Arctic Monkeys Album Cover Cost $1

artist: Arctic Monkeys date: 08/21/2009 category: music news
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There was no expense spared when Arctic Monkeys shot the cover for their new album "Humbug" - it cost the band just $1 to make. The UK rockers recorded their third LP at Joshua Tree in California, where they also posed for the photo that appears on the artwork. "We were heavily involved in the album artwork this time." Drummer Matt Helders told The Sun. "It's a bold thing to be on the front of our album, even though we are still slightly disguised." "It's a photo I took with a dollar camera. I bought a camera for a dollar while we were in Joshua Tree in the Californian desert. There were film students selling all this stuff off at ridiculously low prices." Explaining why Arctic Monkeys decided to show their faces on the album (it's the first time all 4 members have appeared), frontman Alex Turner added: "We're on the cover because it feels like the album is more ours somehow." "Humbug" is released on Monday, August 24th. Thanks for the report to
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