Arctic Monkeys Frontman: 'Metallica at Glastonbury Doesn't Add Up'

Alex Turner baffled by metal giants' headlining spot.

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The recent announcement of Metallica as the final headliner of this year's Glastonbury festival had the music world reacting in different ways, going from "bold move" praises to full-on confusion.

Joining the latter group, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner couldn't help feeling baffled by the organizers' decision, saying that it just "does not add up" for him.

Chatting with Time Out, Alex stated, "I'm not sure it adds up. I know we'd buzz off it, but fundamentally could you have Metallica in the hippy nucleus?"

During the rest of the interview, Turner discussed his first time at Glastonbury, remembering the way he embraced the festival's spirit. "I did the stone circle thing," he said (via NME). "I was dressed as a crocodile because Lily Allen had a load of fancy dress costumes. I remember wrestling James from Klaxons in the mud as the sun rose."

Metallica have also become the very first metal act to headline Glastonbury in its 44-year history. Apart from the metal giants, this year's event will be headlined by Arcade Fire and Kasabian.

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    Makes sence 2 me! dey turned pop. Now dey're playing at mainsterm festvals. U wud nevr c da kerry king prject turn pop!
    Hey Kerry remember that great riff you did, you know the one that goes 0-00-0-00-0-00-0-00-0-00 that one. Yeah, that was sick dude
    I think you're confusing Slayer with ...literally any "djent" or deathcore band.
    no, slayer would be like this 000-000-000-000-000, and djent is like 0-0-0-0000-0-0-0-00000-0-0-0000-000-
    I'm pretty sure you're the only person that could talk shit about Metallica and get upvoted for it
    Speaking of the kerry king project... whens your album coming out?
    Guys dont feed da troll!
    People seem to have forgotten that Nine Inch Nails played there one year. No exactly straight up metal, but still pretty heavy at times.
    Alex Turner is right, Glastonbury is a great festival (although the line ups were better a couple of years ago) but it is not a festival where you see metal bands at all. I don't think the crowd will react well to Metallica's performance.
    I don't know about that - I saw Metallica last year at Roskilde Festival together with a bunch of friends, some of which where mainly alt/pop/eletronica fans. Pretty much everyone enjoyed the show, despite it for some to be outside their usual taste of music. I've experienced the exact same thing at other concerts, where music I'm not really that into still becomes enjoyable, if the artist(s) are able to not only deliver energy and/or soul to their music, but also into their performance.
    Of course, Metallica are a quality act and they know how to give a great show. Not questioning that. What I intended to say is the crowd may not be the usual crowd that is in Metallica concerts, people may not know more than a couple of songs, it could turn weird. I understand your point, I'm mostly into garage rock, post punk and similar genres, and although I listen to Metallica, Mastodon, Tool, or other metal bands every now and then, most of my friends just ... wouldn't.
    Metallica has some slower songs that i'm sure they'll be playing. I don't think they'll be whipping out Blackened at a festival like this haha, and if they do, then oh well even better for the fans who are there.
    Metallica is always a big deal in Denmark, they are one of the few bands that can get away with being heavy around here, don't know how it is in other countries though. But i'm certain they would be well recieved at most of the bigger danish festivals.
    Glastonbury hasn't been a 'hippie' festival for decades though - it's had dance/dubstep acts on, it's been headlined by Jay-Z and had loads of other genres mixed in different stages. Metallica aren't exactly the bleeding edge of extreme metal - I guarantee every person there will know a few of the mainstream Metallica songs - most of the indie rock kids will have started out playing a few 'tallica riffs even if they didn't end up doing metal themselves. Alex Turner covered a Metallica song at Glastonbury with his side project one year - it's not exactly going to be any weirder than some legacy country act (of which several have shown up) hitting the stage.
    They have enough songs that could suit a more "rock" orientated audience. Enter Sandman, Hero of the Day, Bleeding Me, Until it Sleeps, Nothing Else Matters, The Unforgiven, Fade to Black, etc...
    "Metallica in the hippie nucleus"... Reminds of the Southpark episode where they played raining blood by slayer to kill all the hippies.
    I suppose you could say it makes as much sense as Arctic Monkeys playing a festival curated by Metallica
    I think it's a different thing all together. Orion was about Metallica inviting bands they like regardless of the genre in such a way that theoretically nothing would add up but turned out great. I don't really know what kind of festival Glasto is but I'm pretty sure that Metallica can pull it of
    Yeah, I know it's different ... it wasn't a sersious point, hence the Was just an observation. I liked the diversity of Orion. Glast has always put on different things and is pretty unpredictable, so good on 'em.
    I know angry Metallica fans will try their best to slag him off because of this (apparently without even reading the article properly, since Alex Turner also said that he is a fan of them), but he has a point. Metal bands usually don't play at Glastonbury. The majority of people who go to Glastonbury aren't metal fans. So... for all we know, it's a 50/50 situation. Either Metallica will blow people away, or will bore the shit out of everyone.
    Metallica has 2 non metal albums and has toured with alternative rock bands. You don't have to be a metalhead to enjoy some Metallica.
