Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz: I've Been a Vegan Longer Than I've Been a Singer

"It's definitely something I try to put across in my work, but that's just because I really care about it."

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Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz: I've Been a Vegan Longer Than I've Been a Singer

Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz discussed being a vegan, telling Century Media (transcribed by UG):

"I've been vegan for almost 20 years now, so it's a huge part of who I am. I've been a vegan longer than I've been a singer.

"And it's definitely something I try to put across in my work, but that's just because I really care about it.

"It's not because I feel that it's necessary, or I think it's a good selling point or anything, it's just that's who I am.

"So if I'm gonna be singing honestly, it's probably gonna be about something that I honestly care about.

"One of the reasons I think Arch Enemy gels so well is because we all share very similar values when it comes to human rights, animal rights, even politics, religion - we're all kind of on the same page.

"I have no fear that Mike [Amott] is gonna write some lyrics that I don't feel comfortable singing. That never happens. Every time he gives me lyrics I'm like, 'Yeah! I wish I wrote this! This is great!'

"And when I write lyrics, likewise, I know that he's not gonna be, 'Well we can't talk about this!'

"And that's one of the great things about metal. As soon as I started playing metal I was like, 'Everybody's gonna want me to shut up about this, they're gonna want me to just focus on aggression.'

"But actually it was the opposite. I quickly found out that the people latched on to the fact that I was being authentic and that was nothing wrong with being yourself, even if your values are maybe a little bit different than most of the people within the community.

"I quickly realized that it was not only on to talk about veganism and peaceful way of living, but it was actually appreciated. I'm lucky in that sense, but also I don't know if I could have done it any other way."

She added:

"When I first started playing metal, lyrically I related more to punk and hardcore scenes where there was a lot more veganism and straightedge people, and people sort of taking a stance for causes that they believe in.

"There was like a few bands that had sort of more motivational lyrics, that I thought was really cool and interesting to hear this sort of juxtaposition between aggressive sounding music but then really a peaceful message.

"And I think that metal has always been, in my opinion, the most passionate form of music. And it only makes sense to actually be passionate about what you're saying when you're delivering music to people, whether it's through an album or for a live show.

"And I think that in the early stages of metal there was... There's obviously classic metal where just being metal is something to be passionate about, and there's a lot of songs about how metal we are and just praising the lords of metal.

"Which is also fun because it strengthens the community. And then there's bands that went more like a history lesson, where you are learning about different events that happen throughout global history, which is also kind of cool.

"No matter what somebody writes about, if they're passionate about, it's gonna come through. But I think that right now the world is in a state of uproar and rebellion. And it only makes sense that music that has always been about that is joining with those causes right now."

