Arch Enemy Singer Talks Being Vegan: 'Tasting Something Isn't Worth a Lifetime of Torture'

"I'm lucky to be alive and well and I only wish the same for others," says Alissa White-Gluz.

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Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz recently talked about being vegan, explaining how she was born and raised in a family of vegetarians, ultimately tracing her vegan roots back to childhood days.

Chatting with Peta2, Alissa said that her mother made sure to clarify early on about the way the food we're eating is made.

The singer got more involved with the issue during her early teen years, making a "conscious decision that I was gonna absolutely minimize any amount of suffering that I would induce on any other living being."

"I'm definitely vegan for ethical reasons, but all of the other benefits, like the environmental benefits, health benefits are a happy bonus," Alissa said.

"The second on your tongue is not worth a lifetime of torture. That fleeting moment of tasting something isn't worth somebody else's life and you actually don't have to sacrifice any taste to go vegan anyway, since there's such a wide variety of delicious food included in the vegan diet," she added.

Discussing the matter of "humane slaughter," White-Gluz called the term an oxymoron, stressing that "there's no humane way to slaughter a living being."

"Think about the term 'humane slaughter' and try to apply it to a human being. Would you ever think that if somebody was murdered, but they died instantly from a bullet to the head, that it was OK because it was a humane murder? Absolutely not," she said.

"People ask me if it's hard to be vegan? Absolutely not. It would be hard to not be vegan."

In a separate Facebook post, Alissa added, "Although we just scratch the surface here, the reason I'm so passionate about living vegan is because it benefits the environment (fauna and flora), humans in other parts of the world, animals and my own health. I've been vegan for 15 years now and I have yet to find a lifestyle that gives as much back to the planet. The way I see it, I am lucky to be alive and well and I only wish the same for others.

"The facts are there, it's just a matter of accepting reality and choosing to be a part of the solution instead of the problem," the vocalist concluded.

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    "It would be hard not to be a vegan" Clearly she has never been to a grocery store or a restaurant. Surprisingly easy to not be a vegan
    If you look away and ignore things which you convinced yourself are none of your concern, everything is pretty easy.
    Wait a sec, isn't Angela also a vegan? And Michael is a vegetarian. Just saying.
    Yes, you're absolutely right - Alissa White-Gliz and Angela Gossow both are vegans, and Michael Amott is a vegetarian. By the way, a lot of famous people are vegetarians and vegans - you can search for the lists in the internet. And there are especially so many vegans among rock and metal musicians.
    Carcass, which was Michael's previous band used to all be vegan in the early days too. A lot of people within the Punk scene are vegetarians and vegans as well.
    Travis Ryan of Cattle Decap is a vegetarian too, though I prefer the logic behind his decision. He is much less self righteous and narrow minded than this chick.
    I can see the moral point that vegans are making, but I don't agree with it. I think that we should emphasize humane conditions for animals, both during killing and during their raising. I'm really against these places where they raise 100s of cows or chickens in the same small barn and never let the animals out, all while filling them with hormones and antibiotics. That's cruel to me.
    Try 10.000s of cows or chickens per farm. Also it doesn't work for everyone to consume as unbelievably much meat as we do and at the same time raise all those animal in "happy conditions"... UG is definetly the wrong page to argue reasonably about a topic like that, though
    No kidding. Any civil rights or ethical issues should be brought elsewhere
    Bad news, 'these places' are 'most places'. Companies do the bare minimum as giving animals a nice life costs more money. They can slap a 'free range' sticker on a packet when the animal still spends the vast majority of its life in a cage.
    Yeah it costs a hell of a lot money to just have the cows outside by themselves... The only thing they really need is space and water. It becomes expensive because they "have to be fed right". They can manage just fine by themselves in the fields. Just put a fence around it and they'll be fine.
    But this is a modern issue. 200 years ago, the sacrifice of livestock wasn't something available for everyone, and in several groups around the world, it meant a really big deal and called for celebration and communion. Industrialized capitalism changed everything.
    You know what, vegans don't bother me at all. As long as they're preaching to the choir or people already on the fence, what harm are they doing? This interview was done with PETA for Christ's sake, so this is just a lazy way of digging up controversy.
    Well if she doesn't want to hurt animals then why is she eating all of their food?
    Grain is specifically grown for feeding animals. Even if this weren't the case, it's not like meat eaters don't eat vegetables, dumbass.
    I eat a lot of steak and burgers. Please tell me more of these Veg-E-Tables you speak of.
    People Eating Tasty Animals
    That made my day
    lol, I like her as a heavy metal vocalist, but COME ON! "Choosing to be a part of the solution instead of the problem"??? pffft, what a freaking self-righteous, crap-filled, high and mighty way of thinking. People eat animals. Always have, always will. If you choose not to, whoopty-do! good for you! But don't say shit like that about normal people who do.
    She does have a genuinely decent point about this but it is still only an opinion and while many may agree with her I do not. We have been hunting since the dawn of man and will continue to do so until our end.
    While I agree with your last point, there's a big difference between hunting an animal in the wild and factory farming.
    Yeah but could we keep up with human demands today if we stuck with the good ol' hunting rifle. Not trying to justify it, but population size has forced us into factory farming.
    I think it's funny that people claim how "unmetal" being vegan is. So what, performing Metal music comes with a lifestyle attachment now? Is Rob Halford not Metal because he is attracted to men? And why does being "metal" as a person or set of ethics matter? The music is what's important. If Rob Halford wants to sing about being gay, that is what metal is now. If Cattle Decapitation wants to sing about how eating meat is wrong, that's what Metal is now. What counts as Metal is what the true artists make it. If BTBAM wants to be vegetarian (which I'm pretty certain all of them but the drummer are), and sing about getting beat up by football players (which they do), then that's what Metal is to them. If certain things "aren't metal" because they're lame or socially unacceptable at least in the metal community, then I don't want to be Metal either.
    how do you spot a vegan at a barbeque? dont worry, theyl let you know
    So you don't unnecessarily prepare food for them. Assholes right? Some vegans are annoyingly preachy, but most are not. Naturally you will only notice the preachy ones though.
    I had a colleague at college who used to order Big Mac's without the beef, lol.
    "When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life" It's called the circle of life. Go watch Lion King. As a creature designed to eat meat, it's only wrong that we don't eat meat.
    Why are some of you so bloody agressive? All day long I hear "vegans are militant", "vegans tell everyone they are vegan and come up with their moral shit". But what I read from omnivore-living people is always the same bashing, grow up kids! I eat plants, XY eats meat, as long XY doesn't attack me, I'm absolutly ok with it! Eat what you prefer to eat, but don't be a ****ing douche!
    It's not being a douche. If she didn't mean for people to give their opinions on her lifestyle she shouldn't have gone public giving interviews about it.
    She's hot...but i could never date a ****ing vegan!
    Why not? As long as they're not forcing you to become vegan yourself it's alright. Most vegans I know aren't the complete dickwads stereotypes make them out to be, they're pretty chill with me eating meat.