Arctic Monkeys: 'They Should've Been Out Trying to Get Laid Instead of Watching Us Every Night'

The band hits back at the criticism.

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Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has responded to criticisms that the band’s U.S tour featured ‘synchronized’ performances. The comments came from The Orwells front man Mario Cuomo, who expressed disappointment with the band’s shows after supporting them on tour.

Now, in an interview with (via NME), Alex Turner has hit back at Cuomo, questioning why he was watching their show every night in the first place:

"They should have been out trying to get laid instead of watching us every night," he said. "I don't think that's fair [to call it synchronized]. There comes a time on a tour when something works and you tend to leave it alone. We have been changing it around a little bit."

He added: "You can't mess around with it too much. It's almost like the show isn't designed to be watched by the same person every night. Nowadays people share the setlists, but I'm by no means f--king phoning it in. It's not like we have [pre-recorded] tracks, we're up there f--king doing it."

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    Is there part of this story missing? 'Synchronized' with who? Have they cloned the band and they're all on stage at the same time? (I figure it means that they're playing almost the same set every night, but that's reading between the lines - not exactly clear from the article)
    I think they were criticized for putting on the same show on each stop of their tour and not changing it up. Which is a stupid criticism. They're playing for a new crowd in a new city each time, why should they change it if it's working and that's how they've constructed their set? As he said, they're still performing and giving it their all. Changing it up just for the sake of making it different makes no sense if the band isn't bothered by playing the same set.
    I've seen them live, and they definitely were not giving their all. Its sad to see a band go from great to bad in one show.
    He's right, you know. Why would another musician choose to seize this rare moment in his life to watch live music from a band he is currently working with (and probably looks up to), when he could be out there chasing tail?
    What an insecure dong.
    One of the most down to earth rock bands around right now.
    Really? Every single time I've seen them they all acted like the crowd was not worthy of being in their presence and they were doing us a favor by playing. While the music was good, there was no charisma nor connection with the audience.
    and thats exactly why they are still relatively unknown to the masses your live shows have a massive effect on your fame. I can't chime in on this respect as I've never seen them live in person but Alex has really copied Josh homme [ a terrible tool to copy] in his arrogance etc. from what I've seen recently in video compared to his past.
    QOTSA puts on memorable shows from what I've read.
    Josh seems like a nice guy from interviews I've seen. Just don't be a dumbass and throw shit or climb on stage...there's plenty of video evidence of him throwing people off to show that's not a good idea.
    I wouldn't call Josh Homme arrogant, he seems like a pretty chill guy, unless you throw objects at him...
    Homme is amazing live and he pulls off Mr. Smooth and not caring well. He's all natural on stage and his little movements are addictive. He's one of the only rockstars which you feel comfortable dancing in a moshpit with
    And still, the UG community still manages to involve QOTSA/Josh Homme in a comment section. Where is Kerry King? I'd love to read his input on the subject.
    I saw them twice (milan 2006 and madrid 2013) , and both times they were actually really good,charismatic and made us sing, dance and jump a lot, so well, maybe you've just been unlucky, every band has it's bad days
    This band is big in Britain right because I have never heard a lick of them here in my part of the states.
    They are pretty massive in the states and britain really. They have made a pretty big following just recently in the states though.
    Hate to say I kind of agree with this Orwells dude. Bands should switch up their setlist a little bit each night this day n age. It has ruined the surprise and excitment that used to be there when you hear a band launch into your favorite song at a show, cuz now you have seen their setlists on the internet all tour being the same. At least switch out like 3 or 4 songs, Incubus does this well, and when they go on tour it makes me want to see them a couple times because no show is the same, but they still play the hits.
    If you want the setlist to be a surprise, don't research it before going to a show. Problem solved.
    And the Arctic Monkeys should have been out taking singing lessons instead of, well,...spanking their monkeys.
    Idk, I saw them a few times and they are freaking awesome live. They do not use anything close to backing tracks live its most certainly all live. The setlist changes every night but they usually only alternate 4-5 songs per night. I think that makes sense to do, a lot of bands do that. The sequencing of the songs live is in a good order, and the lighting dude/pyro dude probably has a slightly easier time if the setlist is more consistant. Either way they play great shows and are a great band. They are spreading the word of rock around and kicking ass live. Especially their MSG show, that was incredible.
    the band is great. Alex turner owns the show when they play so whatever. Saw them in ATL with QOTSA... might have been tripping :3