Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath to Headline Reading & Leeds?

Rumour mill for next year's festival kicks off.

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Black Sabbath and Arctic Monkeys are currently being rumoured to be headlining next year's Reading and Leeds Festival, Gigwise reports. Earlier this week, Festival Republic Boss and R&L organiser told NME that "two out of three" of next year's bill-toppers were booked, and that "both of the headliners have played before." When asked about clues about the acts booked, Benn replied: "They are bands actually. They are American and English. They may even be bands with members from both sides of the pond in them. Two of the three are booked and I'm very happy with them. It's great to be in that position in September. We'll hope to have the third name booked by the end of October but we haven't made an offer yet." This has sparked rumours that the two acts are Arctic Monkeys and Black Sabbath. Arctic Monkeys last headlined Reading and Leeds in 2009, while Black Sabbath topped the line-up back in 1983. Ozzy Osbourne and co also match Benn's pan-American description, as Sabbath's new drummer Tommy Clufetos is from the States. The website eFestivals is also listing Arctic Monkeys as a rumour. Arctic Monkeys enjoyed a successful summer headlining Glastonbury Festival before releasing their record-breaking fifth album, AM." Black Sabbath also released the critically acclaimed "13," after returning to the metal scene to headline Download Festival in 2012. Other rumours for next year's headliners include Slipknot and Kasabian. Reading & Leeds 2014 will take place next summer from Friday 22 - Sunday 24 August.

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    I wish that Arctic Monkeys were big in the US. I'm dumbfounded how headliners for large European festivals play in the US at small venues for $20. Yes, I'm seeing them for $20 next month.
    Wouldn't you rather see a band you like at a small venue for a cheaper ticket, than for $50 or $60 at a huge stadium with terrible sound?
    I'd love to see a big band in a huge stadium for $50 or $60. In Australia, you're paying $100 to $120 for large acts.
    Which is really odd because I don't know of any huge US acts that headline that are next to unknown over here. If anyone knows any, please, correct me.
    I'm dumbfounded how Arctic Monkey are headliners for large European festivals and I'm from Europe.
    That's sounds like a great lineup, on the other hand Slipknot and Kasabian would suck. The Monkey's sound fantastic live lately, and Sabbath sounds very tight as well. I know I will be there either way, can't wait for my first Reading festival!
    Can't see it being Kasabian, they headlined in 2012, surely it's too soon for them again? Monkeys and Sabbath would be great, I'd like to see RHCP there too but I'm thinking it's unlikely.
    If slipknot played that'd be amazing, 3 headliners that actually can be considered music. I wonder what all the hipsters will do, jump on the bandwagon or boycott the festival?
    OMGOMGOMG!!! This is exactly what i wanted! Seems they do read the feedback forms you send them! :O!
    it makes sense since both of them use the same font in their logos. I'm sure that was what the promoters based their decision off entirely.