Are Alt-J The 'New Radiohead'?

artist: Alt-J date: 09/06/2012 category: music news
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Are Alt-J The 'New Radiohead'?
Book makers who are taking bets on who will win the esteemed Mercury Music Prize have taken a shining to Alt-J, citing them as "the new Radiohead." It's a bold claim, but as you can hear in the player below, there's an approach to their experimental production and introspective songwriting that would make Thom Yorke proud. "The four-piece have brought something different and innovative to the party which punters have latched onto," a representative for bookmaker Ladbrokes told NME. "It will be a huge upset if anyone else picks up this year's Mercury Prize and it won't be long before Alt-J are considered as the 'new Radiohead'." Alt-J have taken a modest stance to the claims, and simply say they would love to be involved in the ceremony. The Mercury prize is dedicated to finding the best new music in the UK, and began in 1992 where Primal Scream won with their album "Screamadelica". Since then it has singled out releases by PJ Harvey, Arctic Monkeys and Elbow. Hear "Tesselate" by Alt-J here: Do you agree Alt-J are the 'new Radiohead'? What do you think good music, or simply not heavy enough for Ultimate Guitar? Share your rating in the comments.
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