Arctic Monkeys Frontman: 'You'd Be Naive Not to Believe in Aliens'

artist: Arctic Monkeys date: 02/12/2014 category: music news
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Arctic Monkeys Frontman: 'You'd Be Naive Not to Believe in Aliens'
Arctic Monkeys briefly touched on an interesting subject of alien life forms while recently answering fan-submitted questions, admitting they don't believe we're alone in space.

Directly asked on whether they believe in aliens, both frontman Alex Turner and drummer Matt Helders gave a positive answer, with Turner adding, "You'd be naive not to."

During the official part of the Guardian interview, the band focused on their long-overdue success in the US with latest effort "AM," describing it as "some sort of victory." Alex commented: "There's some gratification that comes with that, somehow, that you’ve still got it or something. It seems like some sort of victory. I don't know why."

The band reached wider audience during their Beatles tribute performance at Madison Square Garden on February 8. "Apparently one in three Americans watched that performance, and if we're lucky, maybe, one or three Americans will see this performance on YouTube," Turner said about the Beatles' "Ed Sullivan Show" performance 50 years ago, as the band kicked off "All My Loving" cover.

The guys only briefly addressed the aliens matter, but do you think other intelligent life forms are inhabiting the vast space? Let us know in the comments.
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