because meat tastes nasty to me now.
    As I said, animals are sentient beings. They have emotions. You can see this in dogs when an owner returns home and the dog runs to them excitedly wagging its tail. Plants do not have emotions and there are no reputable studies to suggest they feel pain. It's a false equivalence. Lets pretend you are right though, then maybe we should minimise the loss of life. The US could feed 800 million people with the grain that its livestock consumes. So rather than breeding these animals for eating, we should just eat the grain. It will feed far more people, and it would be far less 'life' lost by your definition.
    Actually it has been proven that plants show emotions. They respond to being fed, and given light. They also respond to music with studies showing plants responding depending on types of music. Just because you don't see it and are just as stubborn as anyone who consumes meat if not moreso.
    Regression: What about the millions of rodents killed by the harvesting of the grain by machinery? Do they not count?
    You know what grain makes? Bread. And what goes in between a good set of burger buns, nice juicy hamburger..... mmmmmhmmmmm. Geez if you care so much for the emotions of a friggin dog just go marry one. Leaves more cows and steak for me.
    The actual problem there is the meat industry. On the other hand, ever seen a plant suffer?
    Actually vegetarians don't eat fish at all. What you're think of is actually called a Pescetarian.
    those are pescetarians, not vegetarians, veganism is just dumb because until someone explains legitimately how milk and cheese hurt cows I am going to laugh at vegans.
    She clearly doesn't know as much as she thinks. I am of native american descent and how self-sufficient indians slaughter animals is pretty damn humane. When I saw a goat being prepped for slaughter they basically put it into a relaxed state and then slit its throat with a SUPER sharp knife. If the goat felt any pain, it was fleeting. Hell that goat was treated more humanely than most pets.
    As a beef cattle farmer who knows that his critters receive and quick and deadly bullet before they're processed, I don't know you could be much more humane. Equating factory procedures, the horrible things that major restaurant chains like KFC do to their chickens, and the overall treatment of animals as a result of mass produced meat, is absolutely ignorant of the actual process in many many other places. You can't just assume that every single business that processes meat puts animals through torturous processes. That, quite frankly, isn't the case. She's got her head so far up her own ass. That's usually the case when you don't have facts supporting your opinions.
    Some animals are treated better but lets be honest here - the vast majority are not.
    That may be the case but it's not applicable to every single scenario. It really depends on the products you buy when it comes to whether or not the meat you're using came from an animal that was humanely killed. And for the record, even if I raise beef cattle, I try not to eat meat, constantly, because it's just not good to devour meat products for every single meal, like so many people do. It takes ages to digest, plugs up your system. People need to concentrate on eating healthy amounts of meat, or at the very least significantly dropping their red meat consumption. Even if preachy vegetarians and vegans are annoying, they're very correct about the negatives of consuming meat/too much meat. Always remember this--the opposing opinion should teach, even if it irritates.
    It's fantastic that even though you eat and raise livestock you're willing to accept the facts when you see them - It's rare to see that kind of humility. Believe me, I get just as tired of meat eaters telling me I should eat meat as you get tired of vegans telling you not to. Preachers eh!
    LOL I have no idea what my posts are gathering negs for. I have one of the most objective perspectives on this topic. Welcome to the UG comment section, where the "cream" rises to the top. (curdled)
    After a lifetime of being vegetarian or vegan, she probably wouldn't be able to eat meat anyway. The body wouldn't take it. I've always thought an interesting counterargument is how many insects and the like are killed by pesticides covering the crops as opposed to the number of livestock killed for meat, and the question of whether the earth could actually sustain a fully vegan population.
    Most of the grain grown in America is grown to feed the animals raised there. If no animals were being raised, that same land would be used for humans - no extra land wastage/ no extra pollution caused by factory farming/ no extra pesticides. Not to mention we would still have most of the fish we are rapidly driving into extinction. It would be more sustainable for the environment.
    I don't quite understand why people are attacking her for this. This is how she chooses to live her life, she's not pushing it on anyone. It was an interview with PETA, what did you expect? SO much meat-eating butthurt.
    It's not a case of butthurt. It's just that being a vegan is kind of an easy way to try and be proud of how you are a great person, when in reality you're not changing anything for better.
    To vegans, causing less suffering to animals is a change for the better. Where in the interview does she suggest she's proud of being a great person? She was being interviewed by a vegan organisation and gave her view on veganism.
    Thats clearly your preconception of vegans. Most of us don't do that kind of shit, and if I caught another vegan doing that I'd tell them to shove it. Obviously you don't hear those of us who keep our mouths shut, so from the outside it appears like vegans are arrogant pricks. If Alissa believes her lifestyle benefits the planet (and a lot of what she said is relatively factual) then good for her. She's not saying she's better than you, she's just doing what she feels is right.