    Metallica is not some obscure metal band that only appeals to metal fans though, they are one of the best selling artist ever. I don't know the full lineup of Glastonbury but I wouldn't be surprised if Metallica's album sales are more than rest of the bill combined. I'm sure they can pull a huge crowd in any festival in the world.
    Personally I think that Artic Monkey being popular doesn't add up but there you go...
    I totally agree, I listened to them the first time a little while ago and I cannot see what is so appealing about their music at all.
    Doesn't appeal to me either. Strikes me as dull, slow poprock. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor is okay though.
    They use to be good! Listen to their earlier albums. Their newest album is absolutely awful.
    It's not awful, it just isn't very interesting to me personally where as my girlfriend didn't like them before but likes there new album. It is a little safe and polished for me.
    "Metallica in the hippy nucleus" was what struck me seeing as they performed at Woodstock in 1994 and 1999.
    Bad Kharmel
    don't we all remember that the only way to end a hippie festival is with metal
    Haha, it clears the people out. Excellent booking move by the organizers.
    Why is everyone so butthurt about this article? He's saying it's kind of weird that a metal band is headlining Glastonbury, kind of like half the goddamn comments on the articles leading up to Metallica headlining, saying it wouldn't happen and such. Stop feeding into the UG controversy machine.
    Worry less about other acts, worry more about your music sucking ass.
    Arctic Monkeys are currently the best band in the world.
    He got downvoted, but when you look at it from a larger perspective, it's hard to deny them that title. Outside of the UG community which basically hates anything which is commercially successfully these days, they're are praised by music critics and music fans alike. Even fellow musicians, like QOTSA, hold them at a high respect
    Who cares - Metallica kick ass live, people will watch them and does anyone remember Glasto 2008 (think it was 08) when Jay Z headlined? people moaned about that but he killed it! Metallica will be fine...
    It's a good challenge for Metallica to play in front of an uncharted territory like this. They've been to all the continents last year. Where else can they still go?
    Arctic Monkeys playing the 2012 Orion Music Festival didn't add up lol
    Beat me to it, one would think they would like the move after Lars had so many good things to say about them. They also put them high up on the bill at Orion
    You're lucky the Arctic Monkey's are catchy so I will allow you to voice you're opinions. PS Metal heads are like the best hippies ever. Sure the shows may be a bit more rough and hectic but everyone watches out for each other and douchebags get eaten alive at a metal show.
    I love when shit bands talk trash about legends.
    You may want to post that on that article about the drummer of The Black Keys talking shit about Jack White.
    Love how everyone takes that out of context. Patrick replied bluntly when asked how he felt about Jack White talking shit about them. Get your facts straight
    No! I like my facts just like I like my life decisions, wrong and without foundations.
    Did you even read the article? He isn't talking shit, he's just saying Glastonbury isn't Metallica's target demographic. Even so, Metallica aren't gods. Just because Alex Turner is in a band you don't like, he isn't allowed the have an opinion on other music?
    Napalm Death should be headlining that ****ing fest.
    I was thinking Cannibal Corpse would've been the more logical choice over Metallica
    I'm not sure it adds up. I know we'd buzz off it, but fundamentally could you have Metallica in the hippy nucleus?" This doesn't even have a meaning.
    'I don't quite understand. Whilst my bandmates and I enjoy Metallica's music, I am not convinced the general Glastonbury-audience will appreciate them.' Alex's really not saying anything too strange here.
    I honestly don't care what the Artic Monkeys have to say. By the way, Atleti, Atleti, Atletico de Madrid!!!
    I agree Metallica does seem really out of place on the bill but doesn't Kelis seem even weirder? I mean Milkshake definitely isn't in tune with Artic Monkeys and other members of the so callled "hippy nucleus"
    he's right. I love metallica and am seeing them at sonishpere but I don't understand why the hell they're doing glastonburny. Isn't and shouldn't be their scene at all....
    So Metallica is more inclined to play a festival that they don't fit in at because they played to a bunch of penguins and seals? Ok, sounds good.
    He's right. It doesn't add up that anyone still listens to obsolete Metallica
    So what? Is he butthurt 'cause he doesn't get to play Glastonbury this year? "could you have Metallica in the hippy nucleus?" I don't think you even really get hippies any more so what does it matter? And if you do, they aren't going to be interested in something like Glastonbury, seeing as how it's super commercial and mainstream now. Or am I just confusing them with hipsters? "saying that it just "does not add up" for him." Oh what? One of the most popular and renowned hard rock/ heavy metal acts headlining one of the most popular and renowned music festivals? No, that's just 1+1=2, it makes sense to me.
    Well, Glastonbury used to be a rock concert, but it's become more poppy now. I guess inviting Metallica to play is an attempt to try and bring back the rock fans. I kind of agree with AM but why are they singling out Metallica in this? There are many more artists that don't really fit in with Glastonbury festival
    there's probably a massive interview but this is a small excerpt that UG made to write an article about. He didn't diss Metallica in any way so I don't know why people are so shitty
    kill it
    it's called a draw. organizers/investors put on festivals to make money, it's simple.