Arctic Monkeys 'Bigger Than Lady Gaga,' Tumblr Official Says

Band tagged 57,000 times on Tumblr in 30 days.

Ultimate Guitar

Tumblr's music expert is claiming that the Arctic Monkeys are more popular than Lady Gaga on the blogging platform, NME reports.

Nate Auerbach recently revealed that in a 30 day period earlier this year, there were 57,000 posts tagged Arctic Monkeys on Tumblr. "This is bigger than Lady Gaga on Tumblr right now," says Auerbach, who is now working on a case study for Tumblr about Arctic Monkeys because of their unprecedented success on the site.

2014 is already shaping up to be a bumper year for Arctic Monkeys. The band recently headlined Madison Square Garden, the biggest headlining US gig of their career to date. They are also set to headline the main stage at Reading and Leeds festivals this summer. It will be the first time that the band has performed at the festival since they topped the bill five years ago.

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    Axeman Eugene
    Good for them. I really loved their first albums, but Suck It And See and AM weren't really my thing.
    Disliked but actually you're right. Weren't too keen on the first two but Suck It And See and AM were pretty dull in retrospective. Humbug will always be my favourite.
    I agree although I do quite like AM, it's got a really dark and gritty overall tone/concept to it. Some really catchy song too.
    Can people take knowledge of this comment. Just because you don't really like something it doesn't mean you have to be a prick. Kudos to Axeman for being a respectable music fan and stating his opinion without any hate (although AM is my 2nd fave album of theirs)
    This is news now? Someone is more popular on a weird social media blogging site... who cares? This changes nothing.
    Ok let's be honest, no matter what music the readers on here like, Arctic Monkeys ARE not bigger than Lady Gaga whether I or you like it or not. At the moment they may be more relevant but they haven't reached that level yet.
    they'll never reach that level. Oasis didn't even reach that level and next to the Beatles that's it for us in England in regards to pop/rock bands. Ain't happening and never will.
    Pretty ignorant comment. Arctic Monkeys are bigger than Lady Gaga in the UK and several other territories. Would I be right in assuming you are from the US of A?
    I love misleading titles. Bigger this week, sure. Bigger this year? Probably. Bigger in over all popular cultural history. ARCTIC WHO? Lady Gaga made herself the new Madonna, Arctic Monkeys are a band chavs in England listen to to think they like rock music. I wouldn't scrape a dog turd off of my shoe with an arctic monkeys cd, i'd be afraid to offend the turd.