    What would Mustaine have to say about this ? The amount of carbon a cow causes to the environment is extreme. Poor little flowery flower takes that methane and makes it oxygen. It's your civic duty to eat that cow to stop the carbon from running free and killing "innocent living beings" Footnote: Funny how just before finally failing to ever make good music again, bands and their frontmen/frontwomen start getting into activism.
    I don't even like their music. personally if I wanted to hear a chick screaming in my ear I'd get married. I'm not about hating on girls or anything I just don't like to hear a girl screaming. there are many great women musicians with great voices in other genres besides metal. Rock, Country, Rap, hip hop, and many other genres. I guess I just don't like AE's music unless LittleVMills is playing it in a one man band on youtube.
    You go ahead and ignore millions of years of meat-consuming evolution our hominin ancestors have gone through to survive, and stick to a chimpanzee diet matching your intellectual level. In the meantime, I'll eat like a homo sapiens.
    I think someone who can make decisions based on empathy and morals is far less apelike than you. In the past meat was consumed as a means of survival. Now this isn't the case. In terms of resources producing meat is very inefficient. Livestock eats more food than it produces. So, which part of your choice is intelligent? I get it, you like the taste. That's all it comes down to really. Just admit that you're happy to kill animals so you can have a nice meal.
    "I get it, you like the taste. That's all it comes down to really." Please read a page or two about the nature and benefits of nutrients, and the relation they have with the taste of food. You may discover the statement quoted above is quite absurd. That being said, you're not wrong about my having no qualms about animals being killed so I can be fed, and I would never pretend otherwise. Decisions based on emotion are never more intelligent (ergo, less "ape-like") than decisions based on logic. Empathy or morality toward livestock is unintelligent, since it has no practical use. In this case, it's detrimental to the health and survival of our species—the amount of studies indicating that vegetarians are less healthy than the norm is overwhelming at this point.
    Could you please be more precise? I can't find anything. Happy to read about it, but if it's suggesting that we prefer food that offers lots of nutrients then I'd disagree. It is perfectly feasible to obtain these nutrients from a vegan diet. As for your second point, glad you can admit that. Dislike the way you phrased it though. It's not as if you won't be able to have a healthy diet if meat was unavailable, so they aren't killed for you to be fed. They are killed so you can eat the meal you prefer. As for decisions based on emotion never being more intelligent, I'd disagree. I feel that it's morally wrong to kill other people. As do a lot of other humans. As for vegetarians being less healthy, could you direct me to some evidence?
    Never have I seen so much denial in a comment section.
    She is also in denial because she wears excessive make-up and all of that is tested on animals too. We need to keep testing on animals for a lot of reasons, but looking good isn't one of them. We save animal and human lives by doing animal testing so stopping it would result in more death and suffering. But this girl think she's such a good person that monkeys deserve to have their faces burned off just because she is insecure about her looks.
    Where did you get the idea that all make up is tested on animals? Animal testing for cosmetics was banned in Europe THIS YEAR and many brands are cruelty free. If she's genuinely a vegan she will have done her research - Do yours.
    The testing and the products are banned yes, but it's the same companies selling the products. It's also a legal mess because it conflicts with consumer protection so now they're using human labrats. People so poor they offer their health in exchange for money. Europe isn't a country btw, if you meant the EU. They also said cowmeat wasn't horsemeat, then it turned out it was horse. If you believe everything they put on a label then it must be really easy to be a 'good' person.
    I didn't say Europe was a country, I have no idea why you brought that up. It's a collection of many countries (enhancing my point as it means many countries have collectively banned animal testing for cosmetics). Horse-meat VS cow-meat is another random thing to bring up. Ultimately the same action is happening regardless of which meat you eat. The same cannot be said for animal testing VS not animal testing. It doesn't conflict with consumer protection as for the most part we now know what ingredients have what effects on the human body. We know that putting Head & Shoulders in your eyes is bad for them, we don't need to continuously rub them in rabbits eyes to know this.
    So you're saying it's not okay to test on animals, but okay to benefit from it? All the stuff in products currently sold has been tested on animals in the past. If you use that knowledge to make yourself look good and smell nice you are benefitting from the research. It doesn't make it less cruel if it happened in the past. I don't want to smell like crap but I'm not going to lie to myself that no animals were ever hurt to make these products possible. It's like you only pick out the parts you like and the rest never happened.
    It's in the past. You cannot un-abuse the animal. If the product is no longer tested on animals then no animals are being harmed any longer. The suffering is over. How can you say that that is as cruel as continuing to torture animals? Your logic is so flawed that it hurts. The less animals that suffer the better.As Alissa said, it's about making a "conscious decision that I was gonna absolutely MINIMIZE any amount of suffering that I would induce on any other living being." EDIT: I'm not lying to myself about anything you tit.
    There's no point in trying to reason with you is there? Your arrogance blinds you, enjoy living an illusion.
    To each it's own, still bugs me that in some parts of the world the so called "natural" products are more expensive so ppl are forced to buy from the big factories.