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    It is theorized the protein concentration in meat (among other macro-molecules) and abundance so readily available allowed significant brain development within humans.
    Then why aren't carnivores the smartest animals?
    Because evolution isn't as easy as your question would suggest. Protein abundance was only one factor among the myriad of other factors that allowed homo sapiens to carve their path evolutionary tract.
    Because opposable thumbs, ability to make complex sounds, bipedalism, complex social structure etc, etc.
    Complex sounds like wild as fuck dive bombs?!? Yes indeed brother \m/ I like a medium-well steak, with a pinch of harmonic.
    Humans, Dolphins, Chimps, Pigs, and Dogs all eat meat. So that leaves Elephants. Most of the most intelligent animals are omnivorous, leaning towards social animals and social hunters.
    Some of the girls I know are quite social animals. And I've eaten a few of them.  Giggity.
    I would love to tongue punch her fart box
    Chivalry ain't dead! Such a romantic. That being said, despite of her vegan lifelihood I'd like to give her some meat. Plus the thingy with the fart box 'n stuff
    How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry they will tell you.  
    Or make a joke about vegans and see who gets triggered.. I couldn't care less about what other people eat, unless it's my food. Take it easy everyone.
    How can you tell someone doesn't like vegans / vegetarians? Don't worry, they will tell you, complain about it excessively, quote half true sciences, make the same old joke every chance they get and basicly turn out to be exactly the kind of person they blame the opposite party to be.
    What you just described is a vegan.
    Ive yet to meet a overly annoying vegan outside of the internet. I have met uncountable numbers of people who get triggered by vegetarians for no reason beside their own fragile ego's though. And im not even vegan myself.
    I worked at Whole Foods and trust me, there are plenty of annoying vegans. What's more annoying was all the dismissive haters defaming others diet - "you eat some of that weird stuff?" "Vegan food will never taste good" "if there's not meat on my plate, I won't eat it!" "Gluten free cookie? Not going to touch it." Too much red meat and not enough vegetables leads to heart disease, the leading cause of death in America. Ignorance is abundant in all cultures.
    What I've learned in my job is that people value fun and enjoyment over health. The other thing I've learned is that there's nothing wrong with that.
    Unhealthy people clog up the healthcare system driving up costs for everyone in the nation. Processed foods waste lots of energy and half the food grown in the world is thrown away. There is something wrong with that.
    Which is why healthcare costs shouldn't be shared among all the population. You should pay for what you take out personally. Socialized medicine only exacerbates this problem because people then decide "Since I'm not paying for it, I don't have to take care of myself."
    I can link you to the page of someone in my hometown, if you'd like. Her and her cronies won't shut up about it.
    and i guesd this doesn't apply to you? Lol
    I don't form general statements from my personal experiences/anecdotal evidences that only seem to support my own biases. Well, maybe I do and I'm full of shit. I wish there was an academic research on the subject of annoying vegans.
     Well, maybe I do 
    You do. And if you want to have a brighter vision on why people see vegies as annoying it's because they are a concentrated minority were the most annoying shitheads yell the loudest. Kind of like how people like us make the UG communtiy seem like a bunch of annoying neckbeards.
    I mean, I see trucks and cars with "where's the beef/meat?" And "the west wasn't won on salad" stickers all the time. If that doesn't say " look im a meat eater look look" then udk what does. Meat eaters are usually always quicker to mention they eat meat. The only time I mention im vegetarian is when asked or if im asking what they jave for options that are vegetarian. Meat eaters are just as bad as vegans, if not worse. That is undeniable.
    metal songs about thanks, not for me good for her to write about something she's passionate about though. 
    UG is still a guitar and music driven site right?... About this article... WHO CARES?!
    I apreciate the way she tells her point of view. It goes against that cliche that vegans think that all people who eat meat are murderes with no soul, who only feast on the poor animals to rejoice in their suffering and how pure and moraly superior they[vegans] are.
    There are so many vegans and vegetarians in the metal scene.  I actually remember reading once there are more by percent than in any other genre of music.  The rationale behind this is that both being a metalhead and being a vegan/vegetarian are rebel philosophies; we see something wrong with the world and society and we subscribe to these philosophies to cope with the negativity and even try to change it. 
    I don´t get why are people freaking out over vegans. "Hey, we just don´t want to kill animals" "DIIEEEEE YOU MOTHERFUCKING PUSSIES OMGGGG YOU NEED MEAT YOU PUSSY OMGGGGG!!!1!1!!!EVOLUTION!!!1!!1SCIENCE!!!!" Like...what the fuck?
    Literally nobody is reacting that way, we're just sick of the ones who use their choice as a weapon to seem morally superior. Yes, those kinds of people do exist.
    I´ve seen lots of people reacting like that. You should´ve seen the mayhem I can ignite by simply cutting a Douchebags are everywhere I guess.
    I agree with you. It's not even that vegetarians even use the moral highground most of the time, it's non-vegetarians that assume they do the moment a vegetarian mentions he/she doesn't eat meat at a barbeque/dinner/restaurant/etc.  The proof is on this very article, a majority of dislikes and negative responses yet the moral highgroudn wasn't mentioned. seems a case of fragile ego's to me since i eat meat and could care less.
    You know, it'd all be so simple if they'd foods that don't contain shit they aren't going to eat at said barbecue and, you know, maybe not mention that they don't eat meat. A lot of weekend cookouts include meat specialties that take a lot of preparation, time, and care in the smoking process. I don't want to invite someone over for an incredible meal and then have them throw their dietary choices in my face. Bring your own damn food and shut the hell up. 
    Vegetarians take their own replacement meat to barbecues or simply don't eat it, most restaurants have vegie options and asking to get a vegie version of certain meat recipes is just as complex as asking for extra salami on your pizza. You're either way living in a incredibly backward conservative hole or your another crybaby taking offence by others people dietary choices that don' even affect you. I assume the latter. And seriously? " maybe not mention that they don't eat meat ". Does this shit honestly trigger you? Are you that weak minded? Do you also get triggered by people who mention they are allergic to peanuts?
    Not triggered, just annoyed when I'm supposed to cater to a person's choices. My grill is open--bring your own food and I'll cook it but I don't care to hear about your dietary choices and unfounded fears. Keep it to yourself. I don't prance around talking about eating meat.
    You sound more triggered, to be perfectly honest. That whole rant was either hyperbole or blatantly emotional.
    you are so right...and look! All your posts got shitload of downvotes. Mine too. And all I wanted to say was "there is nothing wrong with NOT wanting to kill animals". That´s it. But people hear "I´m so much better than you, because I don´t kill animals!". NOBODY SAYS THAT. Honestly I hate telling anybody I don´t eat meat, I hate talking about it, because it´s the most painful thing. Let me eat my cucumber and don´t make a drama out of it for fuck´s sake!! That´s all I´ve ever wanted and never got. And I still don´t know why. I don´t care what people eat, why they care what I eat??
    I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, but I have noticed eating less meat helps my body. Of course, I can't expect anything much from you devoted meat-eaters except throwing vegan jokes around and shutting up anyone who does not agree with you. I dislike the idea to tell other people what to eat, but still. Meat is not that good if that's all what you eat. Balance is the key.
    The only reason meat is a problem, particularly in America, is that our portion sizes are about 3 times what they should be. Meat isn't the problem--our gluttony is. You don't need a 10-25oz. steak with supper. Two pattied burgers are obnoxious. 
    Well also the greenhouse gasses that slaughterhouses cause.
    Slaughterhouses that make shitty meat products like hot dogs, sure. My local meat market does no harm
    Local meat that isnt created in a slaughter house isn't bad for our enviorment at all, its controlled and they aren't born and bred to become food. It's literally slaughterhouses and their overpopulization of the animals they kill for it. If you can get meat locally from somewhere that isn't eseentially a sweatshop for meat then good on ya.
    The only problem with all these fad diets is that they are extremes. The best diet for the human body probably balances everything. Granted, I find food trends incredibly annoying, because they lead people to paranoia where they literally worry so heavily that symptoms occur due stress. Most gluten intolerant people probably aren't gluten intolerant. There's no scientific evidence suggesting that a large number of us all of a sudden can't eat bread.
    So being vegan makes you a colossal bitch towards your bandmates, got it.
    So cool! I'm vegan, too. Best way to help animals, protect the environment, and live healthy. So glad she's helping to spread the word!
    Go, Alissa! I went vegan after my doctor advised me to and I've never looked back. Being powered by the plants is the way to go.