Arctic Monkeys Frontman Not Ruling Out Synths: 'I've Got Nothing Against It'

Alex Turner discusses escaping the synth-fever over the past few years.

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An interesting occurrence known as the synth-fever took a part of the rock world by storm during the past few years, resulting in a series of synth-driven releases from various notable acts.

Despite being one of the bands that managed to escape the epidemic, Arctic Monkeys seemingly have no problem with the synth vibe, and are even not ruling them out as a possibility on future releases.

"Oh, synth-epidemic," frontman Alex Turner told the St. Catharines Standard. "I didn't know it was going on actually. We just keep taking the tablets, I suppose, drink plenty of water... It seems like when a guitar band get the synths, it's like it's not enough. That's not something that was ever on our agenda. But I'm not going to rule it out, I've got nothing against."

Further discussing his artistic freedom, Alex gave props to the band's label Domino Records, naming it among crucial factors. "Laurence Bell, from Domino, who owns the company, was who came to sign us in the first place. He allowed us to try different things and ... I think working with him help us to achieve that balance you are talking about," Turner explained.

Asked about feeling completely free in creative sense, the frontman continued: "I suppose creatively, yes. I mean, I will ask for his opinion, it's welcome. It's not a situation like you hear about with a label guy in the studio saying, 'I was looking for this or that.'"

But back to the synths matter - do you think Arctic Monkeys and synths mix would result in hits or simply flop? Let us know in the comments.

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    Idk, i think it worked here: They can be pretty heavy if they want to. And those lyrics are awesome. Lars Ulrich is convinced they are a metal band and they don't even know it or something.
    Brilliant album! Though Humbug didn't use synths as far as I know. It was more of using studio trickery to their advantage than using synths to achieve what they wanted. They have a guy using a synth live to recreate some things but that's it I think.
    Alex Turner is in my opinion amongst the greatest living lyricists, and all of his bandmembers are incredible musicians. If they were ever to use synths, I have nothing but high hopes for the outcome.
    Synths have been featured on Arctic Monkeys tracks in the past and current. A lot of piano and keys sprinkled here and there as well. Predominant use of them in the future would be interesting to hear.
    Please don't use Synths! You're rocking with guitars. Keep it that way
    Crappy pop acts use the same factory settings over and over and over and people hear the exact same bleep beep bloop sounds all the time, thus there is a negative connotation to "synths". If people would just take the time to come up with their own cool patches nobody would talk about keyboards like there is some sort of problem.
    I think it's mainly around the guitar-world that the connotation happens. Synth music in general has become very big, not just for the pop realm, so there are a lot of people loving the possibilities. Surely it's not much different than pop tracks using the really generic backing compressed rhythm guitars.
    I don't have anything against the synth type of sound, but i gotta say that Arctic Monkeys really rock the kind of style they did on "AM". The kind of garage, psychadelic, stoner rock sound is ****in addictive. Wish they would do more "Favourite Worst Nightmare" style though.