    Exactly. Instead of being a vegan she should be against minimum wage, or against exploitation of third world countries, racism, and other things we don't see almost anyone in metal talking about.
    Vegans can also be against minimum wage. She was being interviewed by PETA though so it's not surprising she focused mostly on veganism
    "...conscious decision that I was gonna absolutely minimize any amount of suffering that I would induce on any other living being" She can always minimize my suffering
    Try going hungry with no supermarket around. As a kid, we would hunt because we grew up in the far North with no access to a supermarket on a regular basis. Everyone around there got their food via hunting and growing what you could. Let's see her spend a week living like many people all over the world do without regular access to a supermarket and see how long she stays vegan. I hope you like eating bark.
    Straw man argument right here. Obviously she'd advocate eating meat if you needed it for survival. Any reasonable vegan would agree with that. The vast majority of meat is consumed in civilised countries. We raise these animals for the purpose of eating them. It's an incredibly inefficient process though, the food that livestock eats would feed far more people than the livestock itself.
    This doesn't have to be true, this is because people in the food industry scratch eachothers back. They make more money if they let their cattle eat expensive food and then make the consumer pay for it. Cows can survive just fine eating wild plants and grass, we choose to give them crap instead.
    It depends on the country you are referring to. In third world countries, people eat different kinds of animals, considering cow meat is very expensive. Then again, here in Guatemala, some people don't even know the city, and has literally no access to markets and "civilized" stuff. Not very straw man when considering contexts, she advocates for what her knowledge of the subject allows her too.
    It is a straw man. An American saying hey, what if you don't have access to much food and you gotta hunt, have fun starving to death. You'd have to be pretty daft to think this is the situation this singer was addressing. I see where you're coming from though, I just don't think that their response was appropriate.
    Well, in the 21st century, most of us have access to food, water, electricity etc. There is no ACTUAL need for hunt.
    Most of us? the vast majority of people on the Earth lives in poverty.
    Aren't themes for Arch Enemy songs usually juvenile things like battles, killing stuff, going insane, and various other typical death metal ideas? This woman preaches a healthy lifestyle on the one hand, while screaming violent nonsense with the other. Do I take her seriously then? no.
    whoa whoa, "instead of the problem"? i didn't mind the nonsense until it reached there.
    After thousands of years of evolution and letting nature take it's course, humans are on the top of the food chain for a reason. To each their own, but I'm not going to stop eating animals anytime soon
    I love self-righteous musicians. Going to go BBQ a delicious steak in honor of this incredibly mediocre band.
    I hold a very special place for cows, chickens, pigs and fish. That place is right next to the mac and cheese.
    Tim the Rocker
    And I can't understand where they get the non-meat diet is healthy from... Scientist have discovered long ago that the increased amount of meat intake that we got when we first learned to walk also increased our brain capacity. Which probably explains why vegans are generally (I dare say 99.9%) ****en morons. I can accept someone doesn't want to eat meat because they feel sorry for the animal, but their explanations beyond that is all so utterly irritating. I don't explain why I eat meat, just that I like it.
    Alissa looks like she’s doing pretty well as are tons of other musicians, doctors, scientists, athletes. According to the American Dietetic Association a vegan diet is a healthy choice for all people in all stages of life. If animals matter morally at all you shouldn’t kill and torture them for your own personal pleasure. Animals don’t belong to us. So many of you have made the decision that you can do anything you want to an animal based on the belief that animals are inferior to humans so they don’t matter. You do this based on things that are important to humans. It’s a speciesist view of the world and your place in it. Folks, we are talking about institutionalized cruelty on a massive scale. You can have amazing foods without supporting this stuff. It’s better for you. It’s better for the animals. It’s better for the planet. I really encourage all of you to some reading and think about things a little.
    lol why do some people get so riled up when someone encourages veganism. you don't need to get so defensive no gives a shit if you don't agree with it.
    I agree with Alissa! Awesome to hear her promoting such things. Former Arch Enemy vocalist (and now manager) Angela Gossow is a vegan also. \m/
    Be it a pig, chicken, or root, life feeds on life. Feeds on life. FEEDS ON LIFE!
    And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possesed me then. And I begged, "Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?" And the angel said unto me, "These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust." And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared, "Hear me now, I have seen the light! They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!" Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus.
    This is necessary! jajaja. Well, i am a vegetarian and i agree that life feeds on life, but many people, omnivors and vegans/vegetarians don't see the full picture...everybody isn't aware of all the parts of the equation.
    "So let it be written So let it be done I'm sent here by the chosen one So let it be written So let it be done To kill the first born pharaoh's son I'm creeping death"
    If people were meant to be vegan then god wouldn't have made pigs out of bacon.
    Humans = Animals Animals eat animals ----- Humans eat animals simple as that. the whole industry and health stuff is a completely different thing