Arctic Monkeys: 'We're Not Making a New Album for a While'

Band to take a break after success of "AM."

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In a new interview with Billboard magazine, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has revealed that he feels conflicted about playing the band's earlier material during live shows.

As Turner notes, the reason that only a handful of songs from the band's first two albums make it into their current set-lists is because doesn't feel like the Arctic Monkeys of today are the same band that wrote those tracks:

"Well, it certainly feels like were doing a cover version to some extent. But it's the best cover version anyone's going to get. The thing that gave that first record its oomph was the fact that we were playing to the very limits of our abilities from the moment the album starts. All that enthusiasm and naivety cannot be replicated. You have to look for a different path to go down, and we found one. I'm glad we've got them songs like 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor.'

"They're good ones - and it's a bit of a rest to not have to think so much about the fiddling around the guitar. We just kind of open it up a bit more. However, some other songs from those days we've tried to play more recently and it just doesn't come off for some reason. I don't know what that is. Some songs just have a limited shelf life."

Turner also went on to state that, after the meteoric success of last year's "AM," the band will be taking a break from writing:

"We're never not writing, but I've certainly not been writing a great deal. We've had a couple ideas kicking around, but it's very early. We're not really thinking of making a new LP - not for a little while, I shouldn't think. Also, it does feel like it'd be a good time to get out of the f - ing magazines. We've been pretty omnipresent for a year, so it'll be good to leave it for a minute."

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    I like the Arctic Monkeys and I can understand where they're coming from. I have songs I wrote and liked but when I look back at them they just don't resonate with who I am today.
    I liked their first two albums of these guys, but now that they think they are the biggest band in the world and Alex Turner is like the god of douchebags, this is actually pretty some good news.
    I love them, but he is definitely pretentious and cocky. I saw them a few weeks ago and I couldn't stand it when he stuck his arms up in the air and said "Here we are, right before your very eyes, we're the Arctic Monkeys."
    I think hes trying too hard to be Josh Homme, cant tell if thats a good or bad thing though as he is doing it just awfully...
    Agreed. First two were great, Humbug was a cool change-up. Then they just kept pushing it and now they're practically "pop". Either that or falling slightly short of trying to be some really sexy white-boy R&B... or something.
    I've been a fan since the beginning, but I have to say AM was not as good as expected. Even Suck It And See was better. I think they tried too hard, maybe they didn't put enough "naivety" into it as he says. I'd like them to come back with something as perfect as Humbug and FWN.
    But the old Arctic Monkeys were so much better... changing and developing is good, but except some songs, they got too lame and mainstream... soory for bad english
    another i don't think those albums sounds like our band at all now example. Everybody is going in that direction these days.