Arctic Monkeys Premiere New Track Live

Watch the British indie act performing "Mad Songs" in Scandinavia.

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Sheffield based indie rockers Arctic Monkeys have premiered a brand new track "Mad Sounds," believed to be taken from their upcoming album, at Hultsfred festival in Sweden and NorthSide in Denmark. Watch a video of the performance below.

As Gigwise reports, in both shows they started their set with "Do I Wanna Know?" It is another new track from the next album. That track was initially revealed when they performed in LA last month.

Alex Turner, frontman, introduced the slower, softer track, telling the audience that they were going to "break things down, just a bit," for some slower songs before joking that they should: "Keep warm by cuddling or something like that."

This album will be their fifth studio album, the follow-up to 2011 release, "Suck It and See." They also released single "R U Mine," as part of World Record Day in 2012.

The band are performing at Glastonbury at the end of this month, so will probably perform these new tracks on home soil. The album should be out by September, as confirmed by Turner.

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    This band have never done a poor album in my opinion and a great example for most bands. They can reinvent themselves so well and are still talked about by a lot of people because of that. You don't really many bands of their era talked about as much as them.
    The song is freakin' awesome. Sounds a bit like Sunday Morning. Cant wait for their next album.
    Loved everything the monkeys have done, so far. I really liked the direction they did on humbug. Best AM-Album imo. Suck it and see was great, too (the faster songs AND the slow songs) But it's just my opinion
    I know what you mean it was kinda grungey a little bit I really enjoyed getting to like that record
    The first album was amazing, I had high hopes for these guys but have been left disappointed with their 2nd and 3rd (at which point I stopped listening) albums, shame really.
    Sounds like a bit of a ballad, The monkeys have done a great job changing their sound yet being consistent producing top draw albums everytime, cant wait